Week 36 When people were up to no good by Daniel

I was in London for a holiday. My hotel was right beside a bank, a pub and a few clothes shops so I decided I would go to the pub. I went there and what I saw there makes me never ever want to go back. People were being killed by the workers in the pub in some type of restricted place. When I went in and put my ear against the door, I could hear gun shots and people begging to live. When one person was coming out of the restricted place that’s when I knew I should run. I ran out of the pub, got into my room in the hotel and rang the police.

The End.

Week 36 The underworld by Jayden

One day, I was walking down an alleyway which led to my house. It was a short cut for me to get home. When I was half way down the alley, a portal appeared in front of me. Out of curiousity, I climbed inside the portal and it took me to the underworld.  Suddenly, I heard a noise. A voice asked me why I was in the underworld.  I said a portal had appeared out of no where and that it had brought me there. The voice spoke again saying ‘You must have some special powers from within to see beyond this portal’. I was baffled. Without delay, I was rising up from the ground. I was petrified and before I knew it I was on the ground outside my house. My Mom was staring at me with a confused look on her face. I said I was sorry and that I was in another world!

The End.

Week 35 The River By Sam

Cleetus was being chased by a bear through a forest. It had been five minutes since the chase started when he saw a crooked tree hanging over a river. He climbed up the tree and started walking to the edge of it. The bear started climbing up the tree and Cleetus slipped, making him fall into the river.

He was flowing down the river at tremendous speed when he caught onto a little branch. The branch nearly broke but he got to the surface before it did.

He went home and decided to never return to that forest ever again.

Week 35 A Fun Game By Lucas

One day I was playing this game called ‘For Honor’. We were up on a snowy mountainous hill. The game mode was Dominion. I saw a dog looking up at us from a lake below us. Sadly, I couldn’t reach him because it was out of game bounds.

Out of nowhere, a big Burly Viking tried to knock me off the edge of the mountainous hill. I gained the upper hand and tossed him down into the lake below us.

We captured the last post and gained the winning points needed for victory. I woke up, it had all been a dream.

Week 35 The layer by Bryan Q

Johnny, my dog Max and I were at the park. We saw a man dressed in all black and he was on the phone. All of a sudden, he pressed on a tree and a hatch opened out of no where. We weren’t expecting that. He started walking down the open gap. We were shocked at what we had just witnessed. Without delay, we followed him down the open hatch. We finally reached the end of the steps where we saw the man again talking to another man. Max barked and before we knew it, we were locked up in a cell. ‘Where was Max?’, we thought nervously.He was gone. He ran towards the men and bit them. He then let us out of the cage. We deactivated the bomb. Max saved the day and of course the whole world…


Week 35 The lost dog part one by Dylan

One day a boy walked passed a dog and knew that he was special. I picked him up and looked at him straight in the eye and the dog licked me. Oh and by the way, my name is David. I brought him back to my house. I taught him how to swim down in the lake and he has been going down there ever since. One day, we went for a swim but there was a dragon lying on a log. I said ‘hi’ and he didn’t answer. Then out of no where, he flew up, grabbed both of us and he took us to his cave where the rest of his family were. TO BE CONTINUED.

Week 35 Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs by David Hy.

As I walked through the woods with my dog, I noticed something was different about the lake of Wing Wang. It was usually crawling with tourists and people with cameras looking for the Wing Wang but today there was nobody there. You may be wondering about the Wing Wang. Well it used to live in the jungle but when I had a close encounter with him he packed his bags and went to live here. Anyway, back to the story. I just realised why no one was there. I know this sounds crazy but it happened. Dog’s started to pour out a little burrow in the ground. Then they picked up and took me away and my dog was left standing there alone…

Week 35 The dog in the woods by Jayden

One day, I was walking in the woods when suddenly I heard a dog barking. I tried my best to follow the direction to where the sound was coming from. I could see from a distance that the dog was standing next to the water. As I got closer, I could see that the dog’s paw was injured. I tried to pet the dog and carry it back to where my Mom’s car was parked. My Mom and I took the dog to the nearest vet and we found out after that the dog had a thorn stuck in his paw and it had become infected. The vet checked the dog for a microchip and luckily he had been chiped so the vet was able to locate the owner. My Mom and I left and went home. Later that evening, there was a knock on the door.  It was the owner of the dog. The lady wanted to thank us in person for finding the dog and getting him help. The dog was in fact very special to her family as he was a guide dog for her son. We were so happy to know we had helped another family.

Wk 35 Gob smacked by Brian O’K.

Scream after scream roar after roar my team searched the house for any clues of the six people who went missing after a robbery. Suddenly, my guard dog broke free and went running deep into the countryside. Our team found him looking at the mountains. We decided to go take a look and kept hearing a man say ‘hexagonal shape now’. Suddenly, we saw it. A hexagonal shape. ‘What animals did this?’ ‘Pigs I think’, said Joe. ‘It’s a saying’, I replied. But the people who commited that murder were human pigs but smarter. I’m gob smacked. I’ve been doing my job for over twety years now and I can’t solve a murder. I haven’t even got any clues.

Week 35 Down by the river By Gavin

One day I decided to bring my dog walking in the countryside. His name is Shaggy called after the Scooby Doo movie!

I decided to go down by the river to play catch with him. We walked down alongside the river and my dog was getting very excited when he saw the water.

He was jumping and barking because he saw I had a stick in my hand. I threw the stick in the water and it started to float down the river. He didn’t know if he should jump in or not!! He then started barking….

To be continued.


Week 35. Some farmers take too much space.

I went to New Zealand for a week and what I saw there made me think that I would never go back. I went to the countryside for a walk. There were lots of farms around there. But there was one thing that frightened me the most. The farmers were burning the trees. My dog and I were very hungry so we went to one of the farmers houses and asked could we have some food. He let us in and we had a chat about why did he as a farmer burn the trees. He told me he needed fire wood because he doesn’t have a car and that is the only way he can get wood. I did tell him to stop cutting the trees down and get the wood from somewhere else. He said he would try.

Week 35 We can walk even further by Joshua

It is May 18th and we are now allowed to walk 5km from our house. We are very lucky as we have a small lake just up the road from us. It was a nice day outside and we just passed some of my friends along the way. It was so nice seeing them after such a long time. As we arrived, we sat down and had a small bit of food and some drinks. I could see some fish in the lake and a lovely brown dog was jumping in and out catching a ball his owner was throwing. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the outdoors again. It is hard not seeing some family because of the corona virus. I hope some day I can show this lovely place to the rest of my family.

Week 35 Hiking By Donagh

Yesterday, my friend and I went hiking over Mount Hillary. We got everything ready and set off for the climb. It was hard and it took over six days but we finally reached the top. We took a break and I said ‘do you want to walk down to that river?’ and he said ‘ok’. Another three days passed and we finally got there. Straight away we wanted to explore and we found a dog but my friend fell into the river and was getting washed away quickly. I was too slow and when I caught up the dog was already in there saving him. When he got out we went home, safe and sound.

Week 34 The hippopotamus by Dylan

Hi my name is Johnny III and I am a hippopotamus. I live in Africa and my family were taken away from me when I was only a kid. I was stealing food to stay alive. I have a big bounty and all the lions are after me. I have been on the run for years.
One day, that was all about to change. Well I have been saying that for years but I am finally fleeing Africa today. I know your probably thinking why would you do that? Is that not where you belong? Well, if you read the story you would know. I ran out but a lion saw me. I bit him so that I could still make my escape. He made a deafening scream that echoed through the cold night. In the end, I escaped and had a happy life. THE END.


Week 34 Surprise by the door! by Joshua

When I arrived home from school, I saw a big box near my front door. I left it there as there was no name on it. When dad came home, he went outside and opened it. Inside there was a RACOON!!! Dad started to panic and tried to pick up the box so he wouldn’t get inside our house. Then the racoon jumped out of the box and Dad fell back onto the chair. The racoon then jumped inside the leaf pile and made a big mess. Eventually, he ran away into the field across the way. I could no longer see him, only the lovely red sky. ‘I wonder what tomorrow will bring?’, asked Dad. ‘Hopefully another racoon’, I replied happily!

The End.

Week 34 The worst school tour by David Hy.

When I walked into the zoo with the rest of my class, I thought to myself, “this is going to be the best school tour ever!” But as you probably guessed from the title, it most certainly wasn’t! I’ll start at the beginning.

First, my friend Leo was bitten by a racoon that escaped (the zoo have a habit of letting animals escape). Then, the racoon went wild and knocked over a chair that had a box of souvenirs in it. Unfortunately, the glasses with hyenas on them fell on the racoon. I’m guessing he couldn’t see because he ran across the leaves that the hedgehogs were hibernating in and woke them all up! Suddenly, the sky turned grey and it started to rain. This really was the worst school tour ever! 

Week 34 The Forest By Tom

The adventure began when my brother and I were staying at my grandparents house for the weekend. We decided to go for a walk with Grandad in the woods after supper. It took him ages to get out of his old chair by the fireplace. As we walked, we could see all the vibrant colours from the day in the sky above, pink and orange glows from the setting sun. Suddenly, something ran out in front of my Grandad’s path. It nearly tripped him. ‘Look!’, said Grandad. ‘It’s a raccoon!’ I had never seen one so close to the house before. When my brother and I got back to the house, we made a plan to catch him in a box with a leaf in it so we put the box out in the woods and went to sleep. In the morning, our work paid off. We caught a raccoon!

Week 34 The little raccoon by Lucas

Once there was a cute raccoon with a leaf in his hands. It was really calm so I took him home. He jumped into a box by the fire with his leaf still in hand. I sat on a chair with a cup of coco.

In the morning when the raccoon awoke, he looked out the window at the morning sky. He took off out the door as soon as I opened it and gathered more leaves. I laughed as it went back in and put them in his box. I guess he is staying and we were friends from then on.



Week 34 The racoon in the box by David Hu.

One day I was sitting in my chair listening to the birds singing and watching a leaf fall from the sky. When suddenly, a stranger dropped a box at my front gate. I opened it and a racoon jumped out, it ran into my house and hid. I looked for it but I couldn’t find it. Then I heard a scraping sound in the attic.  My heart was thumping but I knew I had to check it out. As I slowly opened the hatch to the attic and the stairs came down, I heard a noise I had never heard before…

Week 34 The Racoon Story

There once was a racoon called Fred. He lived up on a tree and he loved to climb. One day, in his home in North America, he decided to go exploring around the forest. He found an old chair that someone must have left behind them in the forest.

It was such a beautiful day. The sky was crystal clear. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. Fred decided to relax on the chair he found to enjoy the sunshine. Suddenly, a leaf fell from a tree and landed on top of Fred. He started playing with the leaf. It tickled his belly and he began to laugh uncontrollably.

To be continued…

Week 34 The Lucky Racoon By Daniel.

In New York there is a huge park. It is called Central Park. In the main part of it, there is a river. One day, there was a small box by the side of the water. No one knew there was a raccoon in the box because no one even bothered checking what was inside. One day, a little boy opened the box and saw the raccoon! He called over his Mom and he showed it to her. His Mom rang the zoo keeper and he took the raccoon to the zoo. Nowadays, he is well fed and happy as can be.

The End.

Week 34 The Virus BY Donagh

Today I was watching television when BREAKING NEWS came up on screen. It was about a new virus that was at the top of the country. A few hours later, the virus came to us but I was outside going for a walk and didn’t know. A couple of minutes passed when a box dropped from a tree and out came a racoon. It bit me in the nose and I started feeling dizzy. There was a chair near by so I sat down and slowly drifted to sleep. A few more hours passed and when I woke up there was a leaf on me. It was night time now and I looked up at the sky and….CRASH!

Week 34 The Jungle by Jayden

One day, I was going on an adventure through the jungle. I came across a box and I said to my friends, ‘let’s go and check this out’. We opened it up and saw different things inside. All of a sudden, a leaf fell from the sky and landed on my head. My friend started laughing as he saw a raccoon pop out of the trees and snatch the box. We chased after it. When the raccoon stopped, we realised that we were after losing our track back. We came across an old chair, a cup and some left overs. We knew someone had to be around. We kept walking until we heard a loud scream for help. It was a man’s voice echoing in the distance. We could see he was tangled up in a long rope. We tried our best to help get him down but we struggled. Suddenly, a woman appeared out of nowhere, laughing. The man had set the trap for the raccoon but he caught himself in it instead!

WK 34 Why me? by Brian OK.

It was my 11th birthday and I was thinking of getting an icecream. Suddenly, a man aproached me and handed over a note. I didn’t know the man but I read the note out of interest. It read ‘I’d run home if I were you before any more damage is done 😂’. I ran back to my house, 22 Maple Leaf Road. As I slowly opened the door, to my horror a raccoon had chewed up the sky box. I tried to sit on a chair but obviously the middle of it was chewed and I fell through. Why oh why me?

Week 34 The box raccoon by Timmy

One day I was looking outside and I saw a box. Little did I know that there was a raccoon in the box. I glanced up at the leaf on the tree and brought  the box inside to have a closer look. I sat on my chair and opened it. A  raccoon popped up and said ‘I will grant you three wishes if you look after  my raccoon for a day and I’ll be back’. We went outside and looked up at the sky and went back in. I went to sleep. The person came early and granted  me my three wishes. THE END.

Week 33 Strange Night By Sam

There was a police man named Bob.

One night he heard two women scream. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. He got in his car and drove in the direction of the screaming. When he arrived the women were screaming even louder! He looked around and saw nothing. “Whats wrong with you two?” Bob asked. “THAT THING! ON THE GROUND!!!!!” One of them shouted. “It’s just a raccoon!” He laughed. “ARE YOU LAUGHING AT US??????” The women both said in anger. “No! I’m was just trying to help!” He said. They stormed off in a fit of rage. Bob laughed it off.

That was a strange interaction.

Week 33 The scariest day of my life. By Daniel.

Yesterday was the scariest day of my life. I was in a forest camping and suddenly I heard these frightening sounds. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. When I looked behind me, I saw a huge shadow behind a big tree so I ran as fast as I could to get out of the forest and I found a village close by. I went there and sat on a bench outside a restaurant. I was thinking about who was screaming behind that tree and what they would have done if they got me? I fell asleep and when I woke up, I asked a man to bring me to the village that I lived in . I haven’t gone back to the forest since.

The End.

Week 33 The kidnapper by Rian

I was walking home after school when suddenly a bag went over my head. It was a kidnapper and ten minutes later… he threw me out of the bag and he forced me to go on the railway track. I ran around and shouted for help. I ran away past a haunted house. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night and when I looked around I was in a forest. I looked behind me and I saw him. I started running again and he followed me.I was on the street of my house and I ran inside.I never saw him again. THE END!

Week 33 The Kidnapping by Bryan Q

John and I were running down an alleyway. We were running from two kidnappers but before we went any further, we could hear noises. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. They were catching up with us. We hid behind a bin and they went past but all of a sudden they turned around. They grabbed us and then threw us into a van. Hours later, we woke up and we had no idea where we were. But we just managed to make out a tiny room. Two days later, we had a plan to escape. We would ask to go to the toilet at lunch in a different room. Then we would climb out of the window and run to the police station. We were in the toilet and made our escape. Two weeks later, the police found the men and they were locked away.

Week 33 A fright to remember by Lucas

It was my first night in a strange room.

I lay awake for ages.

We had just moved to this small town.

Suddenly, just as I was falling asleep I heard a scream and a howl.

I thought I was hearing things.

The next day, we found out that a man went missing while hunting.

That night, as the search party went out, I sat down to have my supper in the diner.

After about an hour, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.

We froze wondering what was happening.

Then about 20 people came, all of them laughing.

It had all been a joke. ‘We always play jokes on new people’, said the mayor.