Week 38 Survival of the fittest by Brian O’K

It’s the last day of school and there’s a paint ball fight. It’s every animal for himself! No groups. The winner gets to pick where he or she sits for the year. There’s 23 left out of the 105, then the elephant delivered his speech. Another animal has been taken out only 22 remain. I saw one of the lads standing in shock. 6 now remain. I’m short on rations. I’m weak from the war and physically drained.  It’s a 1 vs 1. I can’t mess this up. The school bully vs me. He peaked up enough for me to take him out and bang I did it. At least I thought I did…

Week 38 The Lost City Of Gold Part One by Dylan

Hi my name is Dylan and today my Dad and I are going on an adventure. Well you see my aunt lives in the Amazon rainforest. I know it’s crazy but we still visit once and a while though which is great! Today we’re going right there. I’m all packed and ready to go. I arrive at her house and I am eager to start the adventure. Wait is that a flying monkey?!! He just flew into an ancient wall so I walked through and saw a tribe of  flying monkeys all playing the viola and they were planning something beyond our expectations! Then the elephant delivered his speech! TO BE CONTINUED.

Week 38 The animal meeting by Timmy

One day, the animals decided to meet up and discuss some issues that were never expected. They were going to be hunted and they had to run. Then, the elephant made his speech. He said ‘we have to go it’s too dangerous, people keep trying to kill us. We need to run now’. The next day, while we were asleep, we sadly lost an animal to the hunters. We made a boat and got to another island and were safe. The hunters got arrested and we lived happily ever after. We had the best life ever and we were so happy. The End.

Week 38 The Mission By Bryan Q

I am working for a secret spy agency in North America. We have got some intel that the animal agency are planning an attack. I have to get to the bottom of it. I got a flight to South America. Two days later I found myself in a jungle looking for the animal base. I had to camp out in a bush. After two hours an animal went into the enemy base. I realised that this was my chance. I followed him down to the base and spied on them. Just then the elephant delivered his speech. After the speech, somehow one of the enemy animals spotted me and that’s when I knew I had to run…

Week 38 My Trip To The Zoo By Gavin

On the last day of our holidays we decided to go on a trip to the Zoo. I was super excited to go to the Zoo!

My favourite part was visiting the elephants. The Zookeeper told us some interesting fun facts about elephants. He told us about the Asian elephant Koshik. The Zookeeper said ‘he mimics the sound of human speech by putting his trunk in his mouth’.

I did not believe what the Zookeeper said!! I thought the Zookeeper was only joking! The Zookeeper said listen and then the elephant delivered his speech!  It was so funny to hear him!! It sounded like the elephant was really talking…

The End.


Week 38 Animal meeting by David Hy.

When I sat down on a sun lounger in my back garden I noticed something I had never seen before. It was a little hole in the side of my house. I walked over to get a closer look but when I was about a metre away it disappeared. The next day, I was out playing soccer and I saw the little hole again. This time I sprinted over to it and ducked my head in. I knew the hole was going to close soon so I jumped down the slide that was there and you wouldn’t believe what was at the bottom. About 40 different animals all sitting in chairs! Then the elephant delivered his speech. I have a feeling I wasn’t supposed to see that.

Week 37 The heist by Brian O.K.

The last day of August was a historic day for the LDJ gang. It was the day I got my hands on an ancient viola worth over 14 million US dollars. Suddenly, the rope I was hanging off of to get into the chinese palace snapped. 1,600 guards pointed swords at me. I searched all around for a quicky escape! I bolted away from danger. I hid behind a gold structure and watched on as the guards ran passed me. I ran out of the palace and into the town as fast as I possibly could. To my horror, the rest of the gang had flew off on a private plane. How unlucky was I!

Week 37 The Treasure Map By Bryan Q

There was a knock at the door as my friend TJ and I were upstairs playing hide and seek. Immediately we ran downstairs and answered it. We opened the door to find nobody was there. I looked down and noticed a small box with a treasure map inside. We grabbed the map and ran.
We were following the map for almost two hours when TJ slipped on a log and the map fell out of his hands and into the river. At that stage we realised that we were lost.
After a half an hour of walking, we reached the centre of the jungle where we saw a tall, gold temple. We searched the ancient temple and eventually found the viola. We stared at the beautiful object and suddenly we heard voices behind us…

Week 37 Ancient Debri By Sam

There was a man named Jesse and he wanted the last piece of Ancient Debri left in this universe, as it had been lost! He brought his gold armour. He went to his friend Axel, who was playing the viola when Jesse came. They left for Egypt, where it was rumored to be.

When they arrived there, they thought it would either be in the Pyramid of Harumi, or the haunted cave. They searched the pyramid and it wasn’t there.

They then went to the cave, IT WAS THERE!!! Jesse picked it up but suddenly a humongous rock fell on Axel. Jesse sprinted out of the cave and was shot. To avoid shooting his armor, he went for the head!

Week 37 The Second Hand Shop By Gavin

Today I went into the second hand shop. I walked all around to see what I could find. Most of the things there were ancient. I searched around and to my surprise, I saw a very old viola.

It was gold and I thought it looked valuable. It was in the ‘Lost and Found’ section. I asked the shopkeeper if I could get it and he replied, ‘if the owner doesn’t come forward for it then it is yours’. I gave him my phone number so he could call me.

I went back home and a week later the shopkeeper rang. He said no one came to get the viola and that I could have it. I was so delighted!!

Week 37 The Hole By Tom.

As the morning came, I decided to take my dog for a walk. When I was half way down my road, I saw a massive crater in the ground. When I decided to turn back I let go of the lead by accident and my dog jumped down into the hole. Without delay, I jumped right in. When I got down there, I was lost in a room full of aliens playing viola’s in a room. When they stopped, I heard the faint bark of my dog. Then I searched in this deep hole and eventually I found him in a room full of gold. ‘We’re going to be rich’, I said.

Week 37 The gold tree by Jayden

One day, I was on a nice walk in the countryside. As I was walking along, I heard a dog. I followed the sound and went towards it. To my surprise, I saw a gold tree and next to the tree was a viola. I saw a little boy that looked lost to me. He told me he got lost on his way searching for an ancient gem. I told him I knew the way back to the city and that he could follow me if he wanted to. The little boy agreed. On our way back, we came across his parents who were very scared and upset as they had been out searching for the boy all day. I had rescued their little boy and was rewarded with a beautiful bike as a gift from his family. The End.

Week 37. The lost pyramid. By Daniel.

In Egypt there was an ancient pyramid. A man called Oliver Khan had searched and found it. When he touched it, he vanished. I do not believe that he vanished at all and I think that people are just making things up and being dramatic. Now it is called the lost ancient pyramid and if I got to change its name I definitely would! People also say that in the pyramid there is a viola that can make people dance. So when I am old enough I am going try my hardest to get into pyramid and then get the viola.

The End.


Week 37 Ancient gold by Timmy

One day I was digging sand in the beach when I found an ancient piece of gold and viola! I went to the shop and told the shop keeper and he said ‘show me’. I lost it so I had to search everywhere. I went back to the beach and could not find it. We searched everywhere we could think of and there was no sign of it. We saw a person with it and we said ‘give it back, that’s ours’. We chased him all the way to the shop and he ran to a different one. We ran after him and eventually we got it. We called the Guards and he got  arrested. THE END.


Week 37 All was not lost!! By Joshua

I was in a deep dark cave looking for ancient treasure. I had my best metal detector with me. As I walked deeper into the cave, it became very dark and eerie. I could hear flapping above my head. Could it be bats, I thought? I searched for my flashlight in my backpack. When I turned it on, the whole room lit up. It was decorated in nice paintings and as I went in further, viola! I found a box of treasure! There were many different types of coins that were lost for centuries. I will keep some for myself and I will give the rest of the artefacts to my local museum.

The End.

Week 36 Hunted By Sam

T’was a windy, stormy night, and I  was being hunted down by a man, with a knife, trying to kill me. Now let’s get a bit of  a back story.

I was home alone when I heard something smash downstairs. I went down to look when I saw the window broken in the kitchen, I looked over and saw someone. The man grabbed a knife from his pocket. That’s when I knew I should run.  I lived in a forest too, adding to the suspense! Now we’re back where we were.

I called the police on my phone and I heard the sirens. I was happy until they thought I was the person, I was handcuffed and sentenced to twenty seven years in jail.

Week 36 The Robbery By Bryan Q

My twin brother John and I were home alone on the night of our 16th birthday. We were expecting five of our friends over. I was upstairs when suddenly John called out,“They’re here!” Immediately I raced downstairs and looked out the window. I saw five shadow like figures coming towards the house. I looked closer and saw one of their faces but did not recognise the face. At that moment, I realised we were getting robbed. We ran upstairs and locked ourselves in the bathroom. Just then, we heard the front door slam open. Footsteps came running up the stairs. The footsteps passed the bathroom door and that’s when I knew I should run….

Week 36 The Scary Forest Trip By Lucas

Once upon a time, my friend Mark and I went camping in the forest. We made a fire and ate s’mores.

Mark found a page on a tree. Then I said ‘don’t turn back’. He turned around anyway and screamed as slender man took him in his grasp. That’s when I knew I should run. When I turned around there was no one there.

I was alone now. I grabbed a torch from the camp. I knew there was a rangers station nearby. I needed to get help. I thought this sort of stuff only happened in games, like horror video games…

Week 36 Stranger Danger By Joshua

I was walking home from school like I always do when a man stopped in a blue van. He said your Mom wants me to drop you home. Then I shouted ‘stranger danger’ but there was no one around to help me. That’s when I knew I should run. I ran and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I was so scared but I knew I had to escape. Eventually, I saw a familar face. It was my Dad’s best friend. I asked him to keep me safe. The moral of the story is.. Never talk to strangers. Run Away.

The End.

Week 36 When people were up to no good by Daniel

I was in London for a holiday. My hotel was right beside a bank, a pub and a few clothes shops so I decided I would go to the pub. I went there and what I saw there makes me never ever want to go back. People were being killed by the workers in the pub in some type of restricted place. When I went in and put my ear against the door, I could hear gun shots and people begging to live. When one person was coming out of the restricted place that’s when I knew I should run. I ran out of the pub, got into my room in the hotel and rang the police.

The End.

Week 36 The underworld by Jayden

One day, I was walking down an alleyway which led to my house. It was a short cut for me to get home. When I was half way down the alley, a portal appeared in front of me. Out of curiousity, I climbed inside the portal and it took me to the underworld.  Suddenly, I heard a noise. A voice asked me why I was in the underworld.  I said a portal had appeared out of no where and that it had brought me there. The voice spoke again saying ‘You must have some special powers from within to see beyond this portal’. I was baffled. Without delay, I was rising up from the ground. I was petrified and before I knew it I was on the ground outside my house. My Mom was staring at me with a confused look on her face. I said I was sorry and that I was in another world!

The End.

W.K 36 On my Command by Brian O’K.

It was the summer of 2023 and I was drafted into war. I remember the smog in the air, the morning dew and the screams of the injured.  As I ploughed through dead bodies in my tank, I heard marching coming closer. I peaked my head up slightly to the sight of twenty thousand soldiers. One by one I got my grenades ready. I knew what was coming and if I didn’t clutch up I would be dead now.

It’s 2026, the war is still on and I’m on the run since that day in 2023. I wish I hadn’t put myself forward for this. I’m hungry and weak. I haven’t spoken to anyone since the day I nearly died. I was sleeping in a hay stack when I heard an English soilder saying “On my command shoot”. That’s when I knew I should run. I reached for my shot gun and fired a shot.

Week 35 The River By Sam

Cleetus was being chased by a bear through a forest. It had been five minutes since the chase started when he saw a crooked tree hanging over a river. He climbed up the tree and started walking to the edge of it. The bear started climbing up the tree and Cleetus slipped, making him fall into the river.

He was flowing down the river at tremendous speed when he caught onto a little branch. The branch nearly broke but he got to the surface before it did.

He went home and decided to never return to that forest ever again.

Week 35 A Fun Game By Lucas

One day I was playing this game called ‘For Honor’. We were up on a snowy mountainous hill. The game mode was Dominion. I saw a dog looking up at us from a lake below us. Sadly, I couldn’t reach him because it was out of game bounds.

Out of nowhere, a big Burly Viking tried to knock me off the edge of the mountainous hill. I gained the upper hand and tossed him down into the lake below us.

We captured the last post and gained the winning points needed for victory. I woke up, it had all been a dream.

Week 35 The layer by Bryan Q

Johnny, my dog Max and I were at the park. We saw a man dressed in all black and he was on the phone. All of a sudden, he pressed on a tree and a hatch opened out of no where. We weren’t expecting that. He started walking down the open gap. We were shocked at what we had just witnessed. Without delay, we followed him down the open hatch. We finally reached the end of the steps where we saw the man again talking to another man. Max barked and before we knew it, we were locked up in a cell. ‘Where was Max?’, we thought nervously.He was gone. He ran towards the men and bit them. He then let us out of the cage. We deactivated the bomb. Max saved the day and of course the whole world…


Week 35 The lost dog part one by Dylan

One day a boy walked passed a dog and knew that he was special. I picked him up and looked at him straight in the eye and the dog licked me. Oh and by the way, my name is David. I brought him back to my house. I taught him how to swim down in the lake and he has been going down there ever since. One day, we went for a swim but there was a dragon lying on a log. I said ‘hi’ and he didn’t answer. Then out of no where, he flew up, grabbed both of us and he took us to his cave where the rest of his family were. TO BE CONTINUED.

Week 35 Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs by David Hy.

As I walked through the woods with my dog, I noticed something was different about the lake of Wing Wang. It was usually crawling with tourists and people with cameras looking for the Wing Wang but today there was nobody there. You may be wondering about the Wing Wang. Well it used to live in the jungle but when I had a close encounter with him he packed his bags and went to live here. Anyway, back to the story. I just realised why no one was there. I know this sounds crazy but it happened. Dog’s started to pour out a little burrow in the ground. Then they picked up and took me away and my dog was left standing there alone…

Week 35 The dog in the woods by Jayden

One day, I was walking in the woods when suddenly I heard a dog barking. I tried my best to follow the direction to where the sound was coming from. I could see from a distance that the dog was standing next to the water. As I got closer, I could see that the dog’s paw was injured. I tried to pet the dog and carry it back to where my Mom’s car was parked. My Mom and I took the dog to the nearest vet and we found out after that the dog had a thorn stuck in his paw and it had become infected. The vet checked the dog for a microchip and luckily he had been chiped so the vet was able to locate the owner. My Mom and I left and went home. Later that evening, there was a knock on the door.  It was the owner of the dog. The lady wanted to thank us in person for finding the dog and getting him help. The dog was in fact very special to her family as he was a guide dog for her son. We were so happy to know we had helped another family.

Wk 35 Gob smacked by Brian O’K.

Scream after scream roar after roar my team searched the house for any clues of the six people who went missing after a robbery. Suddenly, my guard dog broke free and went running deep into the countryside. Our team found him looking at the mountains. We decided to go take a look and kept hearing a man say ‘hexagonal shape now’. Suddenly, we saw it. A hexagonal shape. ‘What animals did this?’ ‘Pigs I think’, said Joe. ‘It’s a saying’, I replied. But the people who commited that murder were human pigs but smarter. I’m gob smacked. I’ve been doing my job for over twety years now and I can’t solve a murder. I haven’t even got any clues.

Week 35 Down by the river By Gavin

One day I decided to bring my dog walking in the countryside. His name is Shaggy called after the Scooby Doo movie!

I decided to go down by the river to play catch with him. We walked down alongside the river and my dog was getting very excited when he saw the water.

He was jumping and barking because he saw I had a stick in my hand. I threw the stick in the water and it started to float down the river. He didn’t know if he should jump in or not!! He then started barking….

To be continued.