Week 17 The Bike By Donagh

“Ok let’s start shall we” said my best friend Jack. ”Come on”, he said. “Let’s hear it”. “Fine”, I said. Well it started like this. I was casually walking next to the woods when I saw a… “wait let me guess did you see a…car” “no”, “a zebra”, “no”, “a cow”, ” just stop” I said. So I continued. I saw a bike but it was a very unusual bike because all of it was yellow. I went over to the bike but as soon as I got there it zoomed its way up a telephone post and on the wire and zoomed off. I followed it for a bit but then got tired and went home. The next day, low and behold, it was in my garden.

Week 17 Mr. Crowbar part one by Rian

Eight days ago I was riding my yellow bike. Suddenly, I was hit in the head by a crowbar. When I woke up, my bike was tied to a telephone pole. When I untied it I heard a voice. He said ‘My name is Mr. Crowbar and watch your back kid next time it will be sharp’. Later on, I took a stroll in the forest and saw the Grim Reaper. I turned around and I saw Mr. Crowbar. He said ‘I told you to watch your back’ and a bullet went in to his back. His last words were ‘see you soon’. THE END!!!


A man came in and asked if he could get his bike spray painted yellow. I asked why and he replied by saying he was going to the forest five hours later. ‘Here you go’, I said. ‘Thanks’, he responded. ‘That will be 1,oooooo euro’. ‘Ok, here you go’. ‘Boss can I have the day off?’ ‘Ok’. I took the Lamborghini. I heard a gun shoot, Run!!!! FBI open up! Freeze! Drop the gun? Ok on the ground now. Get in the car, it’s time to go to jail. The End.


WK 17 The Clowns by Jayden

One day I was driving my car and I saw a man on a yellow bike. Then next minute, a rock came and hit the man. Without delay, thousands of clowns came out of the bushes with guns in their hands. Then they picked the man up and tied him to a post and shot him. Then one of the clowns saw me and said ‘get him’. I said ‘OH HELL NO’. I went to the Military Base. I said ‘let me in in, I am getting chased by clowns with guns’. The chief said ‘open the wall’. Then two men came out, took me inside and gave me a gun and a military outfit. I got changed into it. Then the chief said to me, ‘We need to keep Nigeria safe’. The chief told me and the other men to get ready. ‘We all said ok’.

Week 16 Rex Fury By Sam

Rex was a wanted man, and he was rich, but only because of all the banks he had robbed. He had a bounty of $10,000,000,000. I wanted that money, so I set off to get him! I tracked him down and went to the location.

When I arrived, his car came driving out of an alley way. His vehicle was driving slowly with the music turned up loud. There was a window opened in the back so I climbed in it. There was a big, furry coat in the back so I put it over me.

A while later, the car stopped and Rex got out. I tackled him and then the police showed up and arrested him.

Now I live in a mansion with everything I could ever want and need!

Week 16 The toy sloth comes alive by Cayden

One night I was sleeping and then I saw my sloth was not in my bed. I woke up and suddenly I heard my door creeping open. I got up to check. Then I saw my sloth on the floor. Then he moved and I got scared and ran back in my room. I shut my door so hard it broke. My father came out of the room and the sloth ran downstairs. I chased him until I lost him. The front door was open and he took my dad’s car and escaped. I rushed downstairs and it was the sloth. He came back to push me off the stairs…

Week 16 The Furry Creature by Rian

Firstly it was Friday at 3:50 pm. I was going to the park. Afterwards, I was walking home. At the same time I was followed slowly by a shattered vehicle playing horror music. I side was a furry thing. It got out and its mouth went up to my ear and said ‘see you in your nightmare’. Bang!!! He climbed onto  a roof super quickly. When I went to bed at 9:35 pm I had a nightmare. The furry creature was in it. The moment it approached it ate me and I woke up and said ‘what a nightmare’. Well the furry thing is real. THE END!!!

Week16 A huge furry monster By Daniel.

In Ukraine a man called David S was searching for a furry monster. He climbed over mountains and was searching through jungles just to find the furry monster. However, he could not find the furry monster but then he tried one last time to find it. He found a junk yard beside a part of the jungle and to his surprise he found a Lamborghini. So David S got a metal pole in the junk yard and smashed the window open. Luckily, there was diesel in the Lamborghini. Then David S went into the jungle with the Lamborghini. There was a cave right beside the entry to the jungle so David S went into the cave and all you could hear was ‘Ahhhhh’.
The End.

Week 16 The rowling bear by Tom

Bob and I were walking in a desert and something spectacular caught our eyes. It was a big furry bear rolling towards us. We sat down until he got very close and that’s when it stood up. In no time we were on our feet running and screaming until we got to a dunebuggy. We went into that but it started up slowly. Off we went but not for long.  You see the bear was climbing onto the roof when we were hopping in so we thought he was gone until he ripped out the engine and threw us out. He put back the engine and played opera music. He was so focused on the music he drove off a cliff.

Week 16 A strange sight by David Hy

I haven’t told anyone about this yet but last year I saw a YETI!  I was driving up Mount Ilisto in a Tesla Cybertruck. It’s not the best vehicle for driving up a snow mountain but I was fine with it. As I was driving up, I spotted a strange cave. I went in to get a closer look. I crept in and saw claw marks on the walls and drool all over the floor. I looked back at my car but something big and furry climbed into it. It was a yeti! It drove off slowly with the music turned up to the loudest. After that, I think I fainted but I wasn’t too sure…

W.K 16 The robbery by Brian OK.

On the 12th of June 1976 a robbery took place. In fact it was the biggest of the decade. A furry pig that could fly was stolen. Now back to the robbery. I am in the C.I.A. I am tracking down the robber. As I climbed up the mountain slowly in a tractor, I heard music. I got out of my vehicle and went to where I heard the music and what I saw before me were a group of monkeys dancing to jazz music with a victim of the crisis….

Week 16 A curious creature By Donagh

In 2013 I was just sixteen years old. I was spotted in an abandoned town by a woman. She was convinced that I was there for hidden money and jewellery but actually I was coming home from school. My mom couldn’t drive me home because she works until 5pm. Once we cleared everything up, I started to advance. I came to a halt. I saw a very furry creature and it tried to climb up onto the window of the vehicle. I was stumped. I had no idea why it wanted to get in the car but eventually it climbed in, turned on some rock music and started driving very very….. slowly! I finally decided I had enough so I went home!

Week 16 New Years by Alex O C

It just turned midnight and a man named Lee was being chased by a man. They call him Furry and he robs people. Lee was jumping from roof to roof and he jumped on a vehicle which was a truck. Unexpectedly, fire works and music started. Furry was climbing slowly and Lee thought he got away but Furry turned the corner. Lee ran to his house but Furry broke in. Furry broke everything but Lee ran as fast as he could and got away. Then Lee got arrested because Furry called the police. He said he destroyed his house and robbed him. The End.


One day I was playing GTA 5 with my friend Alex. We were in a car driving around. Then next minute we were in the game. We did not know what was going on until I got hit by a car. When I was hit by a car I died. However, I miracously came back to life. Then a band came up to us slowly and started to play music. Me and Alex climbed on top of a vehicle. Next minute, a man in a furry top came up to us and we were going crazy. Me and Alex were in fits of laughter. Then, without any warning, we were back in our houses.

THE END!!!!!!!

Week 16 First animal to climb Mount Everest By Alex K

One day on the 6th of January a furry ferret decided to go on an adventure to climb Mount Everest (because no other animal had done this before). So the ferret packed his bags and headed on his expedition to Mount Everest. When the ferret got there, people where questioning why a ferret was there. The ferret slowly climbed the mountain but eventually he got tired so he called a vehicle(Uber) to get to the top of Mount Everest. The ferret got really bored so he asked the Uber to turn on some music. A few hours later, the ferret got to the top of Mount Everest. THE END.


It was the last day of 2019. My friend Conner and I were at the 2020 concert. We showed up at 9.00pm to get the best places we could. Finally, it turned 11.50PM. The concert started. It was going well until suddenly, without any warning, a huge furry monster climbed up onto the stage. However, the concert continued. They did a vehicle show. The cars were going very slowly and the music was blaring out of the speakers. Everybody started to scream. They all disappeared. Conner and I were in shock. We ran! The End.

Week 16 A furry friend By Lucas

One Monday a man named Marcus was going for a drive in his vehicle. A Porsche911Gtzr to be exact.

On the trip, he decided to put on some pop music.

Then a furry animal climbed slowly up a tree.

‘Bam!!!’. A loud noise hit the car. Marcus got scared. ‘Ahhh he screamed’.

‘Crash!!!’. He crashed against the wall and went flying out the front window.

When he woke up, he was in a really big hospital.

Then another loud noise!!! It was rocks. They went through the window and hit Marcus.

The nurse came too. Marcus disappeared but he was ok again somehow.

The End.

Week 16 The rich man by Deivydas

In 2017, there was a rich man called Daniel and he had a furry cat that climbed mountains. He was also a music master. Daniel had a vehicle. You won’t believe what it was. It was a lamborghini. He often played soccer with a lot of people but he didn’t want to be rich because there were too many wealthy people around him. He decided to kick everyone out and no one wanted to play with him until he apologised. The End.

Week 16 The mountain climber by Dylan

One evening, I was reading about an artefact from the musuem when the F.B.I  said ‘It’s the F.B.I open up!’. I decided to let them in but then I thought ‘What, your not the F.B.I?’. They shouted ‘ha ha’! and they kicked me out of my house. I was now officially homeless. One day I was on my phone and I went on DoneDeal. I bought a Porche Cayenne. I got the car and I drove up Mount Everest and I saw a Yeti. He brought me to his tribe and he fed me fish. I ran down the mountain and I was starving. I hadn’t eaten in days. I wonder what my fate will be? 


Week 15 The daily news by Cayden

One day I was in a UFO. The aliens were talking like mad people. The leader said kill the boy but I was too handsome. I can’t die today. I was afraid to leave. Then one day they let me go but they said if they found me again they would kill me. I ran off as fast as I possibly could to find a shoe shop. ‘Which way to the shops?’… it panted.

Week 15 Godzilla and Mr. Shape shifter by Rian

Firstly it was an irregular day. Unexpectedly, I was outside at 7:30 am.      Three hours later… I was heading to the shop and a dolphin was running for its life and suddenly it transformed into a boy. ”Which way to the shops?” it panted. I need as many beans as I can get. He said ‘It’s down valley street’. I said ‘ok thanks’. Later on I saw Godzilla and before you know it half the city was burning. The thing came and I will call him Mr. Shape Shifter. When he encountered Godzilla he transformed into a hammer and knocked him out. Now there is a new hero in the city. THE END!

Week 15 A talking squirrel that wants to live in a shop by Daniel.

One year ago this squirrel wanted to live in a shop and the reason I know that is because the squirrel could speak English. Now he is the most famous animal in the world. The squirrel has been to Beijing in China, New York city in the USA and London in England. When he was famous I got a lot of money because I was the first person ever to talk to a squirrel and I got four million euros. However, the only thing that he wants to do is build a shop so I got some builders to build five shops for the squirrel. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. So I took him on a tour of the five shops.

Week 15 The Chase by Brian OK.

It was 4.00. a.m. on a Sunday morning so I was not in a great mood. Thomas was ringing. He roared ‘JOE I just remembered, I told everyone in school my dog could talk and after school on Monday I have to show them. ‘So what?’, I exclaimed. He said ‘code red’ and hung up. He came to my house. He said ‘ok so this dog here, instead of barking it screeches like a little girl with a lollipop’. I gave it a fish eye and said ‘HERE DOGGY’. It went balistic and started singing ‘here we go where we go killing is a GOOOO!!!’. We went into Charlie’s chump chop butchers. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. There was a postman over to the right. The little fella bit his head off and said SOUND BUDDY HAHAHA!!!

Week 15 It went shopping by Deivydas

It all started when a person was called It. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. When a nice guy told it where the shops were, It got too excited. Suddenyl, a brick fell on his head from a high building and he woke up after an hour. He forgot he had to go shopping and he went home feeling dizzy. Everyone was shocked. After awhile It found himself in the middle of nowhere and he never found his way home. THE END.

Week 15 Turtle chase! by David Hy.

Yesterday I was walking into the zoo to bring in some turtle treats for the talking turtles. After I delivered them, I decided to take a few home to my dog Terry. But the turtles wanted more. They were in a big cage so they couldn’t get out. Well I thought they couldn’t up until I looked back and saw the biggest turtle chasing me and shouting mean things at me. But turtles aren’t that fast. So I stopped running and started to walk. Eventually, I went into a coffee shop. The turtle must have seen me go in because I saw it asking someone a question. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. In the end I got home but the turtle didn’t.

Week 15 THE SEA MONSTER By Donagh!

Yesterday I was walking by my estate when a couple of men started chasing me. I ran and ran but then I noticed that they stole a car. They ran me over and when I got up they pushed me into the car and put a paper bag over my head. Also, they hit me in the head with a stone. When I woke up, I was in a totally different place. I was inside a mountain. They took me to a room with one window and tied me to a chair. I sat there for about five minutes when I thought of a plan. I untied the ropes and smashed the window with a stone. Then I climbed out and ran until I came to the beach. I walked across but then something came out of the water.”Which way to the shops?”, it panted…

Week 15 The Getaway By Zac

One day I was walking at the side of the street. A few seconds later, I heard a loud noise. It was a robber and the police. The robber asked me ‘which way to the shops?’ it panted. I replied ‘NO! I am not telling you’. Then the police caught the robber and took him to jail. The next day I got on my bike and went down town. I did the grocery shopping and then I went home an hour later. I saw someone break into our garage so I went to check it out. I went inside the garage but nobody was there… TO BE CONTINUED.


Week 15 Dog maniac by Timmy

Once there was a sheep dog.

There was a hole in the fence and it got out.

The farmer noticed that the dog had run away.

He chased the dog.

‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted.

The dog had run far away. He went into a dog treat shop and he hid in         between two yummy treats for dogs.

The farmer went past the dog, ran away and had a great feast. He had eaten the dog treats.

He saw a bed and a blanket and went to bed. The farmer never ever saw the dog again.


Week 15 The trip to the shop By Joshua

One day I was going to Mac Donald’s for chips and chicken nuggets, a chicken burger and a shake. Someone came up to me. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. That way sir. On my way back to Mac Donald’s I thought I’m here yum yum yum that was so good. Time to go to the shop! I have to go get some cereal, milk, bread and cheese. A police officer approached me and asked ‘have you see this man?’. ‘Yes I did’, I replied. ‘Where and when was the last time you saw this man sir?’. ‘Maybe one hour ago’, I said. To be continued.


Unexpectedly, Johnny and I heard a horse. It was coming straight towards us and it stopped. ‘Which way to the shop?’, it panted. It was a half man half horse. We said ‘that way’. It ran off and we followed it to the supermarket. It went up to the energy drinks and pulled one from the fridge. We followed it, opened up a secret door and we still followed it. It was like a bat cave but it saw us. We ran but it was too fast for us. It was too late. We were trapped….THE….END….