Week 3 The Bouncy Castle by Ashton

One day, we were going swimming but we didn’t want to leave our dog at home. She was scraping at the door so we brought her with us. That was the mistake we made! We were driving along when we realised that dogs can’t go to public pools. We didn’t want to ruin the day so we searched for some where else to go. We found ‘Bounce City’. We went in but my parents never should have said yes. The place was huge! It had ten bouncy castles so we brought the dog on. It was fun for a while until we lost the DOG!! We were freaking out! Suddenly, a bouncy castle deflated! We knew where she was! We found her but we were fined 400 euro! We were furious but we knew we were wrong. We might plan a trip back there, if they allow us back in!!

Week 3 Spaceship Time by Nikodem

Once I was watching the news and I saw that there was an unknown planet in space so I went to my tiny garage and built a big rocket ship. It only took five minutes to make. I asked my friends if they wanted to come and they all said yes. We all went into the rocket and when everyone was ready I launched it. We had a lot of supplies. Three days later we where finally there. We got out and we didn’t need spacesuits but there was still no gravity. We all jumped around and performed tricks. Then we started to explore the hills and mountains. Suddenly, we stumbed across these weird blackish rocks. Then we saw aliens. We ran over and said ‘hello’. They said ‘hi’. We asked them the name of the planet and their reply was a mumble. We all looked at them in confusion. When I asked my friends to join me on my adventure, they never should have said yes!

Week 3 My Walk Home From School by Leon

One day last year, I wanted to walk home because all my friends could walk home but I couldn’t. My friend in my class lived next to me so I asked and asked and asked. ‘One day and one day only’, my parents said. I got so excited I could hardly believe it. I said ‘thanks so much, I won’t let you down’. I text all of my friends and said ‘I can walk home on Monday’. They said ‘Oh my God really’. I replied ‘yes’. On Monday I walked home but did not make it home. I fell and broke my leg so I had to go to the hospital. I said to myself, ‘they never should have said yes’. It wasn’t worth the pain! THE END.

Week 3 The Base by Bryan


Week 3 The Day I Got Kidnapped By Charlie

I kept begging my parents to be left walk down from school. They finally said yes but they said I had to walk down with a friend, I agreed.  The next day Tom, Bryan, Jake and I walked down from school. I felt like there was someone following us. We kept looking back  – I never should have asked my parents if I could walk down and they should never have said yes!
Suddenly, a bag was thrown over our heads and we were thrown into the back of a truck. We could hear the Guards chasing the truck but we were going too fast. Eventually, the Guards stopped the truck, they got us out and brought us home.
When I went in home I told my parents that I was never walking down from school again and they agreed.

Week 3 The Man In Black By Micheál

I begged my parents to allow me to explore the creepy, old cottage at the end of the lane. When I entered, two things pounced on me. Suddenly, a light appeared. I saw that the things were big, bulky men with swords. Behind them stood a tall, thin man in a black suit. They never should have said yes, I thought to myself.
“You foolish boy! Why did you come here?”
The man in black  went so red in the face I thought he would explode! I screamed and just then soldiers burst through the door! The man in the black suit disappeared in a puff of smoke! 

Week 3 Spies By Donagh

Hi, my name is Jack and I’m a spy. I am a man on a mission! I have to steal a jewel from someone who already stole the jewel and return it to the museum. I’m at their secret base now and I’m going to try to make a deal with Freddy, the leader of their gang. I got passed the security guards through the vents and jumped out into a massive room. It was Freddy’s. We made a deal that if we gave him 1,000 euros he would give us the jewel on Tuesday. It’s Tuesday now and we have a plan. We snuck up behind them, knocked them out and took the jewel back to the museum. They never should have said yes!

Week 3 The Book By Jack V

Once upon a time I was exploring an old Greek ruin when I stumbled across an old wooden box. I carefully picked it up and opened it. Inside was a book and it looked ancient. I brought it back to the house. I got everyone to come over and see it. Everyone wanted to open it except for me. WE had a vote and I lost. No one cared about what I said. They opened it and got sucked in. I was the only one who didn’t. They never should have said yes to opening the book but I’m quiet happy they’re gone! I now have more space for planning! The End.

Week 3 Space Launch By David Hy

Two years ago I was chosen to be an astronaut. I was very happy as there were more then 2,000 interviews but I had no idea how much work was involved. I had to do a year of very hard work but it was worth it when I got chosen to go to the International Space Station with two other astronauts called Tom and Donagh. Two hours before the launch I put on my spacesuit. Then, Tom, Donagh and I went up to the rocket. We had been waiting there for an hour. Then, mission control told us we couldn’t take off because of the weather. They never should have said yes to hiring me.

Week 3 Mr Milkie Man By Tom

Agent Milk Man is under cover to buy a 3 litre carton of milk. This carton of milk has the power to change you into anything you want. Undercover spies are watching over Mr Milk Man who is getting the carton of milk. As he was walking into the store, a crow with a grapple hook shot a hook and got the milk before Mr Milk Man! He whispered to himself, ‘they never should have said yes to hiring me!’ As the cow was walking away with the carton of milk, the under cover spies ran at the bird but the bird grapple hooked away. Poor Mr Milk Man!

Week 3 Creepy story by Karol

While on holidays I was playing my PS4 at 12:00 at night. At 3:00am I heard some weird noises. I ignored them and went to the kitchen because I was hungry. Then I went to bed. When morning came, my Mom asked me to go to the shop and I agreed. As I was walking I realised that no one was around. When I was in the shop, I got what my mom needed but I forgot a balloon for the party so I went back to get it. Suddenly, I thought I saw a man but I wasn’t quite sure because the balloons were in the way. I moved them and it wasn’t a man, it was a clown!! Then I ran back to the house and I stayed there for six months! Now I know who was in the house… THE END.

Week 2 The Crash By Donagh

Today I was just getting fruit and vegetables from the farm to sell when I remembered that I had no car. It was at the garage because it had a flat tyre so I had to go on my bike. I began on my journey when I realized I was tumbling down the hill and then I pulled the front brakes as fast as I could. Suddenly, I flew into a hay bale and started rolling down the hill. I was tumbling for a couple of hours and when I finally stopped, a tractor picked me up. I hadn’t been seen for twenty six hours. After all that, I went home and relaxed. What a day!

Week 2 The Hay Bale By David Hy.

Last week I was supposed to be delivering fruit but I am not very good at staying focused. So when I was cycling up Mr. Hartnett’s drive I noticed a ladder at the side of his house. The ladder was leading up to his roof. I left two apples and a pumpkin at his doorstep and went around the side and climbed up the ladder with my bike. When I got to the top of the ladder, I got on my bike. I was about to break the record for the highest jump on a bike. I went to the end of the roof and cycled off. ‘Ahhh!!’, I screamed. I was flying through the air and landed in a bale on a trailer on a passing tractor and I’ve been picking straw out of my hair ever since!

Week 2 The surprise by Cayden

One day, I was cycling around. I wanted to make an amazing video so I tried to do an epic stunt with my bike. Soon after, a three year old pushed me down the hill. I cut my leg quite badly but I was ok. Suddenly, I fell into a hay bale! The farmer arrived in his car and took away the hay. He put it in the back of his car and he took off to another farm. To the farmers surprise, I appeared out of the hay bale! The farmer gave me 5 euro and I made my journey home. The End.

Week 2 Haybale Man by Alex

One day there was an old man who was cycling for the first time. He did a stunt jump off a ramp into a field and he flew of his bike. He tumbled into a hay bale and started to roll down the field. The road led down to a street race and he rammed into most of the cars. He continued rolling down to the airport and he went so fast that he managed to make his way into a cargo plane. The back door was open and he flew into it. They closed the door. The hay bale man was in!

Week 2 The Delivery Fail by Nikodem

Once a farmer was driving his bike to deliver fruit. He was driving down a very big hill and at the end there was a sharp turn and if you didn’t turn you would drive into a tree. His brakes didn’t work and it was dark. He didn’t see that there was a turn and drove into the tree. He was launched into the sky and the bike fell and the fruit scattered everywhere. When he landed, he landed in a haybale. The haybale torpedoed down and hit another haybale and it got bigger as it went. It caused eight car crashes. It headed into the wall of the vault in the bank and picked up a lot of money. Then, the cops were chasing it. Eventually, it stopped next to the bike on the hill.

Week 2 Beware Of The Bale by Micheál

Hello my name is Brian and I work at O’ Keeffes fruit and veg store. One day, I was collecting water melons and when I was finished I put the basket on my bike and cycled back to the store. I hit a big stone hidden in the long grass and I fell head first into a bale of straw. The bale torpedoed down the lane. It hit the side of a fancy car. Then a big man stepped out. Suddenly, they pounced at me so I ran back up the lane to see all the melons squashed on the ground. I ran to the patch of yellow melons and painted them green and white. I gave the melons to the boss and resigned. Afterwards, I opened a successful shop of my own far away.


Week 2 The Bale By Tom

Bill the Daredevil is attempting to ride down Mount Everest on a bike. 5 4 3 2 1.. he took off like a bullet. After about 5 minutes 0f riding down the hill, he saw something that he couldn’t avoid. It was a rock, a big rock. He hit it at a very high speed and went flying into the sky in no time. He was hitting 500 mph a hour in the sky. Meanwhile, over in America a bale fell out a tractor trailer in a peaceful neighbourhood. Now back to Bill. He was finally near the ground but he was asleep because he was so long in the air. He was heading straight for the bale and he hit it at a great speed and himself and the bale bounced right back into space.

Week 36 When people were up to no good by Daniel

I was in London for a holiday. My hotel was right beside a bank, a pub and a few clothes shops so I decided I would go to the pub. I went there and what I saw there makes me never ever want to go back. People were being killed by the workers in the pub in some type of restricted place. When I went in and put my ear against the door, I could hear gun shots and people begging to live. When one person was coming out of the restricted place that’s when I knew I should run. I ran out of the pub, got into my room in the hotel and rang the police.

The End.

Week 36 The underworld by Jayden

One day, I was walking down an alleyway which led to my house. It was a short cut for me to get home. When I was half way down the alley, a portal appeared in front of me. Out of curiousity, I climbed inside the portal and it took me to the underworld.  Suddenly, I heard a noise. A voice asked me why I was in the underworld.  I said a portal had appeared out of no where and that it had brought me there. The voice spoke again saying ‘You must have some special powers from within to see beyond this portal’. I was baffled. Without delay, I was rising up from the ground. I was petrified and before I knew it I was on the ground outside my house. My Mom was staring at me with a confused look on her face. I said I was sorry and that I was in another world!

The End.

Week 35 The River By Sam

Cleetus was being chased by a bear through a forest. It had been five minutes since the chase started when he saw a crooked tree hanging over a river. He climbed up the tree and started walking to the edge of it. The bear started climbing up the tree and Cleetus slipped, making him fall into the river.

He was flowing down the river at tremendous speed when he caught onto a little branch. The branch nearly broke but he got to the surface before it did.

He went home and decided to never return to that forest ever again.

Week 35 A Fun Game By Lucas

One day I was playing this game called ‘For Honor’. We were up on a snowy mountainous hill. The game mode was Dominion. I saw a dog looking up at us from a lake below us. Sadly, I couldn’t reach him because it was out of game bounds.

Out of nowhere, a big Burly Viking tried to knock me off the edge of the mountainous hill. I gained the upper hand and tossed him down into the lake below us.

We captured the last post and gained the winning points needed for victory. I woke up, it had all been a dream.

Week 35 The layer by Bryan Q

Johnny, my dog Max and I were at the park. We saw a man dressed in all black and he was on the phone. All of a sudden, he pressed on a tree and a hatch opened out of no where. We weren’t expecting that. He started walking down the open gap. We were shocked at what we had just witnessed. Without delay, we followed him down the open hatch. We finally reached the end of the steps where we saw the man again talking to another man. Max barked and before we knew it, we were locked up in a cell. ‘Where was Max?’, we thought nervously.He was gone. He ran towards the men and bit them. He then let us out of the cage. We deactivated the bomb. Max saved the day and of course the whole world…


Week 35 The lost dog part one by Dylan

One day a boy walked passed a dog and knew that he was special. I picked him up and looked at him straight in the eye and the dog licked me. Oh and by the way, my name is David. I brought him back to my house. I taught him how to swim down in the lake and he has been going down there ever since. One day, we went for a swim but there was a dragon lying on a log. I said ‘hi’ and he didn’t answer. Then out of no where, he flew up, grabbed both of us and he took us to his cave where the rest of his family were. TO BE CONTINUED.

Week 35 Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs by David Hy.

As I walked through the woods with my dog, I noticed something was different about the lake of Wing Wang. It was usually crawling with tourists and people with cameras looking for the Wing Wang but today there was nobody there. You may be wondering about the Wing Wang. Well it used to live in the jungle but when I had a close encounter with him he packed his bags and went to live here. Anyway, back to the story. I just realised why no one was there. I know this sounds crazy but it happened. Dog’s started to pour out a little burrow in the ground. Then they picked up and took me away and my dog was left standing there alone…

Week 35 The dog in the woods by Jayden

One day, I was walking in the woods when suddenly I heard a dog barking. I tried my best to follow the direction to where the sound was coming from. I could see from a distance that the dog was standing next to the water. As I got closer, I could see that the dog’s paw was injured. I tried to pet the dog and carry it back to where my Mom’s car was parked. My Mom and I took the dog to the nearest vet and we found out after that the dog had a thorn stuck in his paw and it had become infected. The vet checked the dog for a microchip and luckily he had been chiped so the vet was able to locate the owner. My Mom and I left and went home. Later that evening, there was a knock on the door.  It was the owner of the dog. The lady wanted to thank us in person for finding the dog and getting him help. The dog was in fact very special to her family as he was a guide dog for her son. We were so happy to know we had helped another family.

Wk 35 Gob smacked by Brian O’K.

Scream after scream roar after roar my team searched the house for any clues of the six people who went missing after a robbery. Suddenly, my guard dog broke free and went running deep into the countryside. Our team found him looking at the mountains. We decided to go take a look and kept hearing a man say ‘hexagonal shape now’. Suddenly, we saw it. A hexagonal shape. ‘What animals did this?’ ‘Pigs I think’, said Joe. ‘It’s a saying’, I replied. But the people who commited that murder were human pigs but smarter. I’m gob smacked. I’ve been doing my job for over twety years now and I can’t solve a murder. I haven’t even got any clues.

Week 35 Down by the river By Gavin

One day I decided to bring my dog walking in the countryside. His name is Shaggy called after the Scooby Doo movie!

I decided to go down by the river to play catch with him. We walked down alongside the river and my dog was getting very excited when he saw the water.

He was jumping and barking because he saw I had a stick in my hand. I threw the stick in the water and it started to float down the river. He didn’t know if he should jump in or not!! He then started barking….

To be continued.


Week 35. Some farmers take too much space.

I went to New Zealand for a week and what I saw there made me think that I would never go back. I went to the countryside for a walk. There were lots of farms around there. But there was one thing that frightened me the most. The farmers were burning the trees. My dog and I were very hungry so we went to one of the farmers houses and asked could we have some food. He let us in and we had a chat about why did he as a farmer burn the trees. He told me he needed fire wood because he doesn’t have a car and that is the only way he can get wood. I did tell him to stop cutting the trees down and get the wood from somewhere else. He said he would try.

Week 35 We can walk even further by Joshua

It is May 18th and we are now allowed to walk 5km from our house. We are very lucky as we have a small lake just up the road from us. It was a nice day outside and we just passed some of my friends along the way. It was so nice seeing them after such a long time. As we arrived, we sat down and had a small bit of food and some drinks. I could see some fish in the lake and a lovely brown dog was jumping in and out catching a ball his owner was throwing. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the outdoors again. It is hard not seeing some family because of the corona virus. I hope some day I can show this lovely place to the rest of my family.