Week 1 The weird city by Deivydas

Once upon a time, there were two men. They were very famous writers and they had written over one hundred books.  The men’s names were Josh and Bob. Then Donald Trump came and sent his army. The two men were freaked out because he was with his army and arrested them. He didn’t like their books because they mentioned that Donald Trump was a bad president. After 3 years, the writers were poor. When the president saw the two men he asked if they would work for him and they said yes. The president said that he would pay them for their work and the men became rich. The End.

Week 1 The frozen men by David HY

The frozen men

One day, two men were standing outside a big temple.

One of them was called Zac and the other man was named Bryan.

They were both famous musicians.

When they were finished talking they tried to walk away but they couldn’t.

They looked at their feet and they were frozen!

‘Oh no?’,  they both said, as they tried to waddle away.

Soon it was up to their waist and someone walked passed them saying ‘oh look they made a statue of Zac and Bryan!’.

We’re not a statue, they thought to themselves.


Week 1 Two friends by Joshua

Mick and David were two friends that worked for the government as secret agents. They got paid 100000000 dollars and the Governor’s name was Joshua. He was a very rich man. Mick went on a mission to Hollywood to stop monkey man from attacking the police chief. They defeated him and brought him to jail. They went back to America and they got a job as mail men. They were the best mail men in the country and they became rich and famous. They bought a house, some cars, a shop,a boat and a lottery ticket. They decided to go on one last mission. The End.

Week 1 Two Brothers By Zac

Jeremy and Mark are two brothers and they both have the same job. They are pizza delivery men. They are the very best of friends. One day, Jeremy and Mick went on a flight to America for a holiday. They rented an apartment in the city. They also bought a Lamborghini each, a blue and a green one. They made a fortune. Jeremy and Mark also got a promotion as pizza delivery men. Jeremy and Mark decided to accept the jobs. So today is a very busy day at work and the orders are really piling up. Jeremy and Mark are up to their eyes. THE END.





Jayden and I were playing Minecraft.

Two minutes later, while we were still playing, we fell through the sofa.

We fell 1,ooo,000 metres and we landed in Minecraft.

Two hours later, we found Minecraft city.

When we were just about to enter, we saw a robber.

I saw a gun on the ground. I picked up the gun and shot him.

After that, I got 1,000,000 euro and I bought the city.

Me and Jayden lived in a big house.

In our garden we had a statue of two men.

Two weeks later…

We found a box under the city.

There was 1,000 euro in it.

Two days later…

We found a portal. We jumped inside it and we were back home.

Week 1 The two men who were in the war by Oran

The men were born in 1984 and 1985 and they were in the American War of Independence. When the war was over, they came to Ireland but sadly an American plane came to bomb Dublin and Joe died. Two years later, Colin was helping the Irish rebuild the GPO because they bombed it and that’s how Joe died. They were sending a letter to Joe’s mother and father and it was my friend who blew him up but he did not know. Nine years on and I’m thirty three years old. Actually, yesterday was my birthday. Bang! ‘No Colin!’, shouted the people. We lost Colin so we needed to have a funeral for him.

The End.


Week 1 The War by Bryan Q

In 1917, there were two men. They were in the war. Their names were Adam and Tom. In the war, Adam got shot in the eye. Then Tom ran away and Adam ran after him. Ever sense then, they have been enemies and they decided to go their separate ways. Tom stayed on the war team but Adam left the team and joined the army in America. The two teams were arch enemies. Ten years later, they met in war. Tom and five others were left on his team. Adam also had five on his team. It was time to fight! An hour later, it was Adam and Tom. Adam shot Tom shot but they both missed….

Week 1 The Two Sailors by Donagh

One day, in the year 1958, there were two men. Their names were Thomas and Jack. Thomas was dressed in a blue shirt with black pants while Jack wore a white t shirt and a blue jacket with white pants. They are sailors and great friends but argue most of the time. They argue about who gets to sail the boat almost everyday. Thomas sails the boat because he is the captain. Sometimes they go fishing and bring home the fish to their family. They have one boat. It is big and white with huge sails. Thomas and Jack have a statue in their honor and they can be seen to be shaking hands.


Week 1 The Election by Alex K

Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob. Bob wanted to be elected for President. When Bob was a kid, he dreamed of becoming President. His younger brother Jack also wanted to become President. Bob was studying every single night after school and Jack only eats, sleeps and watches TV. Now, back to the present day. In the voting room, Bob has 84 and Jack has 28. The other people there had around 57 votes. Jack had a plan to get other people to vote for him. He gave money to people that promised to give him their vote. Surprisingly, he got 1,482 votes. Now he has 1,510 votes. Jack is now a very poor President.

Week 1 Good Day by Marcel

One sunny day, I saw two men fighting. I went to brush my teeth and I dressed up. I went out and called for my friend John  but he was gone. John said to not call for him so I went home. I made a plan that I would ring him and that I would follow him. He went to a house and they were laughing and drinking so he went to the back garden. He then went back to the front and they were gone. John went home and blocked me so I couldn’t call him ever again.

The End.


















Week One Fighting for Power by Timmy

Once upon a time, two men were part of an election that would decide who was going to be the President of America. The people started to vote. It even went so far that one man got a voting streak. One of them thought that they had won but he didn’t. The other man got a come back and it looked like he was going to win but he had a great come back and he went on to win. Everyone clapped and only the man that lost did not get kicked out of the country. He was unhappy to say the least. THE END.


Week 1 The Mini War By Daniel

George Washington and Hitler had to make a decision together about a mini war. George was angry with Hitler because he was trying to take over the world. So George made a decision with Michael D. Higgins and other Presidents came except the German one. They wanted to kill Hitler and stop the Germans from taking over the world. So the next day they were going to shoot Hitler with a sniper and they picked Jimmy Bob to shoot Hitler. So the next day Jimmy Bob woke up. It’s time to shoot Hitler. But what was the first thing he did, he called Hitler on his cellphone.  I’m going to shoot you. Hitler hangs up. Jimmy Bob went to Germany and shot Hitler aaaaaaaaahhhhh . The End……….










Week 1 War Zone by Jayden

One day I was walking through town with Daniel.

Then we saw two statues. When we said hello the two statues said nothing.

Daniel and I kicked the two statues and we got sent to a war zone.

Then we saw the statues in action. Their names were Bob and Jeff.

Bob told Daniel and I that we were in a war zone.

Suddenly, a war plane and a war ship came. Daniel and I found Jeff and asked ‘why are we here?’.

Jeff said it was because we were kicking himself and Bob.

Daniel and I said ‘oh’.

Then we got sent back from the war zone.



Week 1 The Wave by Tom

1459- There were twenty three whale hunters on a ship. One of the crew called James felt the water shake and ran into the Captain Philip and told him what had happened. Captain Philip looked out the window and he saw a giant wave. James and Captain Philip were fighting about what to do. Captain Philip was dressed smart. Jack, another crew member heard the conversation. It sounded like they were talking about Brexit. They were foes ever since. Lower the boats Philip ordered. Everyone got all the stuff and hopped onto the boats. But the wave still got them. The End.

Week One The Water War by Lucas

There were two captains for the water war .

One was the captain of the blue team and one captained the red team.

The blue teams’ captain was named Jimmy and the red teams’ captain was called Jeffery.

They had large and small water guns and water balloons too.

They all loved water wars.

However, there was a spot where they all met up for meetings which was a no splashing zone.

They did not like paintball games. In the end, they decided that they would quit. They did not want any war. ‘No more war no more war’, they said over and over again.



Week 1 The Men by Gavin

It’s 1916 and there’s a war outside. The men’s names are Killey and Phil. They were fighting and it was chaos. It was a war of death. Five years later, Killey came back to Phil. It was a long way from the craziness of five years ago. Phil said we’re lucky the war is over. ‘Now I think you need to head away’, replied Killey. ‘Ok bye now’, said Killey. The world war had ended for good. And there will hopefully never be one again.

Week 1 The Story of Naruto and Goku by Andrei

At the age of seven, Naruto decided to go to Ninja school. This had been a dream of his for as long as he could remember. He got into a lot of trouble when an evil guy told him to steal a forbidden scroll. Two statues were built to remind the fifth cage about the fourth cage and also Naruto became the seventh cage at the age of thirty. That was his dream and that was the end of Naruto’s story. Now, Goku’s story begins. Goku was was sent to earth to become one of the strongest mortals in the universe and his team won the tournament of power.

Week 1 The two warriors by David Hu.

Once, there were seven warriors that lived in China. They were very worried that one day the New Zealand warriors would come and destroy them like their ancestors that died over the years. But there were two warriors that were prepared for battle and they talked about it all the time. One day, when they weren’t expecting it, the whole town shook. It was the New Zealand. They were in battle ships and planes and they had a lot of weapons. China organised their weapons and the battle began. China were nearly as strong as New Zealand but twenty of China’s men were killed. The two Chinese warriors spoke to the President and they made a plan for a future attack. The Chinese warriors landed on New Zealand and the New Zealand warriors never fought again.

Week 1 The Sheet Of Change By Brian O’ K.

Many years ago, there was a sheet and it was known as the sheet of change. This wasn’t just any ordinary sheet. This sheet had been passed down through the generations since 3,000 B.C. It was Dan Collins’ turn now. He was sixteen years old.He took the sheet and ran back to his house which stood on the edge of Helsinki. He came back the next day to sign the sheet, which had never been done before. It was the year 1419 when he signed the sheet and now he was in 5038. There were flying cars and huge buildings everywhere. He was amazed by how nice the people were. He asked where he was and a five year old pulled out his iPhone 100,000. ‘We’re in Rome’, the five year old replied. He never returned to the year 1419 ever again.




Week 1: These Men: By Sam.

John walks into the house of his old friend and new foe, Dutch Vanderlin. “Marston”, Dutch says. “Nice of you to stop by”. “I know it is, you don’t deserve to see anyone. Even me”. “I know I know, now what did you come for?”.” To give you this”. John pulls out his bandana and his gun from behind his back. “Here, your bandana”. “Is it the same one we rob the banks with?”. “Stop it, I’m past that life”.” Sure you are, sneaking behind your wife’s back. Just take the bandana”. Bang! Bang!. “Not so fast”, said Dutch.”Now bye bye John”. “Alright”. “But I will find you and I kill you. “Stop being so dramatic”. “You don’t know what this life turns you into, a paranoid man”.

Week One THE FIGHTER JETS by Dylan

Once there was a man named Tom. When he was young, he dreamed of being a pilot. His best friends name was Steve. He wanted to be a pilot too. So when they got older they became pilots. They had such fun. They loved their jobs. But one day a war came against Germany. So the soldiers took all of the pilots to war. Their first attack was in Berlin. Tom shot down two fighter jets in one day. They had much more attacks and the war was nearly over but they had one more attack left. Steve and Tom went together on this one. They shot down all the planes and the war was over. They all went home safely.


Week 34 The Sahara Desert Problem by Paul

One day, I was in the Sahara desert and when I looked ahead of me, I saw a glass of water. I ran to it but it was just a rock in the shape of a glass. I couldn’t help it because it looked just like a glass of water.

Then I saw an African woman who came and saw me pass out on the sand. She picked me up and took me to her home that looked like Aladdin’s house.

I woke up and she said to me “what is it?”  “Nothing, I just need water.” I replied. “I only have two glasses, here.” as she handed me the glass. “Thank you” I said. I headed off home and survived.

Week 34 The Time Travel Machine by Kristupas

“We have to build a time machine” my friend suggested. “No, it’s too dangerous because I know you want to back in time and see what happened to my father” I replied.  Secretly, I really wanted to go but it was so dangerous. I didn’t think it would work but I still tried it. We went back in time to 1982, the day my dad died. We went to his old job where he died and we saw the kidnappers. They held my dad hostage and forced him to drink something in a glass. It looked just like a glass of water. He couldn’t do anything to help himself. As he drank it, we went back in time to the present day. I couldn’t stop crying…

Week 34 Mewto mayhem by Aidan

“Let’s go!” Tim said while walking out the door. “You do know that the pokemon parade is going to be ruined by something?” Pikachu said. “I am aware” Tim replied. “I know this parade is probably going to be ruined by some crazy mewto problem, but lets just try to enjoy it” said Mysty as they walked across the road to Harry’s house. Tim rang the doorbell and there was no reply “Are you there?” Tim shouted. They walked in and saw something on the table it looked just like a glass of water. L SYRUM it read “Wait isn’t that just R Syrum but with an L instead of an R” Pikachu said in a confused voice. ” Well” said Tim. “I don’t want to stick around to find out”…

Week 34 Is a Glass of Water by Rhys

“Oh my god, is he gone?” I asked. “No, keep on running!” my friend replied.  I stole a glass of water as I was thristy. It looked just like a glass of water but it wasn’t. There was an evil spirit in it and when I drank it, I found myself being chased. I saw a bus approaching but I had no money to buy a ticket. I stole money to get the bus to escape but he still found me. I ran into a shop and hid. The shopkeeper told me to get out. I saw him but suddenly everything was black..

Week 34 By Joe

One night in a galaxy far, far away there was a small planet with a population of 1,000,000. It is a little city of aliens. Everything there is really different to back at home. I was chosen to go on the hard journey but when I got there, it was extraordinary. Everything was made out of gems and in the middle of the town, there was a diamond chocolate waterfall. It was then I realised that nobody was happy and they gave me a glass with some liquid in it. It looked just like a glass of water. They told me to drink it, it was the most sweet but tasty drink ever. Before a blink of an eye, I was king.


Week 34 The War By Liam O

“OK, so you’re going to go in there and act like you are one of their agents. Here is a glass of the chemical and here is the powder, now sprinkle the powder and head in there.” As the F.B.I. agent walked in the room, someone stormed out of the room and almost knocked the glass over. “Phew” he said in relief. He continued to walk into the room. “Why are all of our secrets being leaked by spies?” he shouted in anger. “I don’t know sir.” I need a glass of water” he said gasping. “Here sir” said the F.B.I. agent. The Leader drank it and started to choke and dropped to the ground. The war was over, for now…

Week 34 Project Zorgo By Adam

One day, my friend and I were part of a team called Project Zorgo! Our code names were pz3 and pz5! We were told by the leader to put a chemical in a glass of water and then cover it to take away some suspicion. It looked just like a glass of water! We gave it to a Youtuber called Chad Wild Clay and told him to drink it. He drank it! Our plan worked! He was asleep and while he was, we hacked his Youtube channel. When we were done, the leader was so happy, we had a parade!

Week 34 The Desert by Benny

I was extremely tired. I was in the Sahara Desert. I was attacked by hunters and they took all my water. I tried tricking my stomach by pretending to drink water. There was no hope. I then saw two people ahead of me. I thought it was a mirage. When they approached me, I asked who they were. They said nothing. They dropped something at my feet. It just looked like a glass of water. I drank it with no hesitation. They laughed and went away. I had no idea what was going on. I realised it wasn’t water. It was poison…

Week 34: The End: by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day which was bad, very bad. The past week we haven’t a drop of water and we haven’t drank in a long time. All the animals are dead so there is no food either.

Today is 30 degrees like always. I looked around and saw a house which was very old as you could tell by the chips of paint and the wall in the front garden was breaking down.

I walked over to the house and saw that the door was missing. I saw a table and on the table was WATER!!! I ran over to it and tried to drink it but it disappeared. It doesn’t make sense it looked just like a glass of water.