Week 27 The underground by Alex O’ C

A man named Gary and his friend Lee were sitting down by the fire when the ground went from under them. They were covered in mud and when they got up it was very dark. Suddenly, the lights came on and then they got knocked out. When they woke up, no one was there. Then a voice said, ‘find all the keys, there are six in total’. Eventually, they found one and asked ‘was this really the only one?’ They decided that they needed to get out. Then they found four more and couldn’t find the last key even though they had searched everywhere…

Week 27 The Ancient Tombs By Sam

Inside a certain pyramid there lay five tombs. A powerful sword could be found inside each one. I wanted to hold that power so I went inside.

It was like a maze. I was met with plenty of dead ends and I stumbled across the exit but I didn’t want to leave, not yet! I wanted the swords! I had finally made my way to the tombs but something wasn’t quite right. There was only one tomb! Was this really the only one? Were the other ones hidden?

I opened the tomb and there was a silver sword, not a shiny blue one like they had said. I went back into the maze and when I found the way out, the whole thing collapsed.

I was in there for days but eventually I was saved! I can’t believe anything anymore!

Week 27 Lockdown by Jayden

One day, I was watching the news with my cousin. Suddenly, the newsman said that there was a new virus taking over the world. My cousin and I did not believe it. Then the newsman said everyone must remain indoors. I turned off the TV and went into the kitchen as I was feeling hungry and so was my cousin.  I opened the fridge and I could not beleive my eyes? The only thing there were apples. I said to myself is this for real? Was this really the only thing we have to eat? I left to go to the shop to buy some groceries. I could see from a distance that there were a lot of people outside the shop and they looked shocked. There was a big notice- ‘SHOP CLOSED’.

Week 27 The last diamond by Bryan Q.

I was sprinting through the woods because I was being chased by a lion. I didn’t know what to do so I ducked into a cave. The lion ran past and I was relieved to be safe. Night had fallen and I decided to spend the night there. I went to the back of the cave and found a book. It read ‘if you have found this then I am telling you that there is a hidden diamond’. I was lost in confusion, a diamond in a jungle? When I went to look for it and eventually found it, it was being guarded by men. I made a diversion and got in. I retrieved the diamond and got out. Unfortunately, one of the guards saw me and bumped into me. The diamond fell off the cliff. I ran to shelter but I was so upset about the diamond.


The Maze Week 27 By Gavin

Tom and Ella decided to go to the park. It was a really sunny day. When they got there they saw a maze. It was really big!! Then they decided to go into the maze. There were lots of paths. They took one path which lead to a dead end. They thought was this the only way. They turned around and chose a different path. Would this path lead them to victory? It was getting late. They needed to get out quickly so they rushed and accidentally hit a wall but they got up, turned the other way and got out.

The End.

Week 27 The lost diamond By: David Hu.

One day I was walking in the woods. I stumbled upon a huge hole in the ground and I accidently dropped my book down it. I was so upset. There was a ladder so I climbed down. I found my book but then I saw a sparkle. I looked closer and it was a diamond. Someone must have lost it, I thought. Suddenly, I heard growling. I was scared so I climbed the ladder and got out as fast as I could. Unexpectedly, I saw a vicious dog sprinting towards me. I ran towards the woods as fast as I could. The dog was gone and I was ok. I had a lucky escape!

Week 27 Donald Trump lost the most precious diamond in the world By Daniel

In 2019, George was told by Donald Trump to find the most precious diamond in the world. George was the best miner in the world so he rose to the challenge. When they talked about how much he would get for the diamond they both agreed that George would give Donald Trump the diamond for nine hundred million dollars. Without further delay, George got to work. He went mining for a few days and some how found the perfect diamond and gave it to Donald Trump. Trump did not hesitate to hand over the money. The next day, George was sprinting in the park and Donald Trump said he lost the diamond and was very upset. It turned out that he had left it in a book that he threw in the bin! The End.

Week 27 The paranormal by Brian O’ K

Let me introduce myself. I’m a paranormal investigator from Kansas. Now let me take you back to two years ago. A man called me and told me that he heard noises all the time ever since he put mirrors facing mirrors. I asked where he lived. He answered ”I live in Room 333 in the Langham Hotel, don’t ask why I live in a hotel”. He hung up before I could settle on a date and time. Fast forward a week or two and I’m at the hotel. I went in but nobody was there. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. I could see white dressing gowns floating around. After an hour or so, I was struggling to get out. I went through an air vent and thought, ‘was this really the only way out?’….

Week 27 The only one by Donagh

The last few days have been very hard for us because my Dad has lost his job and isn’t getting another one until the end of February. It’s the start of October now and our Dad is minding us while our Mom is working five days a week. Three weeks later, our Dad has lost his job with the other company and he has one more choice. It’s the worst company in the country. I asked my Dad “was this really the only one left?” but he said nothing. Five months later and my Dad gets his old job back. What a relief!


Week 26 The Multi Coloured Surprise By Tom

As the sun began to set after its long day at work, Sydney’s residents were starting to get ready for their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Many people that day had visited the colourful 7 Nations Army art display at the gardens near Sydney Opera House. Many people lined the harbour to watch the amazing fireworks display and to ring in the new year. The count down began and as the number came to one the city lights turned off. When I glimpsed over my right shoulder, I saw a very colourful army marching towards me. As we all got ready to run, the colourful army spun and rocketed towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge and bursted into the most wonderful fireworks display.


Week 26 The legend of the red men By Donagh

My friend Joe and I were coming out of the Sydney Opera House when we saw an army of red men. They started chasing us. We climbed up the nearest palm tree and to our depair, some of the red men were closely behind us. We turned around and saw everybody who came out of the opera house. The crowd started to run and their screams could be heard for miles. Why are they running away we thought? We jumped into the water and quickly swam away. The next day, after we arrived home, I googled ‘The Red Men’. It said the legend of ‘The Red Men’ was proven to be real last night when an army of red men were found to be still terrorising the people of Sydney.

Week 25. The fierce black panther from Congo. By Daniel.

In Africa, there is a fierce panther called Paul Spam. Paul loves to eat a banana every day. Paul is a large, heavy, black panther from The Congo.  He is really fast! Today my car was badly damaged by him. He broke the left window and made a mark on the one on the right hand side. Paul lives in the kitchen in my house. He has a bed, some food that he can eat and he has water beside his bed. Paul did a really cool trick yesterday. He jumped through five small rings that were lit on fire and he did not get hurt.

                                                 The End.

Week 23 The Military Base By Sam

I was driving through the countryside with a friend and we got lost. I had two choices. To either continue on straight or take a right turn. On the right was a long, metal bridge. I decided to go right. We took no notice of the sign that said- “Military Base ahead, turn around.” There was a crossing at the end of the bridge. The man wasn’t opening it. He wasn’t budging so I did the only logical thing I could think of. I knocked him out. I then pressed the button and I drove through. Unexpectedly, an alarm went off. I realised where I was. I was in a military base! I sped off to the bridge. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw tanks, helicopters, cars and planes chasing me. I drove home as fast as I possibly could. Thankfully, I lost them!

Week 24 Whats my brother going to do? By Tom

My brother snuck 5 million euro into my coat pocket when I was going to Africa with my friend Bill. We hired an old pickup truck to go to my holiday home in the middle of no where. We were singing in the car because there was nothing to do. We took no notice of the sign that said ”Kangaroos crossing”. After being distracted by the sign, we did not anticipate what was going to happen. What happened?, I hear you ask. We hit a kangaroo. We came to a sudden stop and rushed out to see if he was ok. At first he seemed fine but then things didn’t look too good. We started to mess around so Billy put his shades on him and I put my coat that had my 5 million euro in it on the kangaroo. You will never guess what happened. He ran away. What’s my brother going to do now?


One time I was walking in the jungle with my friend Alex. There was a sign that said ‘Danger’. But of course we took no notice of the sign. Alex said I think that sign said danger. I said ok let’s keep walking. Alex agreed. Suddenly, a loud noise went off. I asked what was that? Someone appeared out of nowhere with a military suit on. ‘If you take another step I will shoot you’, said Alex. The man said ‘I work for the military’. We then realised we were in the middle of a lot of military works. The panic started to take over us. The military works came out of where they were hiding and commanded us to put our hands behind our heads.


                                     THE END!!!!!

Week 23 The Danger Sign By Zac

My friends and I were cycling around and we found an alley way so we went down there. There was a fence. My friend Luke tried to jump the fence on his bike but his foot slipped and hit the fence. He did not realise there was a sign saying ‘High Voltage’. Before he hit his foot off of the fence, he did not know it was electric. He said to me that he felt a shock. Immediately I smashed the fence with my bike and picked him up and rushed to the doctor. The doctor said that we had to go to hospital so I went to the hospital with Luke. I said to the doctor that we took no notice of the sign and the doctor said ‘That wasn’t the brightest idea’!  The End.

Week 23 Surviving Area 51 By Daniel

In 2015 I did something really foolish and I some how survived it. I was on my laptop and I wanted to splash my cash. So searched the web and did some research about a tour for Area 51. It said you can not stroll around Area 51. I went on google maps and searched it. The thing I did not notice that it said was you can not take a tour in Area 51. I drove to my friends house and we set off on our adventure. When we were nearly there we came across a sign. The sign said don’t come any further. We took no notice of the sign and we got to the crossing. When one of the workers there saw us he pressed the alarm and we were in danger but luckily we survived.  Thankfully, we escaped safely.

Week 23 Pirates by David Hy.

My first officer Humphrey and I were searching for boats to raid. We were having our lunch when I spotted something shiny on an island in the distance. We sailed up to the island. “It’s in a bush”, said Humphrey. I grasped my cutlass and cut the branches. Then JJ (Another one of my mates) spotted a sign. The sign said “BEWARE, TURN BACK”. We took no notice of the sign and walked on. As we got closer to the bush, I noticed JJ was limping. I asked him what had happened and he said something bit him. Then we heard the rattling of a snake. We turned around and ran…

W.K 23 The mystery door part two by Dylan

As you all may remember, Jerry and I are standing right in front of a massive door with a lock and Jerry and I have no clue where the key is. I guess it’s a treasure hunt. We started to look around while we were searching and we found a sign. It said ‘Turn back’. We took no notice of the sign though. We walked down and saw a key. It was THE KEY! With all the excitement Jerry and I didn’t consider it may be a trap!! The floor cracked and he fell down and all that I could see was a tribe of big chunguses. We were so scared. They kicked us up to the moon and now we live there [sadly].


Week 23 The road trip by Lucas

My friends and I were going on a road trip.

Jimmy, Bobby and I said let’s go camping. My little brother replied “no, no I am not going”.

We said, “ok but we are just going to the forest and you are going to miss out”.

“It is ok”, he said. “I do not care if I miss out”.

After that, my friends and I went passed the ‘Beware danger ahead’ sign .

We took no notice of the sign.

After some consideration, we turned back and decided to go back home.

We gathered our belongings and not long after we reached home, we were fast asleep.



Week 23 When I got scared by Deivydas

On Thursday I was exploring the woods and there was a sign. It said ‘Beware there are bears’. My friend was there as well and we took no notice of the sign. Then we came across some bears. When we saw them we ran for our lives. The bears must somehow have heard our footsteps from a far distance. As fast as lightening, they began chasing us. We got so scared that we almost fainted. Luckily, we escaped. THE END.

Week 23 Attack of Covid-19 by Alex K

I was walking with my friends and we suddenly saw a sign. Obviously, we took no notice of the sign. The sign said” Covid-19 is here”. We walked on until we saw that people were wearing masks. We were wondering why they were wearing masks. Soon enough we walked back home and I noticed the sign and saw what it said. I stood there astonished. My friend said ”come on what’s taking you so long”. I told him to read the sign. When he read it, he told the rest of them to read the sign. Then we ran home. The next day I went to the doctor for a check up and he told me that I had Covid-19. After that, I couldn’t see my friends for a while.

Week 23 The forest By Donagh

Today I am in Wales with my three friends Jim, Bob, and Joe. We were playing basketball when we got kicked off the court so we decided to go on an adventure. We decided to go to a nearby forest with our bikes. When we got into the forest we came across a sign saying ‘TURN BACK’ but we took no notice of it. Soon we came across another sign. It said ‘DANGER’. When we were scared it was too late. Something caught me in a net and caught Jim as well. Bob and Joe got away and we had to work tirelessly for the rest of our lives!



Week 22 The creepy house! By Donagh

Today, I was cleaning my house when somebody knocked on my door. I went over to the door and opened it but there was nobody there. Then I went to the back door but there was nobody there either. I went outside and caught a glimpse of a man in a black jumper with a hood running into a creepy house I hadn’t seen before. I was curious so I went over to his window and saw stuffed dead animals. I went over to the door and rang the doorbell but nobody came. I knocked on the door but still nobody came so I opened the door and… POW!

Week 22. The Detective that Saved Miss Jones. By Daniel.

In 1945, there lived a great detective called Joe Weller from the United Kingdom. He kept watch on his aunt along with six police men because people wanted to rob her house and kill her. The house was guarded for a full six months. One day, they stopped guarding it and went back to the police station. Two days later, the house was robbed and Miss Jones was captured. When Joe heard Miss Jones was captured and her house was robbed, he immediately got into the police bus and went to her house. The police arrested the people except for one. They checked the house and went into the bathroom and saw Miss Jones with the person. Suddenly, Joe Weller punched the guy in the face…

Week 22 The Treasure Hunt By Zac

As I lifted the map, I thought about where the pictures were. It started at an old barn in the woods. When I arrived, I looked around for any clues. There was nothing. So I moved on to the next place. There is one place left to go to. The next place is a tree that is marked with an X. “There! It is over there! The treasure must be in there” I said. I went over to the tree and I saw a button on the bark of the tree. As I pressed it, a secret door opened under the tree. I went down there. “Ohh my God” I said to myself. There was so much gold and silver. So I took it all.

Week 22 The Door Handle By Sam

My friend and I were walking by a house that was said to be haunted. We wanted to see if that was true so we went inside.

There was a humungous chandelier with loads of white shards hanging off of it.

We saw this creepy, wooden door that got us intrigued. I put my hand on the door handle and I got teleported to another door that looked the exact same. I didn’t know if I should open it because it might teleport me but there was no other way out. I opened the door and it was the front yard of the house. My friend was out there already somehow. At the exact moment I walked out of the yard, the house fell down!

Week 22 The blue door by David Hy.

I have always been a bit suspicious about my next door neighbour, Tommy Browne. I have only seen him once this year. He must have a massive supply of food in his house because he never goes to the shop. His house is really old. It has rusty pipes, moss all over the roof and a blue door that looks older than Tommy himself. One day, as a dare my friend told me to go into the house. I said no way. Then he told me he’d come with me. Foolishly I agreed to it. We walked up the passage to Tommy’s old blue door. I started to feel this wasn’t the best idea. I put my hand on the handle. Then something jumped. I’m never going back there again.

Week 22 The appearing house by Tom

As I trembled I couldn’t believe my eyes. A massive big black house appeared in my back garden. Finally, my nerves heightened as I walked up to the creepy doorbell. It was scary. Suddenly a massive bang came from the top floor then I knew I was not alone. As I pushed the doorbell I heard something big fall down the stairs. Unexpectedly, the door slowly opened. As I mumbled, the word hello dashed threw the big house and then everything was black. I would say I was on the floor for at least an hour or so and then I woke up but the funny thing was that the house wasn’t there.