Week 9 Halloween night by Alex O’C

One night I was getting ready for Halloween with my friend to go trick or treating. When we were all set, we went to the first house and there were two pumpkins. One was orange and one was pink. Unexpectedly, they both grew arms and legs. The orange one spoke first. He said ‘Ah some arms and legs’. My friend and I screamed and tried running but we couldn’t because  they were holding on to us. We started hitting them. They eventually let go of us. We started running and before we knew it they started chasing us. We ran through a shop and we went to the part your not allowed into. Then they fell and well and you know what happened to their head. THE END.

Week 9 The invasion by Brian OK.

The thirty first of October. This was a pretty odd time to move into a new apartment. But the place looked nice at least, I thought. As I put the last book on the unsteady shelf I noticed a note on the table. It read, ‘did you get the box?’. ‘Box’, I muttered. The previous tenant gave me a box. I ran to get the it and it was GONE! There was a hole in the ground and what I saw would amuse you. There were two pumpkins. A black one and an orange one. My brother was tied up. The orange one spoke first. We will take him to the slaughter house. Billy can deal with him there. I phoned a swat team but it was too late. Millions of pumpkins invaded my apartment. Why just why???

Week 9 The three colourful pumpkins by Dylan

Hi my name is Dylan. I am a pumpkin, the purple one. I have two brothers. The orange one over there is called Zac and the pink one is called David. One day, we were running down the  road to get bread[not]. We were on a simulator because we can’t run, sadly. But then we heard a knock and I said come in. It was the F.B.I!!!! They shouted ‘Who stole this high tech simulator?’. The orange one spoke first. ‘It was a gift I swear’. They didn’t care so they brought us to jail!! We were so scared. We knew that one day we would escape. Five years later…We were so sick and we needed to escape. Two seconds later, spiders skeletons jumped in and saved us. THE END.

Week 9 A strange night by David Hy.

Last week it was Halloween and I was waiting for my friend Oran to come. When he came he was dressed as a dead rally car driver. We were just walking out the door. My mother said “to be careful of the pumpkins”. Why? I said.”There could be any kind of spirits in them”, she replied. When we were on our fifth or sixth house there was an orange pumpkin and a purple one. I went up to examine the purple one. And that’s when I heard a groaning noise.” It’s the spirits “, Oran screamed. I was still looking at it when they started to talk! The orange one spoke first. He said “why is that guy looking at us?’. And I don’t remember anything else…

Week 9 The haunted abandoned house by Lucas

Once upon a time there was a man named Jefferson.

But one day when he woke up he was in a forest.

He walked around the place.

Suddenly, he came across a haunted abandoned house.

But he did not know that it was haunted and abandoned.

Unexpectedly, the door opened.

So he went into the house.

Eventually, he found a dining room.

Suddenly, two evil spirits appeared.

There was an orange one and a red one.

The orange one spoke first “Hi Jefferson”.

“How do you know my name?”.

Then Jefferson ran out the door and to the nearest village.


Week 9 Evil Scientist By Tom

James lives in a village. About five minutes outside of the village there is an evil scientist. I went to our local supermarket and read the newspaper. I read that he needs all the pumpkins that he can get to make candy eating pumpkins at Halloween. Nobody gave him any pumpkins. It just turned midnight on the eve of Halloween and he only had two pumpkins. He made them into candy eating pumpkins. The orange one said ‘It’s time to eat candy’. So they did as they were told and got very big and wrecked the village. The pumpkins got so big that they ate the world!

Week 9 The dead clown rises by Rian

It was Hallowe’en night and I was running with my friends. We knocked on a lot of doors. We were having fun and getting treats along the way. Eventually my Mom said, ‘Lads we all have to go across to the grave yard’. While we were walking, I tripped over a grave. It said ‘Penny Wise lies here’. Then we heard a voice. ‘It’s true’, the voice said. Suddenly, the clown rose and it started to chase us. When we got back, we locked the door and my Mom said ‘those clowns have hammers’! I said ‘duck everyone’ and we all crouched down. Scarily, a hammer flew over our heads and the clown jumped though the hole. I kicked his face and he blew up. Then, two pumpkins appeared. One green one and an orange one. The orange one spoke first. ‘Ha it is not over’! THE END.

Week 9 Treat or TRICK! By Sam

It was the 28th of October and I was looking at my calendar. My Mom always ticks the dates that are over so it was ticked up to the 27th. But when I was looking at it, the 28th, the 29th and the 30th were all ticked off. Then I heard, DING DONG! That was the doorbell. I went to answer it and they said “Treat or Trick!”. I gave them sweets but I was confused. A blue rift came in front of me and sucked me in! I was in front of a big wooden house with stairs leading up to the door. I walked up them but they crumbled and broke. It seemed as if I was falling for an eternity. I finally landed in something but it was blood. There were two pumpkins. Blue and orange. The orange one spoke first!

Week 9 The Haunted School By Jayden

One day, I was with my friend Alex. It was 3am. We saw a school. There was someone in the school. Alex and I roared hello! There was no answer. Then Alex and I ran over to the school. The windows were broken and so was the door. Then the door slammed shut. We realised that the school was haunted. We did not know the way out of the school. Then we saw a pumpkin and an orange thing. But then the orange one spoke first. Alex and I were so scared. So then we started kicking the pumpkin and the orange thing. Suddenly, we heard a loud gun shot. We were over near where we heard the gun shot. We saw an old man on the floor…dead.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 7 My friend got robbed by ghost witches by Dylan

Hello my name is Luke. I live in Kanturk next to this really haunted mansion. My best friend’s name is Jerry. One day Jerry and I were walking next to the mansion. I told Jerry it was very creepy but he didn’t care! So he just walked in so I just followed him. The lights were shut off and we could not see anything it was very spooky two seconds later the lights turned on and we saw a dancing spider we ran as fast as we could then Jerry slipped and landed on a witches back and he was gone! One day I ran into the mansion and I found him I said follow me then we escaped and we were back safe at home. The end.

Week 7 The Disappearing House by Zac

I woke up one night and looked outside. I saw a house in my back garden so I went to check it out. I went inside and looked around. It was abandoned! I went into the kitchen and peered around the corner. There were ghosts everywhere. I rushed out of the house and into my room. I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep I was so scared. The next night I went back in this time I sneaked into the kitchen. There was a girl in the corner. I took her outside however the ghosts noticed she was gone. I hid her for the night and I went back in the morning she woke up when I got there. And she shouted but where did it go? she shouted. I said where did what go. She said back THE HOUSE! I said it only appears at night. THE END

Week 7 The Play Doll By Brian OK.

One day I was with my friend Niamh in her house and we were going trick or treating in four hours time. Niamh was searching for her costume in the basement. Suddenly she shouted BRAD! I bolted to the basement right away. There was a doll in a Gucci shirt riding a chihuahua. He said SUP BROS! Dinners ready said the doll. We started running around the house like blind CHICKENS! We kept failing to catch the doll. Suddenly an army of gummy bears broke the door down and shouted FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ran to the kitchen ,and went through a sink hole the doll too, but where did it go she shouted. Never to be seen again I replied…….

Week 7 Halloween night by Oran

A girl called Rosa was getting ready for the last day of school so her mom went to town and her dad is dropping her to school. Rosa had one sister and one brother. Her sister’s name is Lilly and her brother’s name is Brandon. Rosa is nine,  her sister is seventeen and Brandon is three her. So Rosa was dropped to school. Rosa asked her friend.” What are you dressing up as her friend said a Fairy. Rosa brought 500,000 sweets to school and her friends brought ten or around seven sweets. How did you fit all of them in bag. And they went trick or treating   The End

Week 7 Toy stolen by Timmy

One day there was a girl and she somehow got into the attic. She saw a light, a faulty light and she had a toy.

It got snatched by the ghost had camouflaged with the lamp.

The girl ran after the ghost. The ghost set a trap but the girl avoided the trap.

The ghost got away. The girl ran after the ghost, ‘but where did it go?’, she shouted .

She caught up to the ghost. The ghost had an invisibility potion and he set another trap.

The girl fell into the trap and died. She turned into a evil ghost.


Week 7 The Haunted Prison by Cayden

One day my friend and I were in the park and we were playing football. My friend shot the ball and the ball was on the road. Suddenly a car came and the ball burst. We wanted to go home. The next day we were playing and we saw a haunted prison. We went in and we saw a ghost. It scared the HELL OUT OF US. Then we saw this girl and she had a doll. We took it. ‘But where did it go?’, she shouted. She started running after us and we started running swiftly. I said let’s go home and talk to your mom. She was still running after us

Week 7 The disappearing mansion by Lucas

One day, there was this girl mayor and she bought a mansion.

But there was someone to move the mansion and that someone was me.

So I moved it there somehow don’t ask how.

Because I don’t know myself.

So anyway over the next five days it disappeared.

She called us and I answered.

And we went there because she said that it disappeared.

We were there in no time.

Where is it? I asked.

I don’t know she said.

‘But where did it go?’, she shouted.

I don’t know where your mansion is.

And it magically reappeared.


Week 7 The Missing Mars Bar by Joshua

It was Halloween night. I went ‘ag bob nó bia’ (that means trick or treating) to houses. I was a killer clown and I had a sledgehammer. I got so much candy. My aunt just got apples and one mars bar. And then she … ‘But where did it go?’, she shouted. ‘What happened?’, I asked. ‘My mars bar is gone’, she replied. ‘Did you eat it?’. ‘No I didn’t’, she said. I looked in the bag and I saw it there. She said thank you. We went to her house and I gave my Nana and my Grandad some treats. The End.

Week 7 The Robber by Alex OC Copy

One day, there was a young gang of robbers called TGI TGI. They go out on the street and pick pocket people. One of the gang went into a shop and pick pocketed a girl. Then she was going paying/ ‘But where did it go?’, she shouted. One guy chased the gang member but all the gang members are really good at parkour. Suddenly, the gang member climbed a pipe and got away and he went back to the warehouse. There they give what they got and they get half and the boss gets half. Then the FBI came in and they all got arrested. THE END.

Week 7 The Disappearance! By Sam

I lived in a pretty normal town, with a pretty normal family. But then Halloween came and everything changed! I was going trick or treating with my cousin Alex, my brother, Cody and my sister, Samanta. The thing about my sister and I is that we have the same name, Sam. So when we were about halfway done trick or treating we were going to start walking to another neighbourhood and so we did. Well we didn’t actually. Alex and I were just talking to each other and then all we heard was “BUT WHERE DID IT GO?”,  she shouted. My brother did look at it though. It was my sister screaming and the thing was taking us off one by one. I’m still down here so send HELP!

Week 7 My friend who got robbed on halloween night by Daniel

Last week my friend got robbed so I decided to go to his house to ask him what happened. I pressed on the door bell and he opened the door. I asked him what happened when he got robbed last week. He said he was going upstairs and he heard a big noise downstairs so he ran back down again. He saw a guy dressed in a ghost costume trying to break the window. So my friend swiftly went in to the kitchen to get him but the guy dressed in the ghost costume broke the window and ran away. At least he didn’t take my friends safe! The End.

Week 7 Gucci granny by Tom

I have been working on a time machine since I was five but I’m ten now. It can take you anywhere any time any place. It’s in my garage and nobody know about it. My younger sister got a guinea pig and I’m going to be testing with it. I got the guinea pig the next morning but I heard a loud shout ‘but but where did it go?’, she shouted. I ran to the garage and put him in. It started to shake and it just froze. An old lady popped out and said ‘I’m Gucci granny’. I stopped and I fainted. The End.

Week 7 A family trip by Marcel

One night, two days before Halloween we went camping. It was spooky and it was scary. One hour later, we were there. I said ‘Aghhhhh’ because we were sleeping in a spooky cave. In the middle of the night, I went under the pillow because I was sleeping near the window. In the morning, my mom and I went in. Mom went left and I went right. I ran and I fell in a hole. I shouted ‘Aghhhhh’ again. I fell on the floor and there was bats everywhere. Five days ago, they finally found me. I wanted water and food. One hour later we were home. I was ravenous. I ate everything in the fridge. The End.

Week 7 The Haunted Business By Donagh

There were once three normal children who grew up to create a business but over the years it became more dangerous. People began to get more and more injured and soon they had to shut it down. One day, when the three people were going home they found that their house had disappeared! They had a big argument. ‘But where did it go?’, she shouted. Finally, they came to an agreement that they would buy a new house and live there. A couple of years later, they started their business again. After a couple more years, there were no more people getting hurt. THE END!

Week 7 The killer clown house by Rian

One day, my sister and I went across the road and we saw an abandoned house. There was a sign saying ‘if you go in you will die’. I said wow so scary (sarcasm). I saw a pool of blood and while I was looking at it my sister saw a killer clown. Then she screamed the heavens open. She nearly burst my eardrums. Within a minute I said ‘why did you scream?’. ‘Because I saw a clown’, she said. But there was nothing there. If he was there you would have paralysed him. Then we saw him and he ran us out of the house and we never went back. THE END.


One day there were two boys and one girl and they went trick or treating. The girl had five bags of candy and she left them out at her front door and a minute later it all disappeared. ‘But where did it all go?’, the girl shouted. The boy came over but the girl got so angry that she turned into a fat witch and then she got an army of tarantulas. The boys had to get the secret weapon which was a tank they invented. The witch got a haunted doll and its name was Chucky. The boys got the tank and blasted the tarantulas and the boy threw a potion. Finally, the girl turned back to normal.


                                                       THE END.

Week 7 Strange Things by Gavin

Well today I had strange things in front of me. I saw something strange, it was books! They got me but it was easy and oh a key hole. I need a key soon, I thought. I lost it no, I got lost. ‘But where did it go?’ she shouted. ‘Who said that?’. It sounded like a giant well it was a monster, a female one. A bookshelf monster (really?). Even if it was a queen I really don’t like this but I found its weakness, its legs. I threw stuff at it legs! It fainted! Well it’s all done now. Now this is the end. I hope you like it! THE END.

Week 7 The Cave By Jayden

One day I was with Lucas in my 50 million dollar Lamborghini. We saw a cave. There was a lady in the cave with a dog. The dog was a huskey. The old lady looked hungry and so did the dog. We told the lady that we would get her food. We went to the shop a few minutes later and we came back with curry and rice for the lady and some dog food for the dog. The lady and the dog were so happy. The old lady must have said thank you 100 times. Then we went for a walk. When we came back the dog was gone. ‘But where did it go?’, she shouted. The old lady started crying. To be continued.

Week 6 The magic sword by David Hu.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Daniel. He was homeless and lived in a box. One day, he saw a big hole. He found a rope and tied it to a railing and went down the h0le. He saw a sword. He tried to lift it but it was heavier then he expected so he called the helicopter to pick the sword up for him but a man called DAVID stole the sword. DAVID swung the sword and some green lightning came out of it and hit a random house. This is going to be fun.



Week 6 Halloween Horror By Oran

A boy called Oran and three other friends called Donagh Tom and Bryan went trick or treating last year and they found a haunted house. And the man who owns the house, his name is skullcrusher. However, they are going in the haunted school and haunted house. At the haunted school there are spiders and killer clowns. I lifted up one of the spiders. It was heavier than I expected. And in the haunted house there are zombies and killer clowns and circus clowns and spiders. So Oran’s costume is a killer clown and Bryan’s costume is a zombie clown. Tom’s costume is a zombie. Finally, we knocked on the door. The End.


Hi my name is David. I am going to the gym. I was trying to lift it but it was heavier than I expected. It was 1o,oookg a side. I tried another one. That one  was 100kg. Thankfully I was able to lift it. A super monkey called Sam was able to lift a 1,000000000kg a side and 1,00000000000000000000000000000kg. David went to the zoo and saw a lion and a monkey. And then went to the shop and got milk and ice cream, pizza and bread. Then he went home. The End.