Week 32 The Runaway Boy By Liam O

“You’re late”, shouted the teacher. “Get off that scooter and head to class!”. The boy went and got a rose and stuffed it in the teacher’s mouth. He then left the school and went to the park. “I wonder what I’ll do”, he thought excitedly. He went to the shop to buy the best sweets and then he went to the gym. He then travelled from country to country, planet to planet, universe to universe, only to arrive back home to Earth to his home country, the province of Munster and the county of Cork. Home sweet home… The End.

The Bully Rose Week 32 by Rhys

‘Wake up! You’re going to be late’, shouted Mom. ‘Okay, no need to scream’, I replied. ‘Your scooter is outside and don’t forget to get the transparent picture’, she said. I decided to get a bully rose because it stops bullying after school. I went to the bully store and they asked me ‘Do you want a job?’. I said ‘Ya, I’d like to earn some money’. I got the picture and then a bully came over to me. He said give me the picture and I said no. Then he said Ha ha very funny and he punched me. The picture broke and I got so mad. I got the rose and went to get a new picture. Excitedly, I went home and gave the picture to Mom.

Week 32 Tom’s Picture By Evan

Hi, my name is Tom and this is my story. ‘What is that noise?’ I whispered to myself slowly. ‘Agghh it’s 8:50 I am going to be late!’, I said excitedly. I swiftly got ready and as I was about to run out the door, I forgot about my picture. It was a picture of me riding a transparent scooter with a nice rose in my hand. I entered school and then showed my friends the picture. Then they said that they didn’t want to be my friend. I went home crying. My mom said she was going to post something on Facebook. The next day, I woke up and suddenly there were news reporters at my door. THE END.

Week 32 Late for school by Conor H

‘Wake up, wake up’ was all I heard while I was lying in my bed. ‘You are late for school!’. So I got up, had my breakfast and jumped on my scooter to get to school.

At school, we were in the middle of our science class which was all about transparent objects.

‘There goes the bell’, I thought and we all ran out of school. I hopped onto my scooter again and made my way home.

When I arrived home I noticed there was something hanging from the door. There was a rose, which was kind of weird…..

Week 32 Avicii Marsh Walker by Aidan

It is Friday! The new DJ is in town and his name is Avicii Marsh Walker. Once again, my annoying little sister wants to come and she is getting all excited. There is no way that she is coming. For the concert they even built a new hall. As I was leaving, Rose grabbed on to my arm. She started crying, kicking and screaming. I was going to be late and I knew it. I grabbed my scooter and tried to drag her across the ground. I was never ever going to see the awesome transparent walls at the concert. Ugh this isn’t fair!

Late for work Week 32 by Ben

Tim was on his scooter running away from a transparent ghost but it was too fast for him. Then Tim woke up. It was all just a dream. At least that’s what he told himself. Then, he looked at the clock and it was 9.30 a.m.  He had overslept! He got up as quick as he could and he gobbled down his breakfast. He quickly got dressed and left for work but he had forgotten his keys in his house. He grabbed them and went to work. ‘This is the third day that you have been late. You’re fired’, shouted Tim’s boss. He gave him his rose from his desk and walked outside.

Week 32 The Party by Benny

It was late at night and my friend was throwing a party. My sister Rose wanted to come but she was too young. I decided to head over there on my rusty old scooter. I excitedly jumped on my scooter and off I went. I use my scooter wherever I go.

The party was a blast! We mostly ate all of the delicious food. Then, it was around 2:00 a.m. It was pitch dark outside. I was on my way home and I was on a bridge. I crashed into a transparent pole and fell into the river. I struggled in the water and there was no one there to help…

Week 32 The Transparent Bush by Ronan

One day, I was cruising swiftly to the park on my brand new scooter which was a lot better than my old rusty one. Suddenly, I felt something hit me on the back. I leaped off my scooter and walked around. I spotted some sort of transparent bush. I kept on walking and I ran into another bush but this bush had eyes all over it. I ran home as fast as I could. When I got home, my mother told me I was late for dinner but I didn’t care. I excitedly told her about all the strange things that had happened. Then, my mother told me I had a rose for a head!

Week 32 The Rose by Dylan

UUUgh! Today is my sister’s birthday and my mom says I have to get her a present.

I saw her run excitedly down the stairs.

I played on my PS4 until 7 o clock and then it hit me……….

THE PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew she liked flowers so I checked the flower shop and it was closed.

As I was on my way home, I was passing the park and I saw it.. A TRANSPARENT GLASS ROSE!!!

I put it in my pocket and then I saw someone chasing me.

I ran because I didn’t want to be late and he was still chasing me.

I reached my door only to see him there waiting for me.


Week 32 Jobs By Adam

One day my friend and I were riding on a scooter when we suddenly saw a transparent arm. Excitedly, we ran home to tell our parents! They gave us a rose each! The next day my mom and dad were late for work. My friends teased me because I was late and the teachers were not happy! It was the worst day ever! My mom got fired and my dad had to leave work early because his boss was angry. My mom got a new job the next day but she didn’t like it. Then she decided to stay at home from work with my sister and I and we were all happy! So the worst day wasn’t so bad after all!

The Birthday Conor C Week 32

I picked up the rose and got on my scooter. When I got home, I realized it was transparent. Everything else was just like a normal day. My Dad went to work and got money for me for my lunch. When he got home everyone was asleep except for me. I soon went to sleep and we all woke up late the next morning. We waited excitedly for our day out. We went to Eco and we stayed there until late. We went shopping and bought toys and food. When we arrived home, we watched t.v. and went to bed.

Week 32 The Rose by Warren

It was a normal day and Jake was going to school on his scooter. He passed the houses and drove down the street. It was a beautiful dry morning. Jimmy loved this because he could see all the nature. He was passing through the park when he thought he had seen a transparent rose. He kept going to see from a different angle and then he saw it was. He excitedly ran over. But he spent so long looking at it that he remembered he could be late. He took the rose with him. Later that day he sat staring at it but nothing happened. He thought that it was useless. Later that year, he had THE BEST LUCK EVER!

Week 32: The New Scooter: by Dan


“You can get one tomorrow”, she replied calmly. “It’s too late now”.

That night, John searched every magazine he owned until he finally found the right scooter. It was rose red in color with transparent wheels so it looked like it was floating and to add to that it was electric.

The next morning they arrived outside the shop. John walked into the shop excitedly and found the exact scooter.

“I want that one”, said John pointing at it.

“Its fancy” his mam said. “But John the price!”.

John looked at the price tag and his jaw dropped.

Week 32 The Rose By Joe

How could I have forgotten it was my moms birthday. I asked my sister if she could put my name on her card but she said no. I didn’t know what to do, I was running out of time . The only way I could make it is if I went down to the park to get a rose.

I was very excited to go on a heist. It was late at night and it was nearly pitch black. I got on my scooter and when I got off I saw the most beautiful rose of all time. It nearly looked transparent, it really did.

When I got home and showed my mom she loved it and told me that it was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen.


Week 32 The Transparent Rose by Kristupas

When I was younger I always wanted to work with my mom and now I can. I’m finally old enough so I’m starting today at 6.00 p.m. I was riding on my scooter to work then I realized I was going to be late. I rushed down the hill bashing through everything in my path. When I got to the bottom of the hill I ran super excitedly. When I got to about one hundred meters away I knew I was going to be late so I picked a rose. I realized you had to look one way to see if it was transparent. When I got to work, my mother was shouting at me but when I gave her the rose there was a moment of silence.

Week 32 The Stolen Scooter by Sean

On October 15 my mom bought me a new scooter. I was so excitedly happy. It is my friend’s birthday today. My mom gave me a card for my friend and the card had a rose on it. ‘I really hope I am not late’, said Tom. The party was on at 2 o’ clock and ended at 5 o’ clock. I was playing on my PS4 until the party started. The party was about to start so I went on my scooter to the party. When I got there, I left my scooter outside of my friend’s house. When the party was over, my scooter was missing. I went around asking my friends if they saw it. None of them saw it and I never found it.

Week 32 The Special Rose By Colin

I smashed the glass. I don’t know what I was doing. I just took the transparent rose and ran. I could hear the security roaring at me. I sprinted out of the marble entrance to the grand museum. I took a scooter that I saw out of the corner of my eye. I eventually got to MR BIG’S house. The most evil crime lord. I excitedly opened the 24 carrot gold door to see his two ugly security guards at the door. “YOUR LATE“ he bellowed. I could smell the coffee in his breath. I walked inside the mansion and went to the living room. There he stood… MR BIG. Rumor has it that he can make a grown man cry. Was this a mistake?…

Week 32: The Ruby Rose: by Liam A

It was getting late. I was waiting for my family to go to sleep so I could sneak out and get the rose. I had a signal when to go. I looked out my window and saw the flashes, one long and two short ones. I made sure I took my invisibility cloak so nobody would see me. I put the cloak over it. It was transparent from the inside so I could see out. I hopped on my scooter excitedly and went fast but not too fast. After a while, I got to the park. I saw the Ruby Rose. I looked behind me and there was a guard there. How did he see me? What will happen next?

Week 31 The Old Anchor By Ronan

I stood there looking at the old anchor off the old yacht, my old yacht. A long long time ago when we were cruising along the Mediterranean sea, I spotted something washed up on the beach. It looked like the ruins of my friends old boat that had sank in the gulf of Finland which is a long distance from the south of Italy. My body kept asking my mind questions like how did it get here? Was it some sort of a coincidence? Did it mean something?. I rang my friend to tell him but he didn’t answer. Suddenly, I saw a head in the water, my friends head!!! I got such a shock that I leaped out of the boat. My friends body hopped onto the boat and crashed it.

Week 31 The Boring Treasure By Evan

“Ah here me mateys, I see the island” “WE ARE HERE MY PIRATES.” they exclaimed as everybody swiftly got off the ship. Suddenly, right before we were going to go look for the treasure, one of my pirates said there was a fire. I stood calmly as everyone else panicked in fear. “Stop!” I said. We slowly continued to look for the treasure. We found it really fast. Suspiciously, I went to the middle of the red circle and dug it up but it was all just for a guitar but then I heard more cries in the distance. “FIRE!”…

Week 31 Slangrook by Aidan

I was on the way back from school one day and I was going to the park with my friends. We played tip the can for ages and ate sweets. After a while, we got bored and went to the basketball court. We played a few matches and then sat down and started talking. Then I asked my friends if they wanted to make up a mythical creature and they all said yes. We began to think. After some time, I said that we should make a guitar creature when suddenly the ground started rumbling and I looked around. My friends were gone…

Week 31 Ancestry by Liam O

It was a stormy day with thunder and lighting. “LAND!” screamed the captain. As the ship sped through the shallow waters, they hit a rock and the ship started to sink. When the ship hit the rock, the anchor went soaring through the sky and landed on the island of Hiiumaa. Survivors that got to the island named it Hiiumaa. They cut off the metal attached to the ship and left it there and made a civilization. 500 years later we made a monument out of the anchor to celebrate our ancestry. THE END…

week 31 The beach chair by warren

Me and my family were at a visit to the beach. We were setting up the picnic while my brother and sister played in the sand. My brother and sister are twins they are only 5 years old so I would be the more mature one . I was 10 years old my birthday was coming up so I was excited.  When we finished eating, my brother, sister and I went for a walk down the beach when we discovered a cave with a hole to get in. I went inside and told the twins to wait outside . I went inside and there was a beach chair inside. Suddenly, a weird looking man popped out from the chair. I ran with the twins but luckily he didn’t chase us.

Week 31 Mysterious Anchor by Benny

It was never there before. Who knew what it was? A statue appeared overnight. People thought it was a warning but that’s hard to believe. I believe it was sea junk washed up and it coincidentally landed perfectly. But I can’t explain the red circle around it. No one was allowed near it but I still had a good view from my window. I decided to sneak out at night and see what it really is. The front road was blocked off so I decided to go a different path I knew. While I was walking on the path I saw two people dressed in black whispering to each other “Where should we put it next?” said one man. I was going to confront them but I ran instead. I tripped and fell and they spotted me…

Week 31: Catastrophe: By Dan

It was a horrendous stormy night on the yacht.                                                              The waves crashed over the bow viciously. I could feel we were getting lower in the water every minute.

SUDDENLY! A flare illuminated the sky and then the cry went up, ABANDON SHIP!

I put on proper clothes and ran quickly onto the deck. I ran downstairs and I knew there was Mini Submarines below deck.

At that moment the freezing water froze me solid. It looked like I had to go into the crammed lifeboats. I was lucky there was only one left and I quickly jumped in.

All that was left of the yacht was the anchor.



Week 31 The Anchor by Rhys

‘What is that?’, I said confused. ‘It’s an anchor!’, said Chris. His dad owns the ship so he thinks he can bully us. The cabin boys stopped to get the anchor. Some of the cabin boys got off, I got off and my friend Ryan helped me. At that time, there was a war. ‘That’s why I’m here, it’s WW2’, said Ryan. He told me that we were in Germany. My mom lived in England and she told me to find a boat and go on it. I did. I found a boat and a bullet barely passed me. I saw another boat and quickly hopped on it. The End.

Week 31 The Anchor by Conor H

I was on the way to the beach when my family saw this tourist attraction. There was a lot of tourists around the object. We went over to have a look. Beside it there was a note saying ‘This is the anchor from the yacht 735 that went missing during a storm today. Still not found’.

I wanted to be the one to find it so I asked if I could buy a swim suit. My  Mom and Dad said ‘Yes but you have to buy it with your own money’. ‘Yes!’, I thought. I could buy it because it is 50 euro and I have exactly that.

I bought the swim suit so I could set off on my search to find the yacht….

Week 31: The Wreck: By Liam A

Today, my brother and I are going to see the first fifty four foot yacht to ever set sail. We packed a picnic because we knew it was going to be a very long day. We said goodbye to Mom and Dad and started our walk to the harbor. After a while we finally got there. We set up the picnic and saw the yacht. It was gigantic! The countdown started 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 SET SAIL!!! The boat took off like a shot. I packed my binoculars to see it when it was further out. I looked through them but a glimpse of my eye spotted a dark cloud.

It was too late. The boat was gone.

A few days later, all that was left was the white anchor.

Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan

Yes! I have completed my beautiful roadside attraction.

First it looks like a guitar with “Beatz” headphones but if you press a button on it, it turns into a colossal Orca (Killer Whale) tank.

But one day it went wrong….

It started off like a normal day .

A little boy called Chris walked up to my attraction with a baseball bat and started hitting it .

I swiftly ran over to him and gave out to him.

“Don’t do that”, I said sternly to him.

But it turns out it was a trick because my tank was gone and so was Chris….



Week 31 The Loss of the Anchor by Kristupas

On Tuesday 21st of May I was taken by a group of pirates known as ‘Zankadar’. I was outside at the time and they took my friend and I. They took us up to the ship. I was terrified. My best friend Cian and I stayed together most of the time only until they told us that we had to mine and go to bed in different rooms. But then Cian said my necklace was the only thing that could save us. We were sailing  very fast and the anchor fell off. That’s when I knew it was time for me to strike. Everyone was distracted so I sneaked up to the captain and…