Week 5 The huge statue vs the cringe spongebob by Daniel

I was in my bed and I heard a loud noise. I got dressed and went to the centre of the town to see what was happening. The huge statue was fighting the cringe SpongeBob. I wanted the cringe SpongeBob to win so I could be taller than the statue for once in my life before the tidy town put the statue where it’s supposed to be. So I started to get closer and closer to see better. The cringe SpongeBob pushed as hard as he could and knocked over the big statue. For once in my life I am taller then the big statue.

The End.

Week 5 King Kong vs The mega pizza statue in the USA by Jayden

One day I was playing with King Kong and we saw a mega pizza statue.

The mega pizza statue punched King Kong in the head and King Kong punched the mega pizza statue so hard he fell and got knocked out cold.

The mega pizza statue jumped on King Kong.

Then Lucas came to watch the fight. I roared ’round 1 fight’.

Then King Kong got the mega pizza statue and attacked him.

King Kong hit the mega pizza statue with a mega sledgehammer to the other side of the universe and killed the mega pizza statue. I said ‘here’s your winner King Kong’.


Week 5 The weird battle by Deivydas

Once there was a statue built in America and everyone thought he looked like Slender man. Slender man was in the statue but the people didn’t know he was. Ten years later at night in America it was three am and slender man came out of the statue and came to life. And it really did. Then people heard loud noises. The people came out with a shovel and they saw slender man and they got creeped out. A few minutes later slender man got a minigun and blasted everyone but some survived. He grabbed Jake the leader and he disappeared for ever. Tom got a bazooka and blasted the statue and it shattered into pieces and a big rock fell on slender man’s head and got knocked out.

                                                                        THE END

Week 5 The Art Robbers In The USA By Lucas

Once upon a time, there were robbers named Lucas which is me and my friends Jayden and Brian.

We wanted to rob some art. We sorted our getaway driver, Daniel .

So we planned like every good robber does.

We decided to go at night.

Jayden kicked down the door while Brian hacked the cameras and I knocked the guards out.

So we found this big statue that was worth millions of dollars.

But there were lots and lots of lasers surrounding it.

We dodged all of them and we got it, then we went to Daniel.

And escaped.


Week 5 The Vandalisers by Dylan

Hi my name is Dylan. I live in America in a town called St Louis. There is a statue in my town and it is named ‘Looking up’. The good thing about it is that everybody loves it. So no vandalisers can get at it. One day there was a group of vandalisers and they tried to steal the statue and the town went mad so they locked them up in someones basement and they were never to be seen again. One night, I woke up because I heard a clattering and guess what I saw- the vandalisers. They were all looking at me. I was so freaked out. They took me captive and I was tortured there. One day, I escaped and told the others. The vandalisers  were dead. Would you have escaped?

Week 5 The tiny robber By Alex K

Once upon a time there was a robber named Winston. Winston is 10cm tall. He is also thirty one years old. He lives in the USA in a 40cm house. Winston likes stealing abstract stuff. Winston heard of rumours of an abstract statue. He thought the statue was made out of diamonds. So one night on the 10th of October he went to try to steal the statue. But when he got under the feet of the statue, it started moving. He shot the statues head and it fell down. Some how he carried the statue all the way to the shop. He asked the staff member ‘how much will this sell for?’ and they said, ‘it will sell for 0.01$’.

Week 5 The Statue Came To Life by Zac

Hi my name is Zac. One night I woke up at 12:ooa.m and looked outside my  window and saw the sculpture on the roundabout coming to life. He came over to my window. Suddenly he lifted me out of the window. Then he showed me his home. It was very well hidden, it was under the roundabout. We went into his house and played some video games. Then we both went outside and it was almost morning so I went back to my room. The next night, I went back to the statues house and we took out his motorcycle and went for a spin. Every night I would go to see the statue. THE END.

WeeK 5 The Trip to America by Joshua

Hi, my name is Jeff. I came to America today. We arrived and we decided to go to the park .I saw the statue of pie man. We bought a hotel room to stay in for the week. That night, the statue of pie man came alive and Godcilla come from the forest down through the trees, jumped on the pie man statue and Godcilla won the fight. He went back to the forest and came back the next day. Good job we left that day. The End.


Week 5 King Kong vs a live statue by Rian

One day in the USA I was in a park. I saw a statue and I went over to it and kicked it. Two minutes later… It was alive and started to destroy the country. Then my baby sister said ‘why is the statue destroying the country?’. Then King Kong landed and hit the statue in the face. Then he went flying over to New Zealand and the statue jumped back and when he landed he kicked King Kong. He landed on a house and the Gardaí came out. The Gardaí destroyed the live statue and one Garda threw a grenade at the statue and it blew up. Then King Kong jumped back to his world.



Week 5 The statue that came to life by Bryan Q.

One day, there was a school in the USA. In 2015 a man named Tom Friedman created a statue. It was a very tall statue and it’s head was always looking up. Until this day. The children were playing on yard and a kid aimed but missed and hit the head and the head went flying. That night the kid that hit the head had a sleep over with his four friends. There names were Conor, Adam, David and his name was Luke. They were chatting in Luke’s room. They heard a bang outside and Adam looked out the window. The statue came to life. The kid’s were twelve and and the parents were out the house. The statue was in the house. He found the kids and took them away. Will the kids ever be seen again?


Week 5 The Smashed School of the Steel Man By Oran

In 2015, a big steel statue was built in the middle of the town centre on the green. On Friday, we all went to see the steel man when we were at school because we are nine minutes away from it. The artist is called Tom Friedman. My name is Colin. My family and I live in the USA. The steel man smashed our school. Everybody said yeeessss but our teacher’s said Nooo. So the steel man put me on his shoulders and we went crashing into floaty trees and bushes. After ten minutes, we finally made it to his house.


Week 5 The live statue by David Hu.

Once upon a time, there was a big statue right beside a boy’s house. The boy really liked the statue. He always climbed on top of it but one day it was raining so he had to go inside. He looked out his window and he saw the statue was moving! He  screamed and ran down stairs. He tried to tell his mom but she didn’t believe him. His mom told him to go back to his room. When he looked out his window, he didn’t see the statue. When it stopped raining he went outside. He set a trap and the statue got caught in it. Then, the boy glued the statue to the ground. The End.

Week 4 A Trip To The Circus by Zac

It is 11:45 pm & there is a circus this evening. My family are planning on going to it. I was excited. Finally, it was time to go. I had been waiting for hours. Eventually, we got on the road. The circus was starting however one act went wrong. There was a person in a canon and they where supposed to soar through the sky however when it just wouldn’t take off and it exploded everyone escaped immediately. We all went home. When we got home, we were disappointed with how it all had ended. THE END.

Week 4 Robbers by Timmy

One day, I was in my house.

I saw robbers and I set the alarm off.

I ran as fast as I could and then I saw my grandmother.

I said, ‘come on there are robbers’.

We went to the airport but the robbers followed us. We hid behind the wall.

We got our tickets and we put them in our pockets.

We hopped on the aeroplane. We were about to run away.

We dragged them into the aeroplane.

We ran away then and when it just wouldn’t take off we went back for fuel.

We got it and we went back to the aeroplane.

It took off and the robbers were never seen again.

Week 4 New World by Andrei

When I was twelve years old I got transferred to an unusual world. I was on an island. It got dark so I went to sleep on some leaves and when I woke up there was something on my shirt. I just went to get some water so I could take it off. After I saw some friends. One was Azura, the second was Kirito, the third was Sala and the fourth was Asuna. They were trapped in the same game as me. It was sword art online. Kirito was stronger than most. When it just wouldn’t take off we were trapped in the game. I beat the boss and won the game but there was another sword art online but this was the second one. The End.

Week 4 The flying car by Tom

Twenty years into the future,  I heard that my neighbour Frank made a flying car so I had to check it out. That night at eleven o’ clock I got ready to break in. I got into his garage and there it was. I went up to the car and turned it on and it flew through his roof. Before I knew it, I was up in the sky hitting three hundred miles per hour but not for long. Suddenly, I stopped and fell right through his roof and ran back home. Until I got arrested the next day! THE END.

Week 4 The rocket ship by Alex K

Once upon time, there was an engineer named Brian.  He was twenty two years old. He liked playing Minecraft. One year later, Brian wanted to build a rocket ship. Brian knew he couldn’t build it by himself. So he called his friend Bill. Bill was 21 years old and he was a builder. Brian and Bill started to build the rocket. Surprisingly, they got half of the rocket built in one day. They got the other half built the next day. Brian started to fly the ship. He thought it would be able to fly to the moon but he changed his mind when it just wouldn’t take off!

Week 4 Adventure to the black hole by Donagh

In the year 4024 some astronauts decided to go to space. They entered their space ship. The astronauts names were Casper, David and John. They tried to turn it on but when it just wouldn’t take off they used the emergency engines and they were off. When they catapulted into space they went passed the solar system and were heading for the black hole. John was chewing gum and steering at the same time. Casper was asleep and David was floating around. Casper woke up and saw the black hole sucking them into it. In a split second they were back on earth. THE END.

Week 4 The new car by Cayden

One day my dad sold a ship and he bought a new car. It can go up to 777miles per hour. One day, I took the car and then when it just wouldn’t take off, I kept driving. Then, it was able to fly. ‘That is super cool’, said Dad. ‘How did it do that?’. I said, ‘I don’t know Dad’. My Dad went back in the house and he got himself a cup of tea. We went to get pizza- yumm!! I love pizza. It’s the best food ever! Maybe my Dad will buy another ship some day? Who knows!

Week 4 The door by Alex O’C

One day there were two men, one named Seán and one named Bill. They went walking and they saw a door with no house or anything behind it so they opened it and they saw a portal. They jumped in and they saw a hover board. Then Seán kicked it when it just wouldn’t take off. Bill said ‘what are you doing now it definitely wont take off?’. They kept walking and then they saw a flying car. Suddenly, they were in an alley and when they stepped out of the alley, they were in the future. They asked someone what year it was and the response they got was 4025. THE END.

Week 4 The rocket boots by David Hy.

A few days ago it was Christmas Eve and I was in bed. After a while, I heard a lot of commotion downstairs. I jumped out of bed excitedly thinking it was Santa. I climbed down the stairs. Suddenly, there was a big bang and everything went black. When it cleared away I saw Santa! He told me how his elves made him rocket boots to get up the chimney faster. But they just wouldn’t work. I twisted and turned it but it just wouldn’t take off and I was about to give up. He shot up the chimney faster then a jet. I looked out my window and saw him on the moon. Oh no!

Week 4 The Alien by Bryan Q.

In 2020 scientists and astronauts tracked an alien on the moon. A year later they went up into space. When they were in space they eventually got to the moon. They tracked the alien but it was very far away. So they went on and on…. and saw the alien. They went in and charged but the alien had an army so they went away and hid.  The aliens were asleep. They snatched an alien in a bag and ran away. When they were in the rocket, outside of the window, there was a massive alien in front of them. They tried to take off but when it just wouldn’t take off the crew was shocked. But then it took off and they made it back safely. THE END.

Week 4 The Big Day By Brian O’K.

Today is the biggest day of my life. My name is Simon Murphy and I am an inventor. But not just any inventor. I invent crazy things for the rich. I am at the sun festival in Miami. I have made a rocket and it is called the catapult. This baby can go at speeds of three million miles an hour. Here I show you my latest invention, the catapult. This can go higher than the furthest away star. They looked impressed. This was good. When it just wouldn’t take off, they opened the window and the rocket started beeping. Emergency. I started using backups but nothing worked. Just before I was disqualified, it soared into the sky. Everyone started cheering. I won, yes and just to top off the day, Tiger Woods wanted my invention. What a day…

Week 4 The rocket explosion by Deivydas

Once there were two men. One was called Brian and the other one was called Dylan. Brian wished to go to space and so did Dylan. It was Brian’s birthday and he was turning twenty one. By the way, Dylan only had one friend called Brian. Today was the day they were going to space. They were getting ready to go in the rocket. One hour to go. They went in the rocket, they started the engine and it just wouldn’t take off so they got out but the door locked and Dylan got locked in and the rocket exploded.


Week 4 Back to the future by Oran

Hi my name is Harry. Do you know the movie back to the future? Well it is 2019 now and I broke into a scientist lab and got shot. Good thing my mom is a doctor. Now I am in 1903. But I am supposed to steal the Dolorian flying  car so I’ll try to find it. Two hours later. ‘Oh no, Doc’, I said. ‘How do you know my name?’, said Doc. ‘The movie’, Harry replied. ‘Oh no’, said Doc. ‘So you want a spin?’. ‘Of course’, we replied. Two minutes later and Harry said ‘my turn!’. ‘Ah ok’, said Doc. It just turned off.  ‘Try again’, said Doc. ‘Ok’, said Harry. Yes! No ‘nooooooooooo’. It just wouldn’t take off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          THE END.

Week 4 The trip to Turkey by Joshua

Hi my name is Rian and my cool friend Zac and I are going to Turkey in two weeks time. Zac works as a mechanic. I work as a shop keeper. I work five hours a day. Zac works nine hours. Two weeks later, Zac and I got a text. Five hours had passed. We needed to get to the airport. We waited for one hour for the plane to come. We got on the plane. The captain said it just wouldn’t take off. We waited for hours… five hours passed and it went up up up. Finally, we were going to Turkey. The End.

Week 4 Never stop exploring by Marcel

It was night time. My mom went to work and I was getting ready to go to sleep. My babysitter came over and she was watching TV. I soon fell asleep. In the morning, I brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast. I went out and there were no houses. There was only a cave so I went into it. There was a witch so I hid behind a rock. The witch found me and she was doing something with a pot. She was shaking and shaking so I asked was she making a potion. Then, I picked it up and I dropped it. I ran away and she was chasing me with a bazooka so I called 911. They were shooting and shooting but they kept on missing the shot. The bazooka just wouldn’t take off. Finally, they shot her and everything went back to normal. The End.

Week 4 The Spaceship by David Hu.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named John that lived in a nice home. His Mom and Dad weren’t really nice and no one in school was nice either. He hated his life. He always wanted to be an astrounaut when he grew up. After ten years, he decided to follow his dreams.

He went to the Science lab in Cork to sign up to train to be an astronaut. After six years, he went on a space ship. He tried to start it but it just wouldn’t take off. Every space man helped him and it finally worked. Everyone said ‘yayyyyy’. The End.

Week 4 The gauntlet by Sam

Hello there. Having a good day I see. Well let’s not waste time now, let’s start.

It was a cold night, well morning because it was 2am. I was with my friends Carrot, Fur and Johnny. And I’m fridge. “There it is”, Carrot said. We opened the giant doors. We went looking around the place and we found some cool stuff. There was expensive stuff such as jewels, ancient clothes, vases, a person called Jules, his wife, my friends and I. Then we found a big room with a gauntlet in it. But we did not know what it was. I touched it and it flew on my hand. We were pulling and pulling it but it would not come off. We stopped when it just wouldn’t take off…


Week 4 Test Rocket by Gavin

They were in the lab and it was test 1207 in 3..2..1 Go! It did nothing. When it wouldn’t take off they did it again but with a rocket on it. It was the only choice but again it did not take off. ‘Oh for rocket sake’,  one said. It looks like it’s not good but for once it will take a bit of time to do it. At least they tried. They had just a few more tries. Before long, it was the last try but they all thought it would work. ‘Good luck’, they all said. It looked like it was working and it did work. ‘Hooray!!!’, said all the lab working men.