Week 11 The Stolen factory by Oran

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Alex Pop. He loved factories. His Dad worked in a factory in New York called Sprinkles and is making around seven million dollars a year. His Dad is trying to get a job In Limerick. Alex lives in Limerick. He has a small house right in front of the factory and he looked out of his window ever night. The name of the factory in Limerick is called the Cloud Steam Factory. It’s December now. I was walking home from town and three robbers took me and and Alex said ‘No, but I like marmite’. THE END.

Week 10 The Red cup by Tom

‘Well go on then off to Peters house’, said Mom. You see every Sunday I must go to my friends house for the day. Peters house is small and very cold and we have nothing to do. Finally, we’re going to the library to study our History. I found a history book and the first word I saw was a red cup and that it was buried in Peters back garden. We ran back to his shed and grabbed a shovel and dug up his garden and found it. We said that we would  touch the red cup and as soon as we did, we both vanished…..


Week 10 The Nuke by Jayden

One day I was in Australia with Lazarbem. Lazarbem is a Youtuber from Australia. I watch Lazarbem all the time. Then me and LazarBem went to watch the news. The news guy said a nuke was going to hit Australia. Me and LazaerBem did not know what to do. Suddenly, the news guy said the nuke had people in it with guns. Me and LazarBem went to the gun shop. Me and LazarBem bought guns like miniguns, rpgs and smg. Me and LazarBem were ready for the fight. We heard the nuke was here. We got our guns and killed everyone. Then we saw an old man dead on the floor and his blood was dark RED.




Week 10 The super fast racing car by Daniel

Tomorrow I am going to a racing competition. My car is very fast and it is called ‘The Blurr’. The colour of it is Red. I am going to go to town with my super fast racing car and drive around. I love driving around town with my racing car. I love the sound it makes like nurrrrrr and blurrrrrr and that’s how my racing car got the name ‘The Blurr’.

The following day:

I have just arrived at the racing course. The race has begun and I got a perfect start. I nearly won the race but unfortunately I came second. The End.

Week 10 Where are we? by Gavin

It was Winter and it was snowing heavily. Do you have a 3? No, do you have a 4? No, do you have a 5 no?…. this is not very good for me. You see it was a bit off but here are the pets. He can say the word rot but then here we are on the island. Oh at last, at least he is not on the island. But it is not red. We must fill him up and he is a mole with 2 more moles. Hey are we at the island? Rot  what did he say. Let’s ask him again. Are we on the island or what? I will wait for us. The end.

The great war by Dylan Week 10

Hello my name is Ronan. I live in New York city and the year is 2042. We have houses and rockets everywhere. But unfortunately Mars are continuously attacking us. I work as a fighter which means that I fly jets in the war. Our king just announced a war. Shortly after,  a man called everyone to their stations so I ran over to my jet. My jet has a red symbol on it that is a sign of peace. It’s pretty cool actually. As I was taking off, I saw my home being destroyed. I was overwhelmed with emotions. However, I kept going and I went off to war. TO BE CONTINUED.


Week 10 The red hover bike by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua. I am on my red hover bike one hundred years from now. I am 121 years old and I am a millionaire. I have a lot of cars and huge houses. I have a red car and it drives almost at the speed of light! I am going to a fancy restaurant and I am getting chicken and noodles. When I was done, I went home to go to bed.

The next day- It is the following morning and I am now having cookie crisps. Now, off I go into my Lamborghini.  It goes at 10,000 miles per hour. Finally it’s time to go on my private jet and go to Spain. The End.



Week 10 The mysterious red trail by Alex K

One day I was walking through a valley with my friend Jimmy. Jimmy told me to wait outside Supervalu because he wanted to go and get some gum. After a while, I saw a suspicious man in a black hat, coat and pants. The man was carrying a dagger with blood on it. I ran into Supervalu to tell Jimmy to get out. I told the employees and we all ran to our homes. When I eventually got home, I found a red trail leading down the street. I followed the blood stained track…. The End.

Week 10 World War by Timmy

One day there was a fight for land.

I was fighting against Germany.

I was in the army.

The war had begun and we started to dig trenches.

We dug our trench and started to shoot the Germans.

They started to shoot back at us. I dodged the bullets and went to bed because it was midnight.

The next morning we got up bright and early.

In the afternoon, everyone was dead but I crept up on the boss and I killed him. We won the war.

I got promoted to general.

We got a new army I was very happy indeed. THE END.

Week 10 The Great World War By Zac

It all began back in 1977. I was called to the GPO in Dublin, Ireland. I got there as soon as I could. We were under attack and luckily I brought my rifle. I started firing at the attackers and they fired back so I hid behind my car. I called for backup and soon my friends came. Somehow we killed half of their army. Then, we ran out of bullets and ran back. The next day, we were ready for war. We snuck into their base and they didn’t notice. Their chief saw us and he shot a bullet at my arm. There was RED blood coming out of my arm. We ran back to HQ. Our chief gave me a metal arm. So we crept back into their base and managed to get into the computer room. We placed a bomb and we ran outside. We set it off and it exploded. THE END.

Week 10 A trip to Anfield by David Hy.

Last week I got a V.I.P. ticket to a Liverpool match in Anfield. We got a plane to England. Once I got off, we got a taxi to a hotel. The next day, I woke up and put on my Liverpool shorts and t-shirt. Me and my Dad cycled to Anfield. We went in and got our seats. When it started, Salah had the ball then he passed to Henderson and he scored. It was one nil to Liverpool. When it was over Liverpool won two nil. After I got a hot dog I got to meet the players. I asked Salah to take a penalty on me and I saved it. He was amazed. After Milner signed my jersey but he signed it with a red pen and my jersey was red so you couldn’t really see it. And that was my trip to Anfield. 


Week 10 A big strawberry by Marcel

One day there was a big strawberry in the town so people were trying their best to take it out but no one could. It was so big that even a big strong man could not take it out. It was that deep under the ground. Because no one was successful in taking it out, one day it was decided that the whole town would gather together to try and and take it out. However, one day while no one was trying to lift it, it came out by itself and it was not a strawberry it was a lemon. For all those years people thought that it was a strawberry yet it was a red lemon. It was strange because lemons are usually yellow. The end.

Week 10 The 2nd world war of the red star by Oran

A long time ago, before I was even born, a war broke out and in their bravery they would get an award. A star but not like any normal star. A RED star for their bravery and honour. Now every team were trying to get the star, the red star. Germany, Spain and France and many more. Even some people from Ireland and a few more Irish peoplebut Ireland was not in it. My Dad worked in the FCA. So back to the story. Russia were the leading country and now and they now have the Red star.




Week 10 World War 3 by Bryan Q.

It was 2030. It was yet another ordinary day and my friend Oran and I were chatting outside. It was 11.am and an alarm went off. We were shocked because that alarm never went off in our town. They say it only goes off in the case of a massive emergency. We immediately ran inside and locked the door. We were home alone because my parents were visiting my Aunt in Galway. We turned on the news and we were WANTED by police. They came to our door. We ran out the back and got to town. We hid and saw a humongous RED army of police. They came down the alley and they called for backup. My friend and I ran as fast as our legs could carry us. We were cornered.                                              ….THE….END….

Week 10 Your Greatest Enemy By Sam

November 10th, 1918. The winter was hitting us hard and many of us were dying. We heard there was medicine in the other trench so I went over by myself. I snuck into the trench while my team distracted them. When I snuck in, I saw the medical supplies and I took them but then I heard a gun being pointed. Someone on my team shot him and red blood splattered everywhere. November 11th. A lot less of us were dying because of the medicine. Somebody ran into our trench and said. “The war is over, we signed a contact to end it”. Now World War 2 is happening and I’m too old to fight in it. We could have ended the fight years before that but we didn’t. So we are our own greatest enemy.

Week 10 The war by Lucas

There is this man who joined the army and he went to help in no mans land.

There was Red every where on no mans land.

Unexpectedly, when Jimmy was off of the helicopter it exploded in the sky.

The enemy must have rigged the helicopter Jimmy thought to himself.

Suddenly, shooting happened and all you could hear was gun shots.

He forgot he was in a war.

Until an enemy tank came to their side then someone blew it up.

“Get down”, Jimmy shouted.

Because there was an enemy helicopter.

He woke up in a hospital after being hit in the head.


Week 10 The gold heist by Alex O’ C

One time, there were these group of friends who wanted to rob gold. They knew where the ship was coming in that had gold on it. However, they had heard that they coloured the gold RED so they went to the port where the ship was coming to. One of them said ‘there it is we have to be quick’. They got onto the ship and there it was, the gold. But the army were there then. One of them threw something and the army guards went to check what it was. Eventually, they went and stole the gold. They probably stole one million euro and they got in the getaway car and they were never found. THE END.

Week 10 The robot attack by Deivydas

One day a person called Bill was in New York city. It was a big place and there were millions of people. When attacks happened, people moved to Ireland but some people stayed because they had weapons to protect themselves. Today is Friday the 13th and it was the most unlucky day. Far in the sea we saw something moving and his head was like a square but when he came closer we realised that it was a robot. It was a red robot. He looked scary. People started screaming until Bill got a gun and he broke the robot apart and he saved the day. THE END.

Week 10 Mission: break in by Rian

Hi my name is Agent 454 and I am a bad guy. Let me tell you my story. Two weeks ago at night I was across the street from Buckingham Palace. It was the right time, the guards were asleep. I ran across the road all in black. I climbed over the gate. Then I ran to the door but it needed a code. 2 hours later… I found the code. It was under the carpet. The code was R.E.D. I typed RED and the door opened. Then I went in and I opened the first door. I threw a sleep bomb. Instantly, she fell asleep and I looked into another room. I saw ALL of the diamonds. I took every one of them and I escaped. THE END.

Week 10 Horrible trenches By Brian O K.

It was the eleventh of November nineteen eighteen. I was frozen in my trench but weren’t we all. It was four A.M. sharp. There were rumours that it would be all over at eleven A.M. All the shooting would become peace at last. The war to end all wars would come to a halt. There would be hot soup, RED hot soup and even better, our very own beds. Oh yes, I nearly forgot family too, so many thoughts. I wanted to run into the German’s trench. I wanted a V.C. (Victoria cross). I had a plan that if all my regiment dug together we could defeat the Germans in a matter of minutes. Little did we know they were on to us. When I saw a machine gun pointed at my head I knew it was all over….

The two boys that turned into a pumpkin by Oran

Once upon a time there were two boys called Lewis and Sam. They were two brothers and they were putting up the decorations because it was Halloween in a few weeks time. But someone said… boo! said Dad ah said Lewis and Sam it’s only me said Dad. I am  going to get you dad boo! ah said the two boys you too mom said Sam. So October 31, yes said Lewis and Sam is Halloween night. Yes said Lewis and Sam. So it’s a few weeks later, it’s Halloween night and they got turned into a pumpkin. One was yellow and one was orange and the orange one spoke first.

                                                                        THE END.

Week 9 The Trick or Treating Fun by Zac

One Halloween night I went Trick or Treating with my mom and my cousins. We went around an estate that my granny and grandad live in. They live in county Meath, Ireland. We called to a house that had three pumpkins on a pier at the entrance. There was an orange one a blue one and a red one. The orange one spoke first. He said BOO! We all jumped. We ran for our lives. Until we reached a dead end. The person in the house chased us and said it was only electric, it just says random stuff. We still got sweets off him. It wasn’t all bad! THE END.

Week 9 The Night After Halloween by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua. It was the night after Halloween. I was full from my sweets and I had two pumpkins, a red one and a orange one. If your wondering how I had a red pumpkin. Well, I painted it red. I fell asleep and I woke up two hours later. The orange one spoke first … He said I’m cooler than the red one. I’m cooler the orange pumpkin replied while getting a minigun. He won oh no the red one got a Rpg and I got a meach rpg. I woke up and said it was all a dream. THE END.

Week 9 Halloween night by Gavin

It was Halloween night and the pumpkins were near a wall of stone. The orange one spoke first. ‘So when is it time to spooky all the way home?’. ‘Well soon’, the next one said. Even if we do it now hahaha I don’t get it, it’s not a joke. An hour later……..(as they wait) they went out to scare. Well thank God that is over, they thought. That nearly took the whole night! Now we must go! Then they went to a place but I don’t know where. After that, when they were back at the wall they were all relaxed. The end.

Week 9 The magic pumpkin by Alex K

Once upon a time there was a little boy called John. John was an orphan and he had a sister called Hannah. Hannah was 26 years old. One night, John and Hannah decided to buy pumpkins for Halloween, one orange one and two green ones. They went to Lidl to buy a pumpkin, the day after Halloween. Hannah decided to get rid of the pumpkins and throw them in the bin. But when she got the lid of the bin open the orange one spoke first. ”Please don’t put me in the bin, I have a wife and two kids”. I’ll give you three wishes. Hannah quickly called John. John was shocked. John wished he was not an orphan and that he was rich. Hannah wanted a mansion.

Week 9 The talking pumpkins by Deivydas

One day, it was the 26th of October and people started carving pumpkins and five days later it was Halloween. There were two boys, one was called Axel and the other one was called Jay. They were brothers and they carved out two pumpkins. Axel made an orange one and Jay used magic to make a green one. At night, they went trick or treating and the pumpkins started talking so Axel said ‘shhhhhhh’. The green pumpkin said that the orange one spoke first. But the pumpkins kept on talking and talking so Axel got an axe and smashed the pumpkins.

                                                                                  THE END.

Week 9 The spooky night by Timmy

One Halloween night I was roaming around because I was trick or treating in a forest.

I just got sweets from a person then a group of  monsters came up behind me. A ghost frightened the life out of me.

I ran away but they caught up to me. I pulled my mask up. It was a group of scary people.

I went to another house. Someone crept up on me and I ran away with the fright. I hid behind a tree and the group of people in costumes got out a sword. I got a black scarf and slapped them and ran. I called 911. THE END.

Week 9 The witches secret hut by Bryan Q.

It was a dark scary night. My friend Joe and I were out exploring the woods and we came across an abandoned hut, well it looked abandoned. But it definitely was not. We entered the hut immediately and we saw two pumpkins. One was blue and one was orange. Apparently it was a witches hut. She cast a spell on us. We fell asleep and we woke up hours later. We were hanging over her cauldron and we were lowered every minute. She told the pumpkins to say hi. The orange one spoke first. We knew we were dead but we realised that Joe had brought a knife so he cut the rope. We jumped and ran out of the hut. The next day we went back to the hut and we never saw the hut again.


Week 9 Over the garden wall by David Hu.

Once upon a time there was a guy with a teapot on his head and a guy with an elf hat. It was Halloween so they went to the graveyard with their friends. Jason thunder burger was a bully and always spied on them creepily. Suddenly, the police came and climbed the wall except they ran and fell into the river. However, they got up and ran. They saw a black wolf and an orange wolf. The orange one spoke first. He said to go away or they would die. The police came and they brought them to the hospital. The end.

Week 9 Ten boys who went in the gigantic haunted house by Daniel

Last week, nine other friends and I went to a gigantic haunted house next to an estate. We wanted to know what was going on. So I got a hammer and threw it at the door and the door broke. There was a huge commotion and we all put our hands up to our ears until it stopped. Then we all walked into the gigantic haunted house. There were two pumpkins on a table. One of the pumpkins was green and the other was orange. The orange one spoke first and said ‘this gigantic haunted house will blow up in twenty seconds’. So we all ran away. The End.