Week 6 The weight lifting championship by Zac

It was a Sunday morning and I was going to a weight lifting championship. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Eventually, it was time to go so we all went. Finally, we got there. I took my place on the stage. The competition was starting. I was first up. I picked up the weight and I lifted it for 1 minute. Next up was John, he is very strong. He beat me. It was heavier than I expected!

Week 6 Super day by Gavin

Today was a volley ball day. It was crazy! I mean look at that, well you can’t see it. Let’s say I saw into the oven. I put it on 30 min after. I was a hero! I could lift a cat, a wall, the sun and a house. It was heavier than I expected! Well I had super speed. Meanwhile it was on the big game. Soon I was as fast than light. Wow, I said to myself. If I go as fast as light I can time travel. Well it’s gone now but there’s only one more trick left. I will do what I can do. Now I will go to see the big game. THE  END.

Week 6 David tries to lift 1 kg by Daniel

My friend David is getting ready for the weight lifting competition. So he is going to the gym every day but sadly he can only lift 50 grams and he needs to lift 1000000g. It looks like he will probably lose. He tried to lift a car but it was heavier then he expected. And he fell on the ground and started to cry like a baby. The competition was about to start and David was still crying like a baby. Then the competition started and David strayed away and tried to lift a pear and couldn’t even lift that. The End.

Week 6 The pyramid brake in by Bryan

One day, in the Egyptian pyramids Tom, Donagh, Oran and I decided to rob the pyramids. For the first one, we robbed the man who created the pyramids. It was night time and we only had five more to do. We did one more and then we went to bed. When we woke up, the police were at our door. We ran as far away as we could, as fast as we possibly could. We arrived at the pyramids. We robbed all of them except King Tut’s one. We ran in. Tom, Donagh and Oran guarded the entrance. I found the massive coffin made out of gold and it was filled with gold too. I tried to lift it but it was heavier than I expected. Will the police find us or not?……..

Week 6 World War Three By Lucas

One day which I think was a Tuesday evening World War three started and all you could hear were gun shots.

Me and my group went to try and get some random technology.

It was heavier than I expected.

Well it is random technology.

So we called for a helicopter to pick it up.

When the helicopter came they picked it up and brought it to base.

But when they came back then suddenly were being shot at with a tank. All you would hear was gun shots.

‘Hand us the technology!’, they said.

‘Never!’, we said.

We got away some how.



Week 6 The Gym By Cayden

One day I wanted to go to the gym. I was walking and I saw this secret door. I had a sword that weighed 450kg. It was heavier than I expected!  A man walked in with my dad my dad said ‘what are you doing here, you should be at school?’. I said, ‘I need to go to the gym to work at and you said I could come here. Remember you said that to me at home!’ ‘Ya I did say you could go the gym but not instead of school!’, Dad replied. ‘Go back to school immediatedly’, said Dad. ‘I’m not going!’ The End.

Week 6 The Aliens by Alex OC

One day two men one named Jay and one named Billy were walking in a field. They saw some green things maybe one hundred of them. Suddenly they all looked at them. Jay and Billy started running. Then Billy tried to pick up something and then he said ‘ it was heavier than I expected’. One hundred of them ran at them, all one hundred! They ran for dear life. Unexpectedly, they all sped up and caught them and brought them to their ship. Then Jay hit one and the alien slapped him. However, they brought them into a room and then Billy made a plan. He opened the door and made a run for it. THE END.

Week 6 The Museum Robbery By Donagh

So we are undercover, in disguise, because we are the number one criminals in the world. Right now, we are trying to break into a museum. However they have brilliant security so it has been hard to get in and the thing that we are trying to rob is a solid gold statue with gems inside of it. We are going to cut it down and take the gems out of it. 1,2,3 go! We go in and find a forklift and drive that to the statue. They try to stop us but it does not work so I go over to the statue and try to lift it but it was heavier than I expected…

Week 6 The magical gauntlet By Alex K

Once upon a time, there was a man named Daniel who lived in a shack that was in the middle of the forest. One day Daniel heard rumours about a magic glove on top of the rad and blue mountain. So one night, he went out to find the gauntlet but he knew it was not going to be easy. He would have to fight pirates made out of jelly and that’s it. When Daniel saw the pirates made out of jelly he was too lazy to fight. Daniel ate so much that he weighed 5 tonnes. Daniel rolled down the mountain. Someone saw it and tried to lift him. The man said it, ‘was heavier then I expected’.

Week 6 The sword of wisdom by Tom

Hi! I work in a mine and there is a sword of wisdom stuck in a rock and no one can lift it. However, I made arms that can lift anything. Finally I’m doing it tonight. Firstly I put all my force on it and lifted it up but it was heavier than I expected. Suddenly I had a force field. I made my way up to the surface and I pointed the sword up. Then, lightening struck my whole town. I jumped out of the hole and I could jump very high. I was on the moon but I couldn’t come down. THE END.

Week 6 The Gummy Bear! By Sam

Firstly I’m not a gummy bear I’m a human and secondly let’s start the story. So a wizard made a very heavy gummy bear and I wanted to eat it. So I was in my house with my brother, Jimbo. I was eating gummy bears, when there was just one gummy bear left. I went to grab it but it was heavier than I expected. The problem was I wanted to eat it and where it needed to go to was my mouth and I’m used to these things being as light as a feather and not as heavy as a planet. “Jimbo, can you help me lift this gummy bear?” I asked. “Are you that weak?” he asked as he was walking over. “Oh, it is heavy!” Jimbo said.

Week 6 The Bank Robbery By Jayden

One day I was with Lucas and we were thinking of robbing a bank.

We had it all planned out.

Then the same night, we went to the bank.

When we got there, we put on our masks and got our guns.

We got into the bank. The bank manager was giving a lady her money.

Then when we went in . The bank manager said ‘hi’. We said ‘give us the money’.

The man gave us the money and we saw a safe. We told him to open it and he said no.

I tried to lift it up but it was heavier than I expected.



                                                                       THE END

Week 6 Heavy Cow Battle by Deivydas

One day a farmer had a cow in his field. It was as heavy as two horses so someone was dared to lift the cow. A man called Dylan tried to lift it and he said it was easy and it was. And then a lot of people started to go to the farmer and one person tried to lift it. He said it was as heavy as fifty billion pigs. One hour later, Jill tried to lift the cow but her arms fell off and she turned into a pig. She said, ‘it was heavier than I expected’.



                                                                 THE END

Week 6 The 900kg llama By Dylan

Hi my name is Lily the llama. I live in a forest. I weigh 900kg. One day, I was walking down a hill and I saw men shooting at birds! So I shouted out ‘forest attack!’ It was mad. It was war 2 days later and I woke up in a capsule. I asked myself did I get knocked out? They were weighing me! All I could hear was a man saying ‘it was heavier than I expected boss’. Then I said ‘I am a human being for God sake! I am not a thing!!’ 2 seconds later, the whole forest attacked and I was safe and sound at home. THE END.

Week 6 The Unexpected Delivery By Brian O’K.

The sixth of October, my Dad’s birthday but this one was different. Why you may ask? Well for a long time now, he has had to go to war. So I have to live with my uncle Nigel, in LONDON! Instead of Cork. At the weekend, when he is at work I have to stay in his boring apartment. But today I heard the door bell ring. I was trembling in my skin with the thought of what to do. The person left after a while. PHEW! I went out and saw a tall box. I tried to lift it but it was heavier than I expected, so I hired a fork lift. I opened it and my Dad jumped out. The war was over I yelled!

Week 6 The jungle adventure by David Hy.

Last month there was a weightlifting competition and Joe Mc Carthy the famous weightlifting champion was in it. Four hours before it started his boss asked me to get his weight. He said it was out in the jungle and down a hole. I wondered why they kept it in the jungle? So I set off.  After a few more minutes, I heard a monkey and without any warning a big fat monkey came charging into my face. I took it off me and put it in a bush. When I finally got to the hole, there was a ladder going down it. After a lot of climbing, I eventually saw the weight. I tried lifting it but it was heavier then I expected. And the second I lifted it I disappeared…

Week 6 The 1,000,000 tonne emoji by Rian

One day, I was outside in my garden. Suddenly, an emoji landed in my garden. Then I started running. After about ten minutes I found a hiding spot and I hid there for 2 hours. Then when I looked out I saw the emoji on the ground and I went over and tried to lift it but it was heavier then I expected. It woke up and I started running. Then I went to Prof. Horgan’s lab and he left me in. I asked him to make a potion and he gave it to me. I went out and threw it at the emoji and it shrunk and everyone was saved.  THE END.

Week 5 Man of Silver by Gavin

There was a man that was steel and silver. He was looking up all the time. He looks like a giant and he can’t move. He wandered off to a place where he enjoys. This place is crowded he thought. He still woke them all. The park had a playground and there were dogs there most of the time. Then he went out of it and he landed at the zoo. Most times there where animals all around the place. He went out of it and then he went to the place he was looking for. He was happy now. THE END.


Week 5 Creep Creature. By Sam

It was a cold night, 1981, I was walking in a forest and then I heard footsteps. “Who’s there?”. I asked. “RARGGGG”. The roar sounded really weird and disgusting. It picked me up and tried to eat me and it had really sharp teeth. And then my friend threw something at him. “Where did you come from?”, I asked. The monster dropped me and picked up my friend and ran off and that thing was fast. A few hours later. I found the cave. I walked in and saw my friend about to be eaten. But then I threw a rock at the creature. It ran off and no body ever saw him again, apart from the family, the family he killed. Now there is a statue of him so new people in town know to run away if they see him.

Week 5 The tall statue by Cayden

One day, a battle ship came into town and many people were scared. Suddenly, something happened and lots of people ran back to the battle ship. My friend came to meet me in the crowd. I went online on my phone and I asked what  was going on. I learned that the man in the battle ship was a tall statue and that it fell out and broke. I knew if I took it I would get so much money so I took it, fixed it and sold it. Now I am extremely rich. The End.

Week 5 The golden man by Alex O’ C.

One day a man named Joey was walking at night and he saw a statue. Then it moved so he ran behind a wall. He peeked a little bit and the giant statue began to chase him. Joey said please don’t kill me. The giant said give me two good reasons why I shouldn’t, two not one and I want them now! Ah um uh don’t you see you can’t use the same one twice. Then somehow he got him to let him go. Joey fell and he ran but the golden man caught him and threw him to Africa. THE END.

Week 5 The Meteor By Brian OK.

Today as usual I get up for school. But I realise something different. The shed in our back yard is GONE. There was a huge alien looking up at the sky. I slapped him and he gave me a right hoof. ‘OUCH!’, I screeched. He looked at me and said ‘hi, I am Neil’. Then he stood back up and put his head back. ‘Will you not get a crick in your neck?’, I yelled. Suddenly, a huge meteor came down and completely decapitated his head. There was a note in his hand and it read-  ‘Hi I am Neil and the ABC ship dropped me off here. They said they would pick me up but I am still waiting’……

Week 5 4 heroes vs 4 statues by Andrei

Once in ancient history there were 4 heroes and 4 statues. They were enemies. They clashed in a war 4 centuries ago. The statues lost but the 4 heroes had to sacrifice themselves. 4 new heroes were born on a planet called earth. The statues went to planet earth to take revenge and to bring chaos on earth. The 4 heroes were too weak to beat the statues so they split up to train. After 5 years they returned the one in the black suit whose name was Gero, the one in the red suit who was named Nagisa, the one in the pink suit was Shizu and the one in the purple suit was named Alis. Suddenly, a new hero arrived and he was in a blue suit. His name was Rimuru and he went to defeat the four statues and they won. The End.

Week 5 The skinny grey alien by Tom

Hi my name is Jim and I travel across the USA. I was sleeping one night and I heard a thump so I had to check it out. I got out of bed and went out and saw a skinny green alien. I just froze and he picked me up. I was unconscious. I finally woke up and he said it was two days later. We were in his planet. It was zero gravity and we were flying. I said put me down but he ate me up and I was going down a tube and in no time I was unconscious again.

Week 5 The unusual statue By Donagh

We were on holiday in the USA in a small town when we saw this big steel statue right next to our hotel. I climbed on it and stood on its head but somehow it shook me off. Nobody else saw it. I sprained my ankle and was rushed to the hospital. The nurse asked me what happened but she didn’t believe me. I was asleep that night when something woke me up. I went over to the window and the steel statue had his finger on my window. I had no idea how it got there and I called 911 to take it away and then I went back to bed. THE END.

Week 5 The statue that came to life by Timmy

One day I was in my house and I saw a statue.

I looked away and a person opened a hole and put the chip in the statue.

The statue came to life.

He was just like a robot. He crashed down a building and saw me and started to chase after me.

I jumped in front of a really strong building.

He took one wall out with a punch and I got on his back.

He tried to wriggle me off.

I went and hired a free crane to put the statue in its place.

I got two hundred euro and I handed it to the man and he put the chip in. He was arrested and I got another two hundred euro.


Week 5 The tall skinny man by David HY.

A few months ago, I came out of school and I saw Tom Friedman making a statue at the roundabout. I really wanted an autograph but I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I just scruntinised it closely hoping he’d ask me something but he didn’t. The next day it was finished. It was a tall skinny man looking up to the sky. I walked into school only thinking about how fun it would be to hang off its head. The second school finished, I rushed out and scrambled up the statue. I had been hanging for about five minutes now. After another few minutes I heard a crack and the head fell along with me. Oh No!

Week 5 The huge statue vs the cringe spongebob by Daniel

I was in my bed and I heard a loud noise. I got dressed and went to the centre of the town to see what was happening. The huge statue was fighting the cringe SpongeBob. I wanted the cringe SpongeBob to win so I could be taller than the statue for once in my life before the tidy town put the statue where it’s supposed to be. So I started to get closer and closer to see better. The cringe SpongeBob pushed as hard as he could and knocked over the big statue. For once in my life I am taller then the big statue.

The End.

Week 5 King Kong vs The mega pizza statue in the USA by Jayden

One day I was playing with King Kong and we saw a mega pizza statue.

The mega pizza statue punched King Kong in the head and King Kong punched the mega pizza statue so hard he fell and got knocked out cold.

The mega pizza statue jumped on King Kong.

Then Lucas came to watch the fight. I roared ’round 1 fight’.

Then King Kong got the mega pizza statue and attacked him.

King Kong hit the mega pizza statue with a mega sledgehammer to the other side of the universe and killed the mega pizza statue. I said ‘here’s your winner King Kong’.


Week 5 The weird battle by Deivydas

Once there was a statue built in America and everyone thought he looked like Slender man. Slender man was in the statue but the people didn’t know he was. Ten years later at night in America it was three am and slender man came out of the statue and came to life. And it really did. Then people heard loud noises. The people came out with a shovel and they saw slender man and they got creeped out. A few minutes later slender man got a minigun and blasted everyone but some survived. He grabbed Jake the leader and he disappeared for ever. Tom got a bazooka and blasted the statue and it shattered into pieces and a big rock fell on slender man’s head and got knocked out.

                                                                        THE END