Week 34 Project Zorgo By Adam

One day, my friend and I were part of a team called Project Zorgo! Our code names were pz3 and pz5! We were told by the leader to put a chemical in a glass of water and then cover it to take away some suspicion. It looked just like a glass of water! We gave it to a Youtuber called Chad Wild Clay and told him to drink it. He drank it! Our plan worked! He was asleep and while he was, we hacked his Youtube channel. When we were done, the leader was so happy, we had a parade!

Week 34 The Desert by Benny

I was extremely tired. I was in the Sahara Desert. I was attacked by hunters and they took all my water. I tried tricking my stomach by pretending to drink water. There was no hope. I then saw two people ahead of me. I thought it was a mirage. When they approached me, I asked who they were. They said nothing. They dropped something at my feet. It just looked like a glass of water. I drank it with no hesitation. They laughed and went away. I had no idea what was going on. I realised it wasn’t water. It was poison…

Week 34: The End: by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day which was bad, very bad. The past week we haven’t a drop of water and we haven’t drank in a long time. All the animals are dead so there is no food either.

Today is 30 degrees like always. I looked around and saw a house which was very old as you could tell by the chips of paint and the wall in the front garden was breaking down.

I walked over to the house and saw that the door was missing. I saw a table and on the table was WATER!!! I ran over to it and tried to drink it but it disappeared. It doesn’t make sense it looked just like a glass of water.

Week 34 The glass of water by Warren

It was a normal day. I woke up, ate breakfast and watched television. Then I decided I would go into town for lunch but town was very quiet. No one was around so I was about to walk into a cafe when an alien popped out behind me and offered me something. It looked just like a glass of water. I was so surprised by this and I didn’t know what to say. I was feeling thirsty at the time so stupidly I drank it. Then I went into the cafe and ordered my sandwich. I was feeling weird and then “CRASH”. I fell to the ground and collapsed

Week 34 The Powder by Colin

It was a powder made in the laboratory. It was a powder to kill the aliens that had taken over years ago. It had a poisonous chemical in it that was burning hot. It could burn you so bad that the aliens would melt if they drank it. It looked just like a glass of water but it was way more dangerous. The professor took the glass of liquid out of the cooler fridge and walked out the door. Not many seconds later we heard the roars and cries of aliens. There was a few thumps on the door and then it opened. The professor was cut and bleeding but muttered slowly “we did it”.

Week 34 The Pink Lake By Ronan

One day, my mom said we were going to a lake. I sighed and walked away. My mom said it wasn’t a normal lake, it was a pink lake. I never heard of this pink lake before so I was excited. On the drive to the pink lake, my mom told me it was pink because of all the bacteria inside of it. When I got there, I was completely mind blown. The pink lake was amazing. I ran down to it immediately and dipped my hand in. It was an extremely hot day and the lake was twenty times hotter. I got a glass and filled it up with the liquid and it looked just like a glass of water.

Week 34: The Mission : By Dan

This was what I feared would happen. They were taking me away to their base. The fuel I made for them must not have been correct.

“It looked just like a glass of water” I explained to their boss.

“I know it did but you’re in for a little treat” he jeered.

I was put waiting outside a massive aircraft hanger. At that moment, two strong men emerged from the hanger. They escorted me inside. There was an enormous space shuttle inside.

“Happy Birthday!” they sang merrily. I was relived to hear this. My boss popped out of nowhere and handed me a box.

“Well done on the fuel” he said.

Week 34 Escaped by Conor H

‘Drink the water’ the vicious man snapped as he forced it towards my mouth , but I would not let him make me drink it because I knew it would poison me and kill me.

Earlier I saw the wicked man put some odd chemical in the water and he must have thought that I would have made it out that it looked just like a glass of water.

Just before he forced it up to my mouth, I pushed it back at his mouth and jumped off my seat and ran like a bullet straight out the massive door of the dark mansion.

Suddenly I hear him pick up his phone and ring the police. I look back  and I see the police! I AM IN BIG TROUBLE NOW!

Week 34 Tyranitar terror by Dylan

The whole world began to shake …

Then I realised that this only happened when Tyranitar awoke.

It must be serum R.

I heard now the serum looked just like a glass of water but when a Pokémon takes a drink of it, they go savage.

Tyranitar must have taken a drink of it.

I even saw a Charizard fly away in terror.

Then I saw Tyranitar rise up out of the mountains.

He was colossal .

He stamped on buildings like they were lego .

He picked up people like they were toys and absolutely demolished mountains into rubble .

Then I heard a squeak and realised Pikachu was gone.


Week 33 The Mystery by Liam O

“Hey.” said Roberto. “Yes.” replied Sergio “Did you hear the people that went missing?” Roberto added. “Yeah, I’m starting to get scared because what if I go missing next?” said Sergio terrifyingly. “Anyway, bye” Sergio waved and Roberto waved back. 30 minutes later, “Wait why is that hat on the table?” he thought. “MOM! why was that hat on the table?” shouted Roberto. “What hat?” she replied “The hat on the table!” he said angrily. “Oh that hat! I found it on the footpath.”she said realising what he said. “Why wouldn’t you bring it to the police or just leave it there… Wait, what is that noise?” he said. “What noise”? she said curiously. “The noise. It is coming from the kitchen table. RUN!” he exclaimed. Just then, the hat exploded. Roberto and his mother were never seen again…

Week 33 The Golden Hat By Evan

When I was younger, my father would tell me stories about this legendary golden hat. He told me it had a amazing golden aura. Well now I am 16 and I am beginning to question my father about it. I thought the whole idea was really dumb. My father told me it was a item passed down through the generations. He told me it was from a family in Egypt. One day while we were in Egypt, we went to a pyramid. As we were about to go in, I remembered the golden hat. I saw it and thought it was just another piece of scrap. When we came home that day, I noticed something at the other end of the room. Why was that hat on the table? I put my hand on it…

Week 33 The Last Breath By Colin

I could feel my breath getting heavier. “I AM going to die in a small shed.” I thought. I rummaged in my pocket for my phone and found it. I turned on my phone and it was on 3%. I turned on the flashlight and looked around the still room. I only heard a quiet creak. I saw a small hat on a little table. I pressed my back on the cold locked door. I tried to break the door off its rusty hinges. Then I thought why was that hat on the table. The thought sent a shiver down my spine. I looked at the table and saw the hat was gone. I suddenly felt cold breathing behind me…

Week 33 The Hat by Conor H

‘Conor, come downstairs , there is something on the table for you!’ my Mom shouts. Just then I remember that today it is my birthday!

So when I get downstairs, there is some sort of hat on the table and I ask my mom “why is that hat on the table?” She said it was my birthday present which I am kind of sad about because it looks so boring. Slowly I put the hat on my head but just then, it starts making really weird noises.

Suddenly, I am transported into a different dimension in the future.

In the future, there are a lot of cool things like hovering cars and jetpacks.

All I need now is to find a way out! I think that will be kind of hard.


Week 33 The Mad Hatter by Aidan

“Come on Max!” I said as I ran through the tunnel to Wonderland. “Hurry up!” I  shouted. “I am not sure about this” said Max. “It is okay, I have been here before.” I replied. ” We then ran through the tunnel. When we got out, we were in an entirely different world. “This is Wonderland” I said “Right, we need to go now to the rabbit and mouse’s house and after that, we will go to the Queen’s castle and sleep there for the night.” I said as we set off. When we got to rabbits house, the mad hatters hat was on the table! “We better leave” I said.  As we walked out I kept asking myself the same question why was that hat on the table…






Week 33 John Padesco by Dylan

Today in school, we learned about a murderer with a deformed face who lived around the 1990s called John Padesco.

He killed over 80 people between 1990 and 2007 and always wore the same brown hat covered in blood.

The last thing his victims ever saw was him staring in their window.

He was finally caught in 2008 and executed for his troubles.

His body was put in a coffin when his family hosted a funeral.

But some people at his funeral noticed he wasn’t wearing his hat.

That night, I saw a brown hat on the table.

Why was that hat on the table ?

Then I heard knocking on the window and saw a deformed face staring in …

Then I felt something being driven through my chest……


Week 33 Jack the Rippers Return by Paul

One day, I was gone shopping with my family and when we got to town, it was empty. “What is going on” I asked. My brother replied “I don’t know man.” So we went to Spar and saw some kind of cereal killer wearing a very nice hat. We got a glimpse of his face. It wasn’t the neighbour and it wasn’t Bendy either. It was Jack the ripper! “RUN!!” I exclaimed. Then, my dad said “Quick boys, to the car!”We could not hear anything else we could other than his laugh coming from behind as he chased us. Thankfully, we got back to the car and escaped and flew away to Mexico.

Week 33 The Movie By Joe

One dark night, Kyle and Jamal were watching TV . Jamal was having a sleepover but Kyle was the only one who could come. It was late at night and they decided to watch one more movie . They watched a movie about a murderer’s hand. After the movie, they were both really scared . They then went to sleep. The next morning, they were still petrified so they got out of the house and played football .

They got even more paranoid when Jamal brought up the topic about the hand and how it likes to hide under hats . When they got inside, they saw a hat on the table that they didn’t remember being there. Why was that hat on the table?

Week 33 The Rumour by Benny

You shouldn’t believe anything in the newspaper anymore. I never read the newspaper anyway. I think it’s a complete waste of time. Not even my parents read it. There was a rumour going around about a hat. It was black with a red star. If you see it, you would disappear. That is the worst lie I have ever heard! Two people were “missing.” I was going to my friends house. We were having a sleepover. I grabbed my bag, coat and hat. Why was that hat on the table? It didn’t look like mine. I suddenly froze in fear…

Week 33: The Dark Room: Liam A

The room was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. After a while, I was beginning to think I wasn’t at home. I heard someone walking over my head upstairs. I began to panic. I started shouting and suddenly, I noticed a hat on the table. Why was that hat on the table?

The footsteps began to get closer to the door. Then it began to open and I got up to see what was behind it. It was a man who tried to stop me running but I ran passed him. He grabbed my arm and looked into my eyes. I fell to the ground. Now I was truly trapped.

Week 33 Anonymous by Warren

It was a late Sunday night. My friend and I had school the next day but we still stayed up late. We watched a horror movie called “Anonymous”. It was about a man who no one knew and he wore a blue hat. He snuck into peoples houses and placed his hat on their tables and if you touch it, he would murder you. That night when we finished the movie, we were too scared to go to sleep so we talked all night. The next day in school we were telling our friends about it. After school, I walked home with my friend. When I arrived at home, I saw a blue hat on the table  “Why was that hat on the table?” I thought.  I rang my friend but it wasn’t him who answered …

week 33 The strange hat by Ronan

One day when I was on my way to school, I heard screams from a house near to ours. Suddenly, I heard more screams from the house next to that. I started to jog and after a while I broke into a powerful sprint. When I got to school, everything was normal but when I was walking out of the classroom for lunch, I heard more screams coming from the bathroom. Someone was screaming for help. Everyone was on there way to the bathroom. It was a student lying on the floor. He wasn’t dead he was just really shocked. I then spotted a large green hat with a feather on top. On my way home I kept wondering, why was that hat on the table?

Week 33 The murderer By Kristupas

One day, I came back from school and I got an instant phone call from the police station. They shouted “Come to the station immediately!” I went to the kitchen and tried to tell my mom but couldn’t find her. Then I noticed the hat. I ran out of the house and sprinted to the police station. When I got there, they told me my mother past away. I bursted into tears. Then I asked “why was that hat on the table?” They told me that there was a murderer in my house and was waiting for me. “You were very lucky you escaped.” “Never go back, stay here and we will take care of you for now!”

Week 33: The Movie : By Dan

It was near midnight and I was on my way to Bill’s house. He had invited me to watch a movie with him.

His parents were asleep so I needed to be very quiet. I opened the door and crept silently into the sitting room.”Hi Dan.” Bill yawned.

We turned on the movie and watched it. It was about a gangster who left a top hat near his prey.

The movie was over and I went in to the kitchen to get a drink.  Then I saw it, a top hat. I walked back into the sitting room.

“Why is there a hat on the table?”I asked Bill.

“Run.” he whispered.


Week 33 The Lucky Hat By Adam

My friend and I were playing in the kitchen when we saw a hat on the table. We picked it up and moved it. “Why is there a hat on the table?” asked Mom. “We don’t know.” we said. Later, my friend went home so I took the hat to the basement and inside of it, there was a potion. On the side of the potion there was a note that read do not touch! Suddenly, the bottle started to shake and a genie popped out. He said he would grant me 3 wishes. I wished I would get a Ferrari , a house and to be rich! It all came true!

Week 32 The Runaway Boy By Liam O

“You’re late”, shouted the teacher. “Get off that scooter and head to class!”. The boy went and got a rose and stuffed it in the teacher’s mouth. He then left the school and went to the park. “I wonder what I’ll do”, he thought excitedly. He went to the shop to buy the best sweets and then he went to the gym. He then travelled from country to country, planet to planet, universe to universe, only to arrive back home to Earth to his home country, the province of Munster and the county of Cork. Home sweet home… The End.

The Bully Rose Week 32 by Rhys

‘Wake up! You’re going to be late’, shouted Mom. ‘Okay, no need to scream’, I replied. ‘Your scooter is outside and don’t forget to get the transparent picture’, she said. I decided to get a bully rose because it stops bullying after school. I went to the bully store and they asked me ‘Do you want a job?’. I said ‘Ya, I’d like to earn some money’. I got the picture and then a bully came over to me. He said give me the picture and I said no. Then he said Ha ha very funny and he punched me. The picture broke and I got so mad. I got the rose and went to get a new picture. Excitedly, I went home and gave the picture to Mom.

Week 32 Tom’s Picture By Evan

Hi, my name is Tom and this is my story. ‘What is that noise?’ I whispered to myself slowly. ‘Agghh it’s 8:50 I am going to be late!’, I said excitedly. I swiftly got ready and as I was about to run out the door, I forgot about my picture. It was a picture of me riding a transparent scooter with a nice rose in my hand. I entered school and then showed my friends the picture. Then they said that they didn’t want to be my friend. I went home crying. My mom said she was going to post something on Facebook. The next day, I woke up and suddenly there were news reporters at my door. THE END.

Week 32 Late for school by Conor H

‘Wake up, wake up’ was all I heard while I was lying in my bed. ‘You are late for school!’. So I got up, had my breakfast and jumped on my scooter to get to school.

At school, we were in the middle of our science class which was all about transparent objects.

‘There goes the bell’, I thought and we all ran out of school. I hopped onto my scooter again and made my way home.

When I arrived home I noticed there was something hanging from the door. There was a rose, which was kind of weird…..

Week 32 Avicii Marsh Walker by Aidan

It is Friday! The new DJ is in town and his name is Avicii Marsh Walker. Once again, my annoying little sister wants to come and she is getting all excited. There is no way that she is coming. For the concert they even built a new hall. As I was leaving, Rose grabbed on to my arm. She started crying, kicking and screaming. I was going to be late and I knew it. I grabbed my scooter and tried to drag her across the ground. I was never ever going to see the awesome transparent walls at the concert. Ugh this isn’t fair!

Late for work Week 32 by Ben

Tim was on his scooter running away from a transparent ghost but it was too fast for him. Then Tim woke up. It was all just a dream. At least that’s what he told himself. Then, he looked at the clock and it was 9.30 a.m.  He had overslept! He got up as quick as he could and he gobbled down his breakfast. He quickly got dressed and left for work but he had forgotten his keys in his house. He grabbed them and went to work. ‘This is the third day that you have been late. You’re fired’, shouted Tim’s boss. He gave him his rose from his desk and walked outside.