Week 4 The Bank Robbery by Jayden

One day I was thinking about robbing the city bank.

Then I rang Lucas and Brian and we made our decision.

Then Lucas, Brian and I went to the bank with our guns and robbed it.

The man was so scared.

Then we shouted, ‘open the safe’.

The man opened up the safe and there was 500,000 million dollars in it.

We got all the money and ran to the plane but when it just wouldn’t take off we got in the getaway car and went to the safehouse.

The police found us. They said ‘open the door’. We said ‘no!’.

Then the FBI came and broke down the door.

The police tried to get us and we just got away. That was a lucky escape.


Week 4 The dimension diamond by Rian

It was 3 o’clock and my friend was over. His name is Dylan. We were exploring the basement and we found a diamond. Within two seconds, we were in a different dimension. Two hours later, we saw a crystal rocket and we saw two men talking. One man said ‘we were so excited when it just wouldn’t take off’. A man saw us and we ran. Two hours later, we found an abandoned crystal house and we lived in it. One year later, I told Dylan how worried my Mom must be. Dylan said, ‘I know’. Next thing, I fell over and…


Week 3 Going to school by David HY.

One morning, Rory was getting his bright yellow bike out of the shed. He was going to cycle to school. He got up on the bike and rode down the big hill his house was on. After a while he felt cold. So he stopped off at a shop and greedily bought two hot chocolates. He put one in the cup holder while he gulped down the other. Soon he met a garda. The garda said not to cycle on the road. But as soon as the garda was out of sight he went off on the bike. He was desperate to get to school. Finally he got there. But when he got there it was 9.30!  The teacher warned him not to do it again.


Week 3 The greedy yellow man By Alex K

Once upon a time there was a man with yellow skin called Jim. Jim was a thief and he was ten years old. Jim wanted a bicycle from the sports shop but the bicycle costs €911. Jim wanted the bike so bad that he stole it from Lidl. Jim got 1x TV and 5x €50 notes. Altogether that was €350. Next, he stole from Supervalu where he got one book but then he got caught by a cop. The cop said ‘don’t ever steal again or else you are going to jail’. Jim really wanted the bike. He went to the sports shop. Jim asked the owner ”can you lower the price for me please?” the owner said, ‘Yes’. Jim walked home a very happy man.

Week 3 The Dream World by Andrei

It was late so I went to sleep and I dreamed about having super powers. I had the power to fly and shoot beams out of my hands and I also saw a desperate guy with a yellow bicycle. I warned him about the place he was going to and he greedily went to the dangerous place. I made some new friends like Naruto and Goku and others. We went on an adventure and we found lots of cool stuff. When I woke up I realised it was all a dream.

Week 3 Bad Day by Marcel

My family and I went on our bicycles and then there was a storm so we started cycling as fast as we could. It started to rain so we went into a building. After it stopped the sky turned yellow. Then we wanted to drive on the road. My sister was making tracks on the bike and the police were not far behind. They were chasing us. The End.

Week 3 The haunted house by Bryan Q

Once upon a time, there were three kids. Their names were Conor, Adam and Luke. One day, the kids were walking down the street and then they saw an abandoned haunted house. The legend said that a man used to live there alone and he was rich. However, he got sacked from his job. Ever since he was thrown out of his house, it has been haunted. The house was yellow and there was a broken bicycle outside the house. As they entered the house, they were swarmed by creatures. They were locked up but eventually they broke out. Adam was stuck in a closet but then they all broke free. Ever since, the house has been abandoned.


Week 3 The Greedy Man by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua and I bought a yellow bicycle. I was riding my bike back home but I had to go passed a greedy man’s house. He sold everything he saw. He saw my bicycle and he asked me to give it to him. I said ‘no!’. I kept on cycling my bike towards home. I locked the door and the window. Then I decided I would go back and give my old bike to the man. I warned him to be careful with it. Desperate to cycle my new bike, I went to bed so I would be rested for the next day. The following day, I saw that the greedy man was gone. The End.

Week 3 The boy who wants to be a scientist by Oran

Once upon a time there was a lovely boy called Conor but he met a man who was very desperate. He got teased a lot because he always wore yellow and white scientist clothes. Conor wanted to be a scientist and he had one friend but he moved to America. Conor had a bicycle and he had one friend, well two, his sister Rose and a dog called Tom. His brother Luke passed away before Conor was even born. Rose and Conor go to the park on Fridays. Conor is in 4th class and Rose is in 6th class. 10 years later BANG. The End.

Week 3 OMG By Cayden

One day I woke up and I saw a yellow bicycle. I went out to my dad who said ‘this is desperate’. He said, ‘son don’t go anywhere on that, it’s dangerous out there’. I said ‘ I have to go to my friend’s house to play xbox, is that ok?’. He said, ‘Oh sorry you can go but I will have to go with you’. But I left and then I got hit by a car. I woke up in my room and my dad was mad. Dad angrily said, ‘I told if you were going some where I would have to go with you’. I learned my lesson. The End.

Week 3 The haunted forest by Deivydas

One day a boy called Tim really wanted to check out the forest across the way but a man warned him not to go and he said that the forest was haunted. The next day, early in the morning, Tim hopped on his yellow bicycle and went to the forest. Suddenly, a rock appeared out of no where and he fell off his bicycle and hurt him self desperately. The man heard a scream so he ran over and saw the boy that wanted to go to the forest. The boy asked for help. The man said no greedily. ‘I told you not to go’, the man said. Tim was sorry he didn’t listen so he never went to the forest again. The End.

Week 3 The Young Scientist by Daniel

Hi, I am Seán and I like scientists. I also have a machine gun full of chill pills. They don’t hurt you they help you to chill out when you are angry. Also, I have a sniper and in their gun there are rage pills so if I shoot you will rage fiercely. You wouldn’t like to be the first person they see unless you can run from them. The colour of my sniper is yellow. Just warning you that when I shoot your bicycle while you’re on it, you will fall and get hurt. Some times if I greedily have the last slice of cake and my dad sees me eat it when he is desperate for food, I shoot him with chill pills and he chills out. The End.

Week 3 The Shopping by Zac

Hi there, my name is Zac. It was Saturday 21st 0f June and I had to do the shopping so I got on my yellow bicycle and went into town and went to the store. After a while, I finished the shopping and I went home. When I got home I realised I had forgotton the potatoes which Mom had warned me to get. So in a desperate rush, I went back to the store and it was five minutes until closing time. So I greedily grabbed the potatoes and I got home in time to make dinner. The End.


Week 3 The Puddle By Brian OK.

One day, I was at my friend James’ house. The weather was desperate but we wanted to go outside. I hopped on my bicycle and James did too. Just before we went, James’ mom warned us to not step in the yellow puddle. ‘That’s a myth’, I said to James. Time went by and we got hungry. We stopped at a shop and I picked up an icecream. The shop keeper said greedily, ‘you cant have that’. We left and kept on cycling. Suddenly James stopped. ‘Keep on going’, I said. Then we saw a stranger creeping up behind us and we were captured. We were taken to his celler and tortured there. He told us that if we solved the riddle he would set us free. There were three keys. A grey one, a red one and a gold one. The riddle was, yerkde wlsseit free. Red key will set you free. Would you have survived?…..

Week 3 The House by Alex O C

One day two men named Dan and Bobby went walking. They saw a yellow house and said lets go in. Then they tried opening the door and they couldn’t so they said to someone, ‘Hey, do you want to make some money?’. He asked how much. ‘Fifty euro’, he said. ‘Ok what you want me to do?’. So they just picked him up and he went head first into the door. He got knocked out. Then they saw a bicycle. ‘I think we should go’, warned Bobby. ‘Come on’, said Dan. Bobby said ‘ok, this house is desperate’. Then Bobby greedily took a torch then they saw someone and they ran away. THE END.


Week 3 The Haunted House by Jayden

One day I was in the woods with Sam and Zac and then we saw a house.

There was an old man in the house looking out the broken windows.

Then I looked to my right and saw a bicycle and a clown with a yellow coat.

I was warned not to go over to the clown but I did it anyway.

So then we went to the haunted house and got knocked out. We were all in a cell.

Then we woke up and saw the key. We said lets get it so we did and got the man. He greedily would not give us food and we were so desperate to get out.

The old man sent some zombies and skeletons.

Then the clown came with a red balloon.


Week 3 The pirate adventure by Donagh

One day, there were five pirates. Their names were Jim, Bob, Kyle, Joe and Pat. Joe was the captain. They stole a treasure map from a different ship. There was an island and they sailed around it. Suddenly, they hit the yellow sand and they saw a rusty bicycle. They looked around them. They found a  cave and a deep voice came from it warning them to be smart. They were so desperate to get the treasure that they greedily ran in. There were two doors and in the middle it said if you pick the right door you will get the treasure. They chose the left one and there was nothing there so they left.

Week 3 The Pirates By Lucas

The evil pirates warned me to tell them where the shiny yellow thing was which I think was gold.

What will you do Black beard?

And this is how I got in this mess.

So I was on my bicycle desperate to get to school on time and the pirates greedily tried robbing me of my bicycle.

They found my story for school about gold copper and silver.

Suddenly, I woke up at a pirate camp called Tar Blade.

I asked a pirate what was going on.

Then boom I teleported.

And all I know is that I am back at home.


Week 3 The Happy Meal by Dylan

One day, I walked over to the bike shop and saw a really cool bike so I robbed it. I cycled over to Mc Donald’s and I said I would get a happy meal but I had no money. Then a two year old bit my foot and 100000000000 euro fell out of his mouth. So I went over to a worker and asked for a happy meal and he said yes. So I sat down and ate the happy meal. But afterwards he said it was fake money so I ran. The man looked so desperate for the money. I know I acted greedily but I had to. THE END.

Week 3 Another world by Timmy

One day I woke up and I saw an upside down world on a bicycle .

I saw yellow barriers.

I crashed in to them and I saw a person. He said, ‘why did you crash into the barriers?.’

I asked, ‘are you the protector of a lot of money?’ ‘Don’t say that to anyone’, he warned. I wanted the gold desperately. We both got swords and I grabbed the sword out of his hand.

He ran away and I went in.

He was not lying when said he was the protector of a lot of gold. I greedily got the money and went home. I said go away and he went away.


Week 3 The haunted house of bodies by Rian

One day, Zac, Dylan, Daniel and I were in the woods exploring. While we were walking we fell one by one and we fell 1000,000,000 metres. We hit the floor. Then we were knocked out. Two hours later… We woke up and we saw yellow sheets and we lifted one up. We saw a body. Then we saw a lot of freaky stuff. We went to a different room and we saw a ghostly girl on a bicycle and she asked ‘do ye want to be my friends?’ and we ran out of the room. When we got out of the room, we saw a sign. It said be warned and a ghost appeared and said greedily you are back home and we were back home. THE END.

Week 3 The Garage by Tom

One evening, Bob and I were cycling up my nan’s road on my yellow bicycle. Bob and I came across a desperate green garage so we went in. When we got inside there were old wooden planks ripped off the ground. It was as if someone did it. Bob whispered into my ear ‘let’s go back to your nan’s and eat cake’ but I did not do as he said. Soon after, we saw an old man Bob. He held my hand and said ‘I warned you not to come back’. Yes, we were greedily trespassing his home. The End.

Week 3 Disaster Struck By Sam.

Somebody robbed my wallet. My cousin and I chased after him. “I’m going into the shop”, I said. “But you have no money”, said Alex. “I know”, I said. The shop was yellow and had bicycle parking outside it. I went in. “I’ll pay you later,” I said. “Just pay me now, I’m desperate, he said as I went. “Stop right there”, warned a man. “Why, oh I will now”, I said. He had a gun. “Give me your money”, he shouted. “I have none but you can have this,” I said. He took it greedily. He was about to pull the trigger but then Alex hit him with a frying pan. “I got your wallet”, he said. “Where did you get that?”, I asked.


Week 2 The haunted mansion by Jayden

One day Zac, Sam, Alex, Daniel and I were walking in town then…suddenly.

We look to our left and we saw a forest. There was a mansion and it looked haunted.

So then we went over to the dark scary forest.

We went in. Then everything stopped…and I did not know what to do.

Daniel and I saw an old man looking out the broken windows of the mansion.

Then the old man came out, took our hands and took us inside.

The old man took us to a scary living room where there was a guy with an axe.

Then Sam, Daniel and I started kicking the man.

We tried our best to run to the door passed the guy with the axe… To be continued.

Week 2 It’s raining books by David Hy.

One day my friend Steve and I were in school. It was twenty minutes until break. Steve couldn’t wait because he hated school. Soon the bell rang. Steve rushed outside and we played soccer. I was in goals but Bryan scored a penalty. Then everything stopped and it started to rain books! Kevin was a smartypants so he caught a maths book and started doing x7 sums. We ran into the shed when suddenly everything went black. Soon all the books went away. ‘Aww’, said Kevin. So we went back to soccer. After a few months everything went back to normal. But then one day it came back.

Week 2 The weird town by Bryan

Once upon a time, Tom Donagh Oran and I were together. It was a normal day but then a wave hit the town. It was the weirdest wave. When it happened, we were ok but then David came to meet us. He was ok too. We were stuck in my house where we were having a party. We went outside and then we went down the road to supervalu. It was a mad place but it was empty. There was no one to be seen. Donagh got shrunk into a packet of taytos. We ran but then everything stopped and we whirled up into the air before we slammed on the ground. Then the town was back to normal.


Week 2 The attack of the candy kingdom by Dylan

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Seán. He lived in a house next to an old warehouse. One day, he ran into the warehouse with his friend called Harry. When they went in, they saw a portal. It looked creepy so they jumped in. I know, that wasn’t the smartest move. Then everything stopped and they landed in this candy kingdom. The food was alive. The marshmallows were so kind. But then Harry ate one and all of the candy kingdom began to chase after them. They ran as fast as they could but they caught up to them. However, they broke out and ran back to the portal. They were back home. The next morning they woke up and the candy people were ruling the world.

Week 2 The broke down factory by Oran

Once upon a time long long ago, a man called Simon Bucket was a very rich man. He bought a big factory for rally cars. Suddenly, by the time it was  1915, he had four millon customers and nine hundred workers in the factory. In 1916, there was a war. The factory was on fire but the firemen could not go out of the fire station. So the factory was used to make rally cars. And the factory burned and burned and burned along with the cars and metal. However, they were trying to fix and build a new factory. Then everything stopped and they realised they had a broken down machine.


Week 2 City weirdness by Donagh

One day there was this normal city in Brazil. There were miners in the caves. There were seven miners in each cave. The manager’s name was Bill. Bill was very rich but lonely. Then everything stopped and Bill was the only one that could move. He went into the caves and saw a weird glowing green thing on the walls. When he touched it, he got teleported to Jupiter. Then aliens told him to never tell anyone about the glowing green light. The aliens sent him back to earth and when he got back the glowing green light was gone and everything was back to normal.

Week Two The Matrix By Lucas

There is one man named Billy who is in an alternate universe.

Billy had to try to get the ancient relic.

Then everything stopped and went slowly. He found someone to help him.

They became partners.

His name is Joe.

Joe told Billy that everything stops and slows down and will go back to normal.

As soon as Joe said that it went back to normal.

Billy asked Joe if he knew where the ancient relic was.

‘Yes’, Joe replied.

Then they climbed a mountain and went over a river.

They found the ancient relic and they found a portal. Finally, Billy was back home .