Week 30: The Evil comedian: by Liam A

It was a dark and stormy night. There was a comedian who thought he was funny but he really wasn’t funny. So after a while he began to get angry and bought a book about hypnotism. Then, when he mastered hypnotizing people, he begun his shows again. After just two shows he was the most famous comedian in the world. Everyone went to see him. So one day Gerald and I went and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. After a while, he was on the television. But he had one problem, he didn’t know that he wasn’t able to hypnotize through a television. So he started getting complaints and wasn’t allowed to play again.

Week 30 The Sailor by Warren

It was a normal Saturday morning and my father was a bit wound up by me because I kept asking him could I go and sail a boat. I didn’t care what size, what width, what length or anything like that. I just knew I wanted to sail. My father’s name is Gerald and he is a very popular sailor. He has sailed all his life and still hasn’t stopped. My mother said he should give me a chance and then Gerald couldn’t stop laughing. So one day, I had the bravery to go out to sea on a boat. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I got too confident and five minutes in, a big wave came flying at me. ‘Aaaaahhhhhhhh’, I shouted…

The Bragger Week 30 Ben

I was playing Minecraft with Tom and Gerald. Tom was boasting about how good he was. So I challenged him to a battle. I allowed him to use a diamond sword while I was only allowed to use my fists. I still beat him. He kept saying that he wasn’t ready and about how unfair it was. So I challenged him to a rematch. When I beat him in the rematch he started calling me a hacker. So for the rest of the day I had to deal with him calling me that. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The End.

Week 30: Cousins Club: By Dan

It was midday and nearly time for the first cousins club meeting in Gerald’s new tree-house. They were planning to spy on his brother Mack’s base.

Gerald was bringing Nerf guns in case things got messy. At 12:15, Gerald set off for the tree-house. The cousins were already waiting for him when he arrived. They had a quick chat and assembled all their designated possessions.

As Gerald walked to his spot, he heard Mack’s friend shout “Look over there!”. Gerald looked up and saw a finger pointing straight at him.

The enemy pulled out his Nerf gun and started shooting Gerald.

At that moment, Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Mack emerged tied up. Olaf his cousin had tied him.

It was a victory worth remembering.

Week 30 The Blobfish By Ronan

One nice sunny day, my friend Gerald and I were walking home from school. We passed the zoo and I asked Gerald if he wanted to take a walk in there. He instantly said yes. We walked into the new aquarium. I went to the unique fish section while Gerald went to get a burger. Suddenly, a miserable little fish jigged past. I followed it to get a closer look. It’s extremely fat nose hung over its sad little mouth. My smile was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. When Gerald came back with his burger, he took one look at my face and then at the fish. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

Week 30 My Holiday in Tenerife by Kristupas

On Thursday 22nd of May we went to Tenerife. It was a two hour long flight but totally worth it. When we got there we got on a bus. It took us one hour to get to our hotel and when we got there we realized that the place was huge, especially the pool. The next day, I found this person called Gerald and the second I said ‘how is it going?’ he wanted to be friends. Then Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! It wasn’t even a joke but after that we went everywhere together around the hotel and when I had to go home he bought me a pretzel. And so that was the end of my holiday.

Week 30 The Movies by Conor C

Gerald and I went to the movies to see a comedy and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! Gerald and I both hopped on our bikes and went to a soccer match. We just couldn’t stop laughing. We later got a Burger King and then we went home to go to sleep. The next day, after we went out for dinner, we went to the park to walk our dog and then we played at Gerald’s house. The following day, we got up, got ready and went to school as usual. We were very tired from all the laughing. The End.

Week 30 The Aquarium By Benny

Gerald was going to the zoo but it was booked out. Instead Gerald went to the aquarium. Gerald was fifteen years old at the time and was interested in fish. Immediately after he arrived he saw John. John didn’t like Gerald so he teased him. “What are you doing here Gerald? I thought you were in the fish tank with your fish friends,” snapped John. Gerald quickly went to the other side of the aquarium. In there, he saw a funny fish who kept crashing from wall to wall. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! He went into a storage room because he was making so much noise. Suddenly, John locked Gerald in. “Who’s laughing now?” chuckled John.

Week 30 Gerald By Joe

Hi, my name is Joe I have a little brother called Gerald. The thing about him is that if he does something funny and people laugh, he starts laughing even though he doesn’t understand.

Right now we are at the zoo. We’ve seen a lot of animals but not enough for him so we stopped to eat. “Are you having good time?”, asked Mum. “Yeah”! responded Gerald. After a minute we saw the monkey box and it was distracting Gerald. Suddenly, a monkey jumped at the window and gave Gerald such a fright that he fell over.

We all started laughing and of course Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

Week 30 The amusement park by Colin

‘That’s a scam for £15’ protested mum as we strolled past an arcade game. ‘I know’, said dad annoyed as well. We walked over to a game where you fish up ducks. Gerald my twin wanted to play so mum gave him £2. After that, Gerald had a smug smile on his face as he won a teddy bear. IT WAS MASSIVE!! I asked if we could go to the mirror maze and dad said ‘sure’. When we got there we paid and went in. My reflection was all goofy. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I walked away and grunted. Suddenly, I walked straight into a mirror.

Week 30 At The Amusement Park By Adam

Gerald and I were at the amusement park and we decided to race on the obstacle course! I ran into a mirror wall and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!!! In the end I beat him and when I went back to find him he was stuck on the hamster roller! I waited for him to finish and then we went to get some popcorn and watched a movie in the theater. It was called ‘The cat of nine lives’! It was good and when it was over we went home! We really enjoyed the rest of the day! The End!

Week 30 Jaws by Dylan

To celebrate Shark Week, Fota Wildlife Park got a great white shark called Jaws.

My mom is taking my friend Gerald and I to see it!

On the way I brought my tablet and we watched the film Jaws to get pumped up for the shark.

When we arrived there it was packed.

We saw a lot of animals before the shark like giraffes zebras cheetahs and bison.

The cheetahs were cool because they were so fast.

When we got to the shark a bird pooped on my head.

Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop laughing in time to see the shark break the glass behind him……..

Week 29 Restaurant By Conor H

“Yuck” I shout as a greasy cooked giraffe appears on my plate for starters. Eating this was really hard as it was tasteless without any flavouring in it so I put some brown salt on it and it actually tasted quite good.

Now I am waiting for the main course and I think I am going to vomit.

Here is the melted spider on my plate, I am about to throw it over my head but then my dessert comes out and it is ice cream, finally back to normal.

Week 29 The zoo by Aidan

I am going to the zoo today. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun. Tom and Charlie, my closest friends, are coming with me. I got up and went down stairs to have delicious granola. I went back upstairs and got dressed. Then, Tom and Charlie arrived and we got into the car. When we got there, the first thing we saw was a giraffe. Half way through the day, we got a brown chocolate ice-cream and it started to melt. We saw some other animals and drove home. On the way home, we stopped at Burger King and got a greasy burger each and chips with salt. “This is the best day ever” I whispered to myself as I took another massive bite out of the burger.

Week 29 The Brown Giraffe By Ronan

One completely average Monday, my mom told me we were going to the zoo which was normal seeing as we lived right next to it. My mom laid a leaflet out on the table and something caught my eye. There was a picture of a brown giraffe eating grass. Five minutes later, I was at the zoo staring up at the giraffe. It looked happy to see everyone. A zoo keeper slowly approached the giraffe. The giraffe turned around so everyone could see his surprisingly greasy tail. The zookeeper zapped the giraffe and it let out a tiny shriek. Its eyes started to melt as if someone poured salt water on his eyes.

My Worst Then Best Day EVER! by Paul

One day, it was very very hot outside. I went to get a giraffe ice cream in the shop. It was so hot outside that one second later, it melted. I wanted a refund but decided not to ask for one. Then I went to a fast food restaurant called “Claudios” and bought a very greasy pizza with chips that I dipped into salt, vinegar and red sauce. Later that day, my father went to Boston for my cousin’s communion and he has promised me that he will bring me home something nice. THE END

Week 29 My Day by Sean

On the day of my birthday my family went out for dinner. I got a greasy burger, brown chocolate ice cream and a toy giraffe. After we ate our food, my dessert of ice cream melted so I threw it in the bin. When we got home, it was very late so we went to bed.

The next day I played on Ps4 with my friends for a couple of hours. Afterwards, I went down for dinner where I got a burger and chips. When I finished my dinner, I went back on my Ps4 and I played some games. After a day of fun, I was exhausted so I went to bed at 9.00 p.m.

Week 29 School tour by Rhys

One Friday morning, I was extremely happy because I had a school tour that day. Before we went, our teacher asked, ‘What animal do you want to see the most?’.  I said a giraffe. Then we got on the bus and when we arrived we got some time to eat. I got chips with salt and a Coca Cola. The chips were so greasy! Then my friends ice cream melted. John brought his soccer ball so we played a game. Suddenly, the ball went into the rhino cave. I told my teacher that I saw a big brown giraffe. “Look at the penguins Miss” said one of the boys. “I see a train teacher, can we go on it” I pleaded. She said we could. “Look boys, I see monkeys eating bananas!” “Those flamingos are sleeping!” Then, we went to the shop where I bought a brown toy monkey before we went home.

Week 29 My Birthday by Benny

August 22

I woke up at 7:30 on Monday and I was so excited! It was my birthday. I rushed downstairs and gobbled down my breakfast. I had to wait for my sister to wake up which took a while. My present was quite big. I opened it and saw a baby giraffe! He looked at me and smiled. We went to a cafe afterwards. We left the giraffe at home. I had greasy fries with a salty burger. For dessert, I had a melted brown chocolate ice-cream. When we came home the house was a mess. We couldn’t find the giraffe. We had left the window open!

Week 29 Scuba Diving by Dylan

Today, I am going scuba diving for the first time.

I went to Jungle Jills swimwear and saw funny giraffe speedos but I decided on a cool shark scuba suit.

Before we went to the boat, we got McDonalds and I got a greasy Big Mac and salty chips.

I got a weirdly brown milkshake and a McFlurry that melted before I got to even touch it .

When we finally got out to sea, we dived into the water and I was amazed. I saw 4 dolphins and an array of beautifully colored fish.

I saw a huge fish coming towards me. It slammed into me .

I started to bleed……



Week 29 The Time Cafe by Liam O

One boiling hot day in a town in Spain, there was a cafe. The cafe was different because they served cooked giraffe, greasy brown salt and melted white chocolate on a plate with strawberry and raspberry. But…the most crazy thing was that they served old foods that you can’t get anymore. Some say that they preserve the foods because the cafe was first established in 1697. Others say that there is a time portal somewhere in the building. One day, fifty soldiers barged into the building and ordered everyone to exit the building including the staff but the manager refused. He pointed a gun at the soldiers and ordered them to not search the building…they did it anyway. They searched the upstairs and the kitchen. Then they checked the basement and saw a portal two minutes later. They were never seen again….

Week 29 The Extraordinary Zoo by Kristupas

It’s Wednesday and we’re going to the zoo today. I’m very excited to see all of the brown giraffes. Dad told us to pack any type of food but I know there is a restaurant there that he might not be aware of. We had to wake up at eight o clock but we left home at eleven. Mom said I could get an ice-cream before we got there. While at the zoo, I ate most of my ice-cream and the rest melted. After a while, we went to see the seals and they told us the seals swim in real salt water. We went to the restaurant and they gave us and everyone a free greasy chicken wing. That was my day.

Week 29 Planet Strange By Joe

Yes, it really is a place that exists. Everything is odd on this planet. Most of the things are very different or completely the opposite to Earth. I’m visiting for a week and right now I’m at the zoo.

After a while of looking around, I finally saw something that I could sort of recognize. I didn’t know what it was for a while and then I saw a sign that said : ‘Giraffe’. Moments later, a greasy giraffe appeared to be melting in brown salt. Nobody really cared so I left quickly. Let’s hope that the rest of my holiday isn’t as strange as this zoo!

Week 29 A Day Out By Adam

We were in the zoo having fun while our mom and dad were in the cafe having a salty drink. After that, we went and saw a brown giraffe. We went to see what food was in the shop there and it had some weird greasy foods. We were having so much fun and we even found a pitch to play hurling in!!! When we were done hurling, we went home! The next day we went and bought a pet hamster. It is really cool and we love it!!! I was eating chocolate and it was so warm it melted! In the end we were really happy!!!

Week 29 The Cafe by Colin

I strolled into the new café “Melted Giraffe Café”. The smell of brown salt and cooked giraffe was strong. The service was very nice and I got my chicken wings in no time. I ordered a 99 cone but it melted in my hand. After I finished my food, my fingers were very greasy. I washed my hands and left the café. I walked down to the beach and set up my blanket. Suddenly, I saw something glimmer out of the corner of my eye. I crawled over and dug it up. Unexpectedly, a gush of wind swept me up and dropped me in a weirdly strange land. “Where am I?” I muttered…

Week 29 The Zoo Adventure By Evan

‘Mom can we go to the zoo today?’. ‘Yes’, she replied, with a smile on her face. So we got the car ready. And I put a dairy milk bar in my pocket before we went. A few minutes later. We’re here I said. So we went in and had a look around. We saw some lions, cubs and zebras too. But then, we saw this weird giraffe which had brown spots on it. But then, the most unusual thing was it started to eat salt. Then I got bored so I took the bar from my pocket but it was melted and greasy so we went home. THE END.

Week 29 The Zoo by Conor C

I asked Dad ‘Can I bring my friend?’ and Dad said ‘Yes’. Then, he took us so we were happy. We went to the car and started our journey to Cork city. It took 3 hours and we decided to go play soccer. We then went to the zoo to see the giraffes. We went to the shop to buy some sweets but we were happy enough to just get tic tacs. We didn’t spend all of our pocket money which meant we would have more for our next trip. Lucky us! We then decided to make our way home. The End.

Week 29 The Lamp by Ben

I was at the beach. Swimming in the salty sea water. I was swimming for at least three hours. When I came out we went to get ice-cream. Even though it melted away really quickly because it was so hot. When I finished the ice-cream my brother and I went to build a ship in the sand. But when we were half way though digging we saw something. It looked very old. It sort of looked like a teapot. I picked it up and there was a carving on it. It said ‘Genie Lamp’.  When I opened it, there was a giant puff of smoke. Then, some one appeared in front of me. He had a neck like a giraffe and big greasy brown hands. He said he could grant any three wishes.

Week 29: A Day Away: By Dan

Today, I am going to visit my cousin Tim. He lives near the beach. He says the sand is golden brown and the sea is crystal clear. Eventually, I arrived at his house but there was no one there. I took out my map of the town and  searched for a cafe called the ‘Tall Giraffe’. I knew Tim worked there. It was a melting hot day and all I wanted to do was to dip my feet in the cool salt water but I promised to meet Tim. I walked to the cafe and was offered a greasy burger by Tim . It was a great day away.

Week 29 The Cafe by Warren

All was going well. I recently got a job in the cafe in town. I loved it there. I was a waiter and the staff were really nice.  Sometimes it was hard because the food could be greasy, melted or slippery. One day, I was on my way to work. I was just in the parking lot when I saw a man get kicked out. I was curious to see what had happened but I didn’t say anything. Things were strange, I even had to serve a brown giraffe. The food looked weird that day, even the salt looked odd.  A man almost choked on it so when I brought the dish back into the kitchen, I overheard the manager say “our plan to kill him didn’t work”. I went in and said “I heard your plan”…