Week 31: Catastrophe: By Dan

It was a horrendous stormy night on the yacht.                                                              The waves crashed over the bow viciously. I could feel we were getting lower in the water every minute.

SUDDENLY! A flare illuminated the sky and then the cry went up, ABANDON SHIP!

I put on proper clothes and ran quickly onto the deck. I ran downstairs and I knew there was Mini Submarines below deck.

At that moment the freezing water froze me solid. It looked like I had to go into the crammed lifeboats. I was lucky there was only one left and I quickly jumped in.

All that was left of the yacht was the anchor.



Week 31 The Anchor by Rhys

‘What is that?’, I said confused. ‘It’s an anchor!’, said Chris. His dad owns the ship so he thinks he can bully us. The cabin boys stopped to get the anchor. Some of the cabin boys got off, I got off and my friend Ryan helped me. At that time, there was a war. ‘That’s why I’m here, it’s WW2’, said Ryan. He told me that we were in Germany. My mom lived in England and she told me to find a boat and go on it. I did. I found a boat and a bullet barely passed me. I saw another boat and quickly hopped on it. The End.

Week 31 The Anchor by Conor H

I was on the way to the beach when my family saw this tourist attraction. There was a lot of tourists around the object. We went over to have a look. Beside it there was a note saying ‘This is the anchor from the yacht 735 that went missing during a storm today. Still not found’.

I wanted to be the one to find it so I asked if I could buy a swim suit. My  Mom and Dad said ‘Yes but you have to buy it with your own money’. ‘Yes!’, I thought. I could buy it because it is 50 euro and I have exactly that.

I bought the swim suit so I could set off on my search to find the yacht….

Week 31: The Wreck: By Liam A

Today, my brother and I are going to see the first fifty four foot yacht to ever set sail. We packed a picnic because we knew it was going to be a very long day. We said goodbye to Mom and Dad and started our walk to the harbor. After a while we finally got there. We set up the picnic and saw the yacht. It was gigantic! The countdown started 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 SET SAIL!!! The boat took off like a shot. I packed my binoculars to see it when it was further out. I looked through them but a glimpse of my eye spotted a dark cloud.

It was too late. The boat was gone.

A few days later, all that was left was the white anchor.

Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan

Yes! I have completed my beautiful roadside attraction.

First it looks like a guitar with “Beatz” headphones but if you press a button on it, it turns into a colossal Orca (Killer Whale) tank.

But one day it went wrong….

It started off like a normal day .

A little boy called Chris walked up to my attraction with a baseball bat and started hitting it .

I swiftly ran over to him and gave out to him.

“Don’t do that”, I said sternly to him.

But it turns out it was a trick because my tank was gone and so was Chris….



Week 31 The Loss of the Anchor by Kristupas

On Tuesday 21st of May I was taken by a group of pirates known as ‘Zankadar’. I was outside at the time and they took my friend and I. They took us up to the ship. I was terrified. My best friend Cian and I stayed together most of the time only until they told us that we had to mine and go to bed in different rooms. But then Cian said my necklace was the only thing that could save us. We were sailing  very fast and the anchor fell off. That’s when I knew it was time for me to strike. Everyone was distracted so I sneaked up to the captain and…

Week 31 The Guitar by Joe

Lots of popular tourist attractions are old but this attraction is practically new. It is a big guitar but half of it is in the rocks. It’s on a rock beach and it’s getting a lot of attention.

Most of the people that see it are on their holidays. It’s been a year since they put it up. To me it looks like it can take anything. No matter what the weather, it is going down very well with locals and tourists. We saw it again and everybody is proud of it. That just shows how little things make a very big difference to a little town like mine.

Week 31 Mystery Anchor By Colin

I was walking down to the harbor. My first time on a yacht and it could be my last. I strolled down a small bridge to the changing room. I came out in my sailor kit and my peak hat with the marble anchor. I hopped onto the fifty foot yacht that was bobbing in the water. I waited until my crew were on board and then I released the anchor. We could see a storm brewing in the distance but sailed on proudly. Twenty years on, a small boy called John was walking on the beach when he saw a white marble anchor. Now the anchor is a special monument.

Week 31 The Anchor By Adam

I was out on sea going around the world when we saw a statue of an anchor on land! We rowed to the island and took a closer look and there was a red circle around it. Near it there was a beach and we went over to it and made some friends! We stayed on the island for a few days and then we went home. We remembered our friends because we had pictures of them! A few days after we arrived home we saw a ship on the shore. “It was them, it was our friends” I shouted! They moved in with us for a while, then they got a house and we were all happy! The End!

Week 30 Gerald’s Best Day Ever by Liam O

One rainy day in a town on the west coast of Ireland, lived a man who was always sad. He would always look down with a frown. He would never ever leave his house and when he did he wouldn’t interact with anyone. When he did interact with someone it was always his family members. But one day there was a town gathering he didn’t go to (obviously). The people made a plan to make him happy. The plan was to get a comedian and the town used all of their money to buy the best comedian in their local area. The person that was going to call the comedian dropped their phone into the river. After the phone fell into the river Gerald came over to the river. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing and the people never liked him ever again. THE END.

Week 30 SHARKS by Paul

Sharks are found in all the oceans of the world. Some are fierce meat eaters that rip their pray to shreds, others feed on tiny plants and animals called plankton that drift along in the ocean currents.

Our planet was formed around 4,600 million years ago. The first living creatures appeared roughly 1,200 million years later. Then in 1974, Peter Benchley released JAWS the novel and one year later Universal asked Peter if they could make a movie about this and Peter didn’t mind. So in 1975 ‘Jaws the Movie’ came out. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing at the shark attacks because it was funny. THE END.

Week 30 The Holiday By Rhys

Today I am really excited because I am going to Belgium. On the plane, I had to sit next to Phil my cousin then my mom said Uncle Gerald is sitting with you. I said ‘okay’. But really I wanted to sit with my cousin on the plane. Phil is seven and he is crazy. I am eleven and I am normal. Gerald was telling us jokes. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing, either could Phil. ‘We’re here thank God’, we said. We landed in Brussels and we went to a restaurant and then we went to the hotel. We saw a museum and then we went to the fun park. We ate waffles and chocolate and lots lots more.


Week 30 Gerald’s First Laugh By Evan

Hi my name is Gerald. I am 8 years old and I live in England. I was born with a special condition that meant that I could not laugh. In 2017, I won an award for not being able to laugh. But I was never allowed to watch things like YouTube or any such websites. But what I hated was whenever I looked out my window, I could see kids making funny jokes that made them laugh. But nothing could make me laugh. One day, my Mom was on YouTube and she wanted to show me a funny video. I watched it very closely and for the first time, Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The End.

Week 30 Amazing Amusement by Aidan

‘This is going to be a great day’, I exclaimed, as I walked into Luna Park with my best friend Gerald. ‘What should we go on first?’ asked Gerald, with a smile on his face. ‘Hey Gerald I think we should go on the get out’, I said in a cringe worthy manner. I wondered why but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. After that, we ran up to the tsunami ride and watched it go spinning around and around. ‘Gerald do you want to go on that?’ I asked as I pointed towards it. ‘Yes what kind of question is that’, said Gerald as we walked onto the tsunami. This is going to be fun, I thought, as we walked on…

Week 30 The Carnival by Conor H

One Saturday afternoon I was off to the carnival with my friend Gerald. At the carnival we went on everything like the ferris wheel mirror maze.

First we went on the ferris wheel and that was really fun!

Next we into the mirror maze and that was great because we kept on walking into mirrors and hitting our heads off of them.

But the best thing was the obstacle course because Gerald fell on his face and if you are wondering what he went into, it was a pile of mud and Gerald just could not stop laughing at himself.

Week 30: The Evil comedian: by Liam A

It was a dark and stormy night. There was a comedian who thought he was funny but he really wasn’t funny. So after a while he began to get angry and bought a book about hypnotism. Then, when he mastered hypnotizing people, he begun his shows again. After just two shows he was the most famous comedian in the world. Everyone went to see him. So one day Gerald and I went and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. After a while, he was on the television. But he had one problem, he didn’t know that he wasn’t able to hypnotize through a television. So he started getting complaints and wasn’t allowed to play again.

Week 30 The Sailor by Warren

It was a normal Saturday morning and my father was a bit wound up by me because I kept asking him could I go and sail a boat. I didn’t care what size, what width, what length or anything like that. I just knew I wanted to sail. My father’s name is Gerald and he is a very popular sailor. He has sailed all his life and still hasn’t stopped. My mother said he should give me a chance and then Gerald couldn’t stop laughing. So one day, I had the bravery to go out to sea on a boat. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I got too confident and five minutes in, a big wave came flying at me. ‘Aaaaahhhhhhhh’, I shouted…

Week 30: Cousins Club: By Dan

It was midday and nearly time for the first cousins club meeting in Gerald’s new tree-house. They were planning to spy on his brother Mack’s base.

Gerald was bringing Nerf guns in case things got messy. At 12:15, Gerald set off for the tree-house. The cousins were already waiting for him when he arrived. They had a quick chat and assembled all their designated possessions.

As Gerald walked to his spot, he heard Mack’s friend shout “Look over there!”. Gerald looked up and saw a finger pointing straight at him.

The enemy pulled out his Nerf gun and started shooting Gerald.

At that moment, Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Mack emerged tied up. Olaf his cousin had tied him.

It was a victory worth remembering.

Week 30 The Blobfish By Ronan

One nice sunny day, my friend Gerald and I were walking home from school. We passed the zoo and I asked Gerald if he wanted to take a walk in there. He instantly said yes. We walked into the new aquarium. I went to the unique fish section while Gerald went to get a burger. Suddenly, a miserable little fish jigged past. I followed it to get a closer look. It’s extremely fat nose hung over its sad little mouth. My smile was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. When Gerald came back with his burger, he took one look at my face and then at the fish. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

Week 30 My Holiday in Tenerife by Kristupas

On Thursday 22nd of May we went to Tenerife. It was a two hour long flight but totally worth it. When we got there we got on a bus. It took us one hour to get to our hotel and when we got there we realized that the place was huge, especially the pool. The next day, I found this person called Gerald and the second I said ‘how is it going?’ he wanted to be friends. Then Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! It wasn’t even a joke but after that we went everywhere together around the hotel and when I had to go home he bought me a pretzel. And so that was the end of my holiday.

Week 30 The Movies by Conor C

Gerald and I went to the movies to see a comedy and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! Gerald and I both hopped on our bikes and went to a soccer match. We just couldn’t stop laughing. We later got a Burger King and then we went home to go to sleep. The next day, after we went out for dinner, we went to the park to walk our dog and then we played at Gerald’s house. The following day, we got up, got ready and went to school as usual. We were very tired from all the laughing. The End.

Week 30 The Aquarium By Benny

Gerald was going to the zoo but it was booked out. Instead Gerald went to the aquarium. Gerald was fifteen years old at the time and was interested in fish. Immediately after he arrived he saw John. John didn’t like Gerald so he teased him. “What are you doing here Gerald? I thought you were in the fish tank with your fish friends,” snapped John. Gerald quickly went to the other side of the aquarium. In there, he saw a funny fish who kept crashing from wall to wall. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing! He went into a storage room because he was making so much noise. Suddenly, John locked Gerald in. “Who’s laughing now?” chuckled John.

Week 30 Gerald By Joe

Hi, my name is Joe I have a little brother called Gerald. The thing about him is that if he does something funny and people laugh, he starts laughing even though he doesn’t understand.

Right now we are at the zoo. We’ve seen a lot of animals but not enough for him so we stopped to eat. “Are you having good time?”, asked Mum. “Yeah”! responded Gerald. After a minute we saw the monkey box and it was distracting Gerald. Suddenly, a monkey jumped at the window and gave Gerald such a fright that he fell over.

We all started laughing and of course Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

Week 30 The amusement park by Colin

‘That’s a scam for £15’ protested mum as we strolled past an arcade game. ‘I know’, said dad annoyed as well. We walked over to a game where you fish up ducks. Gerald my twin wanted to play so mum gave him £2. After that, Gerald had a smug smile on his face as he won a teddy bear. IT WAS MASSIVE!! I asked if we could go to the mirror maze and dad said ‘sure’. When we got there we paid and went in. My reflection was all goofy. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I walked away and grunted. Suddenly, I walked straight into a mirror.

Week 30 At The Amusement Park By Adam

Gerald and I were at the amusement park and we decided to race on the obstacle course! I ran into a mirror wall and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!!! In the end I beat him and when I went back to find him he was stuck on the hamster roller! I waited for him to finish and then we went to get some popcorn and watched a movie in the theater. It was called ‘The cat of nine lives’! It was good and when it was over we went home! We really enjoyed the rest of the day! The End!

Week 30 Jaws by Dylan

To celebrate Shark Week, Fota Wildlife Park got a great white shark called Jaws.

My mom is taking my friend Gerald and I to see it!

On the way I brought my tablet and we watched the film Jaws to get pumped up for the shark.

When we arrived there it was packed.

We saw a lot of animals before the shark like giraffes zebras cheetahs and bison.

The cheetahs were cool because they were so fast.

When we got to the shark a bird pooped on my head.

Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop laughing in time to see the shark break the glass behind him……..

Week 29 Restaurant By Conor H

“Yuck” I shout as a greasy cooked giraffe appears on my plate for starters. Eating this was really hard as it was tasteless without any flavouring in it so I put some brown salt on it and it actually tasted quite good.

Now I am waiting for the main course and I think I am going to vomit.

Here is the melted spider on my plate, I am about to throw it over my head but then my dessert comes out and it is ice cream, finally back to normal.

Week 29 The zoo by Aidan

I am going to the zoo today. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun. Tom and Charlie, my closest friends, are coming with me. I got up and went down stairs to have delicious granola. I went back upstairs and got dressed. Then, Tom and Charlie arrived and we got into the car. When we got there, the first thing we saw was a giraffe. Half way through the day, we got a brown chocolate ice-cream and it started to melt. We saw some other animals and drove home. On the way home, we stopped at Burger King and got a greasy burger each and chips with salt. “This is the best day ever” I whispered to myself as I took another massive bite out of the burger.

Week 29 The Brown Giraffe By Ronan

One completely average Monday, my mom told me we were going to the zoo which was normal seeing as we lived right next to it. My mom laid a leaflet out on the table and something caught my eye. There was a picture of a brown giraffe eating grass. Five minutes later, I was at the zoo staring up at the giraffe. It looked happy to see everyone. A zoo keeper slowly approached the giraffe. The giraffe turned around so everyone could see his surprisingly greasy tail. The zookeeper zapped the giraffe and it let out a tiny shriek. Its eyes started to melt as if someone poured salt water on his eyes.

Week 29 My Day by Sean

On the day of my birthday my family went out for dinner. I got a greasy burger, brown chocolate ice cream and a toy giraffe. After we ate our food, my dessert of ice cream melted so I threw it in the bin. When we got home, it was very late so we went to bed.

The next day I played on Ps4 with my friends for a couple of hours. Afterwards, I went down for dinner where I got a burger and chips. When I finished my dinner, I went back on my Ps4 and I played some games. After a day of fun, I was exhausted so I went to bed at 9.00 p.m.