Week 29 School tour by Rhys

One Friday morning, I was extremely happy because I had a school tour that day. Before we went, our teacher asked, ‘What animal do you want to see the most?’.  I said a giraffe. Then we got on the bus and when we arrived we got some time to eat. I got chips with salt and a Coca Cola. The chips were so greasy! Then my friends ice cream melted. John brought his soccer ball so we played a game. Suddenly, the ball went into the rhino cave. I told my teacher that I saw a big brown giraffe. “Look at the penguins Miss” said one of the boys. “I see a train teacher, can we go on it” I pleaded. She said we could. “Look boys, I see monkeys eating bananas!” “Those flamingos are sleeping!” Then, we went to the shop where I bought a brown toy monkey before we went home.

Week 29 My Birthday by Benny

August 22

I woke up at 7:30 on Monday and I was so excited! It was my birthday. I rushed downstairs and gobbled down my breakfast. I had to wait for my sister to wake up which took a while. My present was quite big. I opened it and saw a baby giraffe! He looked at me and smiled. We went to a cafe afterwards. We left the giraffe at home. I had greasy fries with a salty burger. For dessert, I had a melted brown chocolate ice-cream. When we came home the house was a mess. We couldn’t find the giraffe. We had left the window open!

Week 29 Scuba Diving by Dylan

Today, I am going scuba diving for the first time.

I went to Jungle Jills swimwear and saw funny giraffe speedos but I decided on a cool shark scuba suit.

Before we went to the boat, we got McDonalds and I got a greasy Big Mac and salty chips.

I got a weirdly brown milkshake and a McFlurry that melted before I got to even touch it .

When we finally got out to sea, we dived into the water and I was amazed. I saw 4 dolphins and an array of beautifully colored fish.

I saw a huge fish coming towards me. It slammed into me .

I started to bleed……



Week 29 The Time Cafe by Liam O

One boiling hot day in a town in Spain, there was a cafe. The cafe was different because they served cooked giraffe, greasy brown salt and melted white chocolate on a plate with strawberry and raspberry. But…the most crazy thing was that they served old foods that you can’t get anymore. Some say that they preserve the foods because the cafe was first established in 1697. Others say that there is a time portal somewhere in the building. One day, fifty soldiers barged into the building and ordered everyone to exit the building including the staff but the manager refused. He pointed a gun at the soldiers and ordered them to not search the building…they did it anyway. They searched the upstairs and the kitchen. Then they checked the basement and saw a portal two minutes later. They were never seen again….

Week 29 The Extraordinary Zoo by Kristupas

It’s Wednesday and we’re going to the zoo today. I’m very excited to see all of the brown giraffes. Dad told us to pack any type of food but I know there is a restaurant there that he might not be aware of. We had to wake up at eight o clock but we left home at eleven. Mom said I could get an ice-cream before we got there. While at the zoo, I ate most of my ice-cream and the rest melted. After a while, we went to see the seals and they told us the seals swim in real salt water. We went to the restaurant and they gave us and everyone a free greasy chicken wing. That was my day.

Week 29 Planet Strange By Joe

Yes, it really is a place that exists. Everything is odd on this planet. Most of the things are very different or completely the opposite to Earth. I’m visiting for a week and right now I’m at the zoo.

After a while of looking around, I finally saw something that I could sort of recognize. I didn’t know what it was for a while and then I saw a sign that said : ‘Giraffe’. Moments later, a greasy giraffe appeared to be melting in brown salt. Nobody really cared so I left quickly. Let’s hope that the rest of my holiday isn’t as strange as this zoo!

Week 29 A Day Out By Adam

We were in the zoo having fun while our mom and dad were in the cafe having a salty drink. After that, we went and saw a brown giraffe. We went to see what food was in the shop there and it had some weird greasy foods. We were having so much fun and we even found a pitch to play hurling in!!! When we were done hurling, we went home! The next day we went and bought a pet hamster. It is really cool and we love it!!! I was eating chocolate and it was so warm it melted! In the end we were really happy!!!

Week 29 The Cafe by Colin

I strolled into the new café “Melted Giraffe Café”. The smell of brown salt and cooked giraffe was strong. The service was very nice and I got my chicken wings in no time. I ordered a 99 cone but it melted in my hand. After I finished my food, my fingers were very greasy. I washed my hands and left the café. I walked down to the beach and set up my blanket. Suddenly, I saw something glimmer out of the corner of my eye. I crawled over and dug it up. Unexpectedly, a gush of wind swept me up and dropped me in a weirdly strange land. “Where am I?” I muttered…

Week 29 The Zoo Adventure By Evan

‘Mom can we go to the zoo today?’. ‘Yes’, she replied, with a smile on her face. So we got the car ready. And I put a dairy milk bar in my pocket before we went. A few minutes later. We’re here I said. So we went in and had a look around. We saw some lions, cubs and zebras too. But then, we saw this weird giraffe which had brown spots on it. But then, the most unusual thing was it started to eat salt. Then I got bored so I took the bar from my pocket but it was melted and greasy so we went home. THE END.

Week 29 The Zoo by Conor C

I asked Dad ‘Can I bring my friend?’ and Dad said ‘Yes’. Then, he took us so we were happy. We went to the car and started our journey to Cork city. It took 3 hours and we decided to go play soccer. We then went to the zoo to see the giraffes. We went to the shop to buy some sweets but we were happy enough to just get tic tacs. We didn’t spend all of our pocket money which meant we would have more for our next trip. Lucky us! We then decided to make our way home. The End.

Week 29 The Lamp by Ben

I was at the beach. Swimming in the salty sea water. I was swimming for at least three hours. When I came out we went to get ice-cream. Even though it melted away really quickly because it was so hot. When I finished the ice-cream my brother and I went to build a ship in the sand. But when we were half way though digging we saw something. It looked very old. It sort of looked like a teapot. I picked it up and there was a carving on it. It said ‘Genie Lamp’.  When I opened it, there was a giant puff of smoke. Then, some one appeared in front of me. He had a neck like a giraffe and big greasy brown hands. He said he could grant any three wishes.

Week 29: A Day Away: By Dan

Today, I am going to visit my cousin Tim. He lives near the beach. He says the sand is golden brown and the sea is crystal clear. Eventually, I arrived at his house but there was no one there. I took out my map of the town and  searched for a cafe called the ‘Tall Giraffe’. I knew Tim worked there. It was a melting hot day and all I wanted to do was to dip my feet in the cool salt water but I promised to meet Tim. I walked to the cafe and was offered a greasy burger by Tim . It was a great day away.

Week 29 The Cafe by Warren

All was going well. I recently got a job in the cafe in town. I loved it there. I was a waiter and the staff were really nice.  Sometimes it was hard because the food could be greasy, melted or slippery. One day, I was on my way to work. I was just in the parking lot when I saw a man get kicked out. I was curious to see what had happened but I didn’t say anything. Things were strange, I even had to serve a brown giraffe. The food looked weird that day, even the salt looked odd.  A man almost choked on it so when I brought the dish back into the kitchen, I overheard the manager say “our plan to kill him didn’t work”. I went in and said “I heard your plan”…

Week 29: The Trip To The Zoo : Liam A

It was a melting hot day outside. So my dad, my brother and I decided to go to the zoo. We all got our clothes ready. Then, we went out the door and into the car. After a while we arrived at the zoo. It was packed. We looked for a parking space and eventually found one. After a long walk, we reached the tall brown gates and on the wall was a giraffe with brown spots.

After a while my brother and I began to get hungry so we went into the shop and got burgers and chips. The burgers were greasy and the chips had the perfect amount of salt. When we saw all the animals it was time to go home. Best day ever.

Week 28 The Ratsters By Colin

I was standing in front of the cage. “Deep breaths” called Professor Newton from the corner of the lab. I slowly unwrapped the metal string that was connecting the door to the cage. I dropped the piece of metal to the floor and took the cage door off. The ratster climbed out of the cage. I took the syringe from my pocket. Swiftly stabbing the back of the ratster, I took a sufficient amount of fluid from it’s body. It collapsed onto the counter. “Is it dead?”, I asked. “I’m not sure!, replied Professor. At that moment, the creature slid onto the floor leaving a trail of liquid. Suddenly, the liquid started to pop and move closer to me before I was smothered in the slime. I could not breathe…

Week 28 The Kidnapper by Warren

There were less creatures everyday. There would always be at least five birds outside the back garden but now it’s down to two. It’s getting strange. I barely see any cats nowadays either and believe me my estate was full of cats before. So one day, I went adventuring around and everything seemed normal. Just then, I looked to my right and a cat disappeared into a black portal. I knew it was risky but I did it. When I got in, it looked dark and was infested with moss. Then, the sight that revealed everything. It was a  weird looking man putting all sorts of animals into black cloaks. It turned out he was he was trying to take every animal from my neighbourhood so I just ran. What next?

Week 28 Mega Shark by Dylan

Yes, I have created a new species of shark by adding the DNA of a Megalodon I found in a prehistoric mosquito and inserted it into the body of a Great White Shark. The baby of the female Great White is the size of her mother.

My friend Freddie was feeding my mega shark when he fell into the tank. The Mega shark immediately shot like a rocket towards him and bit his leg. At first Freddie was bleeding and screaming but then he started changing. His teeth grew the size of daggers, he grew a fin and gills and jumped out of the tank , jumped at me and sunk his teeth deep into my neck.






Week28 The End of The World Year 2068 by Sean

On the day those creatures came, everything changed. When the army was attacked, they were already doomed. There were about ten ships carrying those creatures. When the leader came down, he killed everyone. Every last one of them.

People called him the destroyer of worlds. There is only a few thousand people in the world because of him. A couple years later, I got a message saying if anyone gets this, in the forest there is a bunker full of food, water and guns. When I got to the bunker, there was a lot of people . The people were planning an attack. A couple of months later, we attacked. After a few hours, we won.

Week 28: The Last Day: Dan

SMASH!  I could see a whole army of them crawling rapidly towards the lawn. I grabbed my bike and pedaled as fast as I possibly could. I needed to go to NASA . They were flying their last Rocket to Mars today, it was the only way to avoid the mutant lizards.

I could feel the air around me getting dense from their toxic skin. I was nearly there. I knew I couldn’t give in. I hopped off my bike and ran up the ramp to the door of the rocket and threw myself in. There was a lot of people inside. I closed the door and sat down.

“Mars, here I come”, I breathed.

Week 28 Zombie Invasion by Ben

I woke up and I was in hospital. There was no one else in the room. I got out of the bed. I looked out at the city and it seemed completely abandoned. No cars, no people, nothing. So I walked around the hospital and it too was abandoned. So I walked around the city and then I saw it. It wore a black cloak and it somewhat resembled a face. It made a screech and started running at me with incredible speed. I didn’t know what it was but it didn’t look very friendly. I started running as fast as I could but I was no match. It was just too fast…

Week 28 The Boy Surprise by Jack

One stormy night I was asleep in bed when I heard a noise outside. It was a van that pulled up to the drive of my house. I looked out the window and saw men in black masks. I ran into his Mom's room but she was gone. I hid under my Mom's bed but then I saw the men's feet. Who were these people?, I thought. 
Then, they grabbed me from under the bed. As I was pulled into the van, I remembered it was my 12th birthday. I was growing more and more scared as I was dragged into a room. "Surprise!", everyone shouted. It was a surprise party for me. And what a surprise it was!


Week 28 The Ratspunks by Aidan

“Open the cage”, I said, looking straight at the Rat-spunk. It was a beastly thing made in the lab. Ever since we made the first one, it had given birth to more. The cage slowly opened, the Rat-spunk crawled out. “Okay you can touch it now”, I whispered. “Slowly Ryan, slowly”, I said, as he edged towards it. “Ryan, it’s growling step away from it!”. It was too late, it had bit him. His face began to wrinkle, his teeth grew into daggers and his face turned red. Suddenly, Ryan jumped onto the test tubes, smashing them all. Glass dug into his body. All of the Rat-spunks had escaped and they were quickly vanishing. Before long, they were all gone. As Ryan jumped at me, I grabbed a bat and swung it. All that was left was Ryan’s unconscious body.

Week 28 Aliens VS Humans! WAR! By Adam

Everyone lived in the forest and they needed the trees for oxygen but also shade from the rain! Suddenly, trees started falling. People thought it was the wind but it was certainly more than that. In reality, it was the aliens using their invisible potions. The landlord was getting very angry! The aliens attacked again but this time their invisible potions ran out. We chased them back to their home and killed thirty out of thirty-five of them! The last five were a family of two parents and three children!!! Then, we found them, killed them and took their home because ours was destroyed. It’s safe to say, my friends had mixed emotions.  THE END!!!!

Week 28: The Heart of the Tsunami: Liam A

It was the day Jake, Robert and I were going to a planet that nobody else had ever been to. It was 500,000 miles left of the Sun. We were all shaking with fear. If one thing went wrong we would destroy everyone’s hopes for the mission. The power was held in our hands.

The rocket was being lined up for lift off.  We all went into the changing room to get ready for space. The realization hit me at that moment. This rocket was the fastest rocket in the world. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off. We were in the air and a little over a year later, we were there. At long last! The place was wet and soggy. When we got off, we looked around. “It’s a TSUNAMI, RUN!”. What will happen next?

Week 28 Zombie War Conor C

I was walking in to the forest when I got lost. It was so dark, I decided to find a space, set up and go to sleep. I would see more in the daylight. I got up at sunrise. I was walking around and around before I decided to leave the forest.

I continued on my journey and I found myself walking beside the sea. which I saw a zombie and I killed him. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a boat so I pulled myself into it. Within the boat, there were more zombies but at least there were none on the land. I was happy and I went into the shop. ‘Where am I?’ I asked. ‘CORK CITY’, the shopkeeper replied. I went home and ate my dinner as normal, like any other ordinary day. But nothing about that day was ordinary.

Week 28 The unusual visit by Stas

I’m in my car going to Kate’s house. I have my camera rolling. Suddenly, I lost control of the car. I still made it to Kate’s house, just about. It was getting dark. I could hear footsteps creeping up behind me. I’m terrified. As I approached the door, I noticed a ‘SOLD’sign on the door but the door was wide open. I could not believe my eyes. There were drawings everywhere, plastered on the walls. Clues perhaps? In the pictures stood a tall man who appeared to be in the woods. I made my way to the kitchen and the phone was dead. Luckily, there was a flashlight. I took it, closed the doors and continued outside…

Week 28 The Space Virus By Evan

We went to a planet light years away. It’s name was A3-56. We detected the planet. But the planet was infected with a toxic unusual virus that would deteorite the trees and plants. Then the bottom of the tree would stay and grow into black toxic vines with a nuclear mossy rock on top.We looked around and it was really bright. Then I suddenly flew into the air with my friends. “That’s weird”, we thought. Then we saw strange looking spiders and worms. They infested the place. My friends and I looked into one of the spiders eyes. Then, one of my friends smiled at me…It was all just a dream.

Week 28 The Crash By Benny

All I saw was smoke and dust. My arm was bleeding. I was looking for my first-aid kit. When I found it, I wrapped my arm in bandages. I had bigger problems like what happened and where I was. All I remember was my spaceship. When the dust cleared, I took the necessary supplies and went to explore. I took off my helmet and realised I could breathe on this planet! I saw some sort of bog ahead. When I went to it I realised it was a home. “Hello?”, someone said. “I can fix your ship.” It was a human! I nodded my head. When he fixed my ship we went back to earth. “How did you end up there?” I asked. “I crashed 4 years ago and learned to survive”.

Week 28 “We messed up!” by Kristupas

One day, I must have wished for a disaster and it happened! If you don’t know what I mean, let me explain. A hurricane occured in the sea and it was all over the news . They said a tsunami would strike but nobody really believed them but we should have. Two days before the tsunami, everything was awesome. I went all around the country and then it happened. Everything was flooded and destroyed but I some how lived. Everyone in the area was severely injured. My house was gone. What should I do next. I have never been more scared in my life.


Week 28 The Zombie War by Rhys

“What? Where am I? I need help!”, I shouted. It’s not going to work.  Then, I fell down.  There were zombies everywhere. They were coming for me. Suddenly, a hand came out of the hole and he pulled me up. He was called Kayden. “How can we get out of here?”,  I asked.  “I don’t know, I’ve been here for two years”, he replied.  “There’s a rocket over there”, he shouted. As we ran we said “we’re free!”.  We went into it but it would not work. Then, we found a shop and I asked the worker “do you have my favourite magazine, GOAL?” This is club world, not earth you can buy something else. I grabbed a bag of sweets. “Two euro please?” I gave him the money and made our journey home.