Week 28 Laser by Joe

Many years ago, aliens invaded Earth. They were banished for a million years and now they’re back stronger than ever. The military are doing everything they can to prevent them from coming .

So far so good. Back on Nelture, things are not looking great for the humans. They’re making a death laser and aiming it at New York .The military have found out what the aliens are up to and they are making a shield to deflect it. It will also hit their laser and destroy their mothership  and we will win the battle once and for all. Will they make it in time?


Week 28 The Fire By Liam O

One hot day in a remote valley, in the forests near Nyiregyhaza bordering Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. A man named Tom was walking in the forest when he heard crackling sounds. He turned and looked around and all he could see was flames spreading all around him. “Help!”, he cried. People that lived near the forest heard his cries and rushed to see what was happening. When they saw what had happened, they immediately called the fire brigade. There was no response so the people called the police. “HELP!” screamed the man. The police went to the fire hydrant and used the water to make a path for the man to get out. Then he dashed out… 24 hours later the fire ended. Trees down, bushes burned, steam everywhere…

Week 28 Swamp Land by Paul

I didn’t know where I was. I was walking through the woods just minding my own business until I stumbled upon this weird muddy swamp place. Then I accidently fell in and for some reason someone was attempting to escape but fell back in. I went to see what it was and it was skeletons along with three survivors. I helped them out and said “Are you OK ?”. They said “No” and that they have been down there for 20 years with only 1 quartilion pieces of food and water . They had one last piece of food and water left. They also said that if I helped them up, I would fall down there with them. I ran home, got the ladder from my tree house and they were finally free.

Week 28 Pollution By Conor H

One dark and stormy night, a man was cutting trees for the Winter. Suddenly, a tree fell onto him and he got a concussion…

“Wake up, wake up”, he heard in his ear.

It was a monkey that could talk. The man got a big fright and ran behind a bush.

But there was a secret with the monkey, he was actually an evil monkey that would break all the trees and pollute the world.

150 years later the world would be his!

That will be us if we don’t stop throwing plastic in the ocean.

Week 28 The Alien Like People by Ronan

One day, I was walking through the forest. I got so bored of walking aimlessly, I decided I would take the off road path. You might think this is a bad idea but trust me, I know this place well. But then I noticed some strange sort of whirlpool. I slowly approached it. Before I knew it, I was flying through some pink green thing. I landed with a thud on the floor. Everything looked completely unfamiliar. I looked around and all I saw was moss covered people rising from the ground. WAIT, MOSS COVERED PEOPLE RISING FROM THE GROUND!!!