Week 32. The loss of Atlantes. By Daniel.

No one knows where the island of Atlantes is right know and everyone just says that a tsunami hit it and caused the island to sink. But I am going to tell you a story of how I thought Atlantes sunk to its death. It all started in the markets in the city. People were going mad because there was a shortage of food. The only food that existed was farm grown food like carrots, potatoes and turnips. Some people wanted to eat other food so they started to heist farms and killed the cows for meat. The king of Atlantes could not stop the robbers and farmers hence they went out of control and a war started. There was only one way to stop this war.The king got his trident and said “should I really do this”? and he struck his trident and the island sunk into the sea…

Week 32 The camping trip by Bryan Q

My friends Conor, Luke, Jamie and I were going on a camping trip for the weekend. We were on the road to the camping site and within two hours, we were there. We started to set up camp. We had everything set up by 8 o’clock and we started to have a campfire and eat some s’mores. Then we went to bed. I woke up at 3 a.m because I heard noises outside. I woke up Conor, Luke and Jamie and when we looked outside and saw a burglar, we called the police. Without delay, we ran into the woods and as we did, we disappeared into the night. The police came ten minutes later and the man ran. The police eventually found him two hours later. We then wondered what he would have done to us if he had got us?

Week 32 The trip by Brian O.K.

(I would like to let you know that this story is most certainly unrealistic). One foggy night I was camping in a field when I saw a sign that read, “Hope you enjoy your stay in @you should probably turn around and go home camping site”. But should we really do this?, I wondered. Eh how bad could it be they have the best internet connection in the country. I saw in a magazine that people go here and never come back it’s so much fun. My friend Larry went here and came back with three fingers on each side. I look forward to seeing our tent.

Week 32 The night by Jayden

One day my friend and I were in the woods. We went to an old abandoned house that we came across on our walk. There was a light on outside. Suddenly, there was a deafening loud noise. There was a man standing at the window. He looked to be an elderly man. It was starting to get dark. My friend and I weren’t sure of the way out of the woods. In no time, the door of the house opened, the man grabbed us and he took us inside.

He locked us up in a cell and put the key on the locker beside him. Eventually, the man fell asleep and we knew this was our only chance. We tried all that we could to reach the key. Luckily, I grabbed it and unlocked the cell. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. We disappeared into the night. Finally, we reached home and Mom rang the police. To our horror, they said that no such house exists.

Week 32 Runaway by Timmy

One creepy night, I woke up and I heard glass being broken. It was Robert with a gun. I alerted my family and we all ran away and we disappeared into the night. However, we were found and taken away into the cold. We woke up and were freezing, shook to the core. We planned to start up a fire but we ran away again. Then, we found a camera and smashed it to pieces. We went to sleep in an old abandoned house because we were really hungry and numb with the cold. We heard another sound and we ran away yet again. We were never seen again. I am sure people searched for us but we were never found.

Week 32 Kidnapped By Donagh!

My friend Jack and I were walking back home when two men came out of nowhere and grabbed us. They put us in a huge room with two beds and one disgusting toilet. One hour later, the two men said that they had a job for us. They said that they had a gold mine and they wanted us to mine at least fifty pieces of gold each and if we did they would let us go but if we didn’t they would keep us there for the rest of our lives. However, when we were going to the mine, we disappeared into the night.

Week 31 A trip to Australia By Zac

Last summer, my family and I went to Australia on holidays. Wow what a long flight!  We were there for three weeks. We did a lot of traveling and sightseeing. My favourite place to visit was Sydney harbour with the Opera House and famous bridge.

While moving up along the Gold Coast, we saw a sign for Ayers Rock. It was a long road trip on dirt roads but it really is one of the great wonders of the world to behold. Have a look at the picture below which my Mom took at sunset.

While we were camping there we had a little intruder. A baby kangaroo popped his head in our tent. Mom and my sister screamed their heads off and woke up me and my Dad. The next day we looked around the tent to see if the kangaroo was still about but he had absconded with some of our food. The little devil!

Week 31 Ship wreck by Bryan Q.

It was a cold foggy night as the crew and I sailed into the unknown. We were relying on the old lighthouse in the distance to guide us along the cold waters beneath. Suddenly, the glaring bright light coming from the lighthouse disappeared. Our only source of light was the full moon up ahead. All of a sudden, the moonlight disappeared. We hit a rock and we went down. We were sinking and we were left to swim to the island.We didn’t know what was going to happen next. Suddenly, we heard a howl from the island…

Week 31 The swamp by Dylan

One night, my brother and I were walking in the desert. We saw a tree and a swamp next to it. I was thinking in my head of Shrek but it’s all a fairytale so we kept walking. We were tired and we needed some where to sleep so we walked in and saw Shrek! I said ‘are you joking?’ and he said ‘GET OUT OF MY SWAMP’! I knew from the second that he shouted that he wasn’t real because Shrek has a British accent, not a German one. But I just wanted to play along so I said ‘who are you?’. He did not reply. We left and we were amazed by how the moon was lurking though the branches of the old tree. What a wonderful sight.

Week 31 What is behind the tree? by Joshua

As I was walking home with my family after our day out we had a nice view of a full moon. My Dad told me that wolves like to come out and play on these nights. I knew he was trying to scare me. As we walked closer to the tree, we began to hear loud howls from some sort of creature. At that moment, my Mum’s face went very pale as she believes my Dad’s every word. My Dad went to check what was behind this tree and after a few seconds he said ‘RUN!!’. I stayed as he always plays tricks on me and that is when we found a little dog that was lost. ‘Can we keep him?’ I asked. ‘Yes’, said Mum.

Week 31: The dark spooky tree by David Hu.

It was a dark night and I was coming home from my friends house. I got lost and before I knew it, I was in the woods. I saw a hill so I ran towards it in the hope that I could see my house. I could not see anything except the moon shining in my eyes and a dark spooky tree. I went towards the tree and leaned on it. Suddenly, my hand was turning black and the tree was starting to move. I ran away from the tree but it was right behind me chasing me. I kept on running and eventually I saw my house. I woke up and it was all just a dream.

Week 31 The foggy night by Alex O’ C

One night, there was a man named Jeffrey. It was the foggiest night he had ever seen. He could barely see anything that lay in front of him. Suddenly, he saw something run by. He ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction but then he got tackled by it.

He woke up inside a warehouse and there were a lot of people around him that were armed with guns. He hid in a box next to him. Then, a guard turned around and he wasn’t there. He spoke through his radio to the other guards and he said that Jeffery was nowhere to be seen. They all started searching but Jeffery made a lucky escape.As he ran, he stumbled across an amazing tree.

Week 31 The Crooked Tree By Sam

On a foggy night, there was a crooked tree blocking the moon.

A boy named Ploup was walking up a hill to look at the moon and stars when suddenly he was sucked into the tree through the tiniest hole!

It was huge in there, somehow! There was acid, branches and leaves. It was really disgusting and it smelled horrendous!

He saw a big hole at the top so he went as high as he could. He jumped to a branch and swung up. He held onto the side of the hole because he was really high up. He climbed up and there was another hole in the wall. He went through it and he was back out!

Week 31 The old tree by Jayden

One day I was camping with my friend. We were walking up a hill when we saw an old tree. Then we saw the moon hiding behind the old tree. We took a picture of it. I said to my friend we should try and sell it. We advertised the picture and the sale price was 5,000euro. Suddenly one morning there was a knock on the door. There was a man with the money asking if I was the person selling the picture of the painting of the moon behind the old tree. I said ‘yes I am indeed that person’. He gave me the money and went off with his painting.

The End.

Week 31 The scariest desert you will ever see By Daniel.

I went to Egypt on the 2nd of March 2015 for a vacation. I was in this old hotel. There was a lot of old people there. The hotel was in between two different deserts. The desert on the right was just a normal desert and the one on the left was a scary desert. The next day, I packed my bag and left the hotel. I went to the scary desert and camped there for one day. It was petrifying because there was no one there and I heard a lot of scary noises. When I was asleep, I suddenly woke up and saw a mummy at least two feet away from me. So I got my stuff and ran to the other desert. Then I sat on a  bench beside the hotel I was in. The End.

Week 31 The creepy castle by Donagh

When I woke up, I was in this tiny room with one small window that was too small to go through but I tried anyway. When I wasn’t able to get out that way, I tried the door and to my surprise it opened. It was even more surprising that there were no guards or traps so I went into another room with a lamp in my hand. There was no one there either. I decided to continue on and go into another room and another. There was no one there and finally I found a window. I climbed out and the moon was behind this creepy tree and I made my way back home.

Week 30 A Storm by Timmy

One day I was on a boat trip when suddenly a storm arose. I woke up on a different island. I survived the storm but I was all alone, well at least I thought I was. I explored the island and saw a person I hated. Immediately, we started fighting. We eventually stopped and we made a plan to get off the island the following day. We both slept well and the next morning we were ready to put the plan into action. We got timber and a sail to make the boat. We drove the boat away when out of nowhere, we crashed. We were never to be seen again.

Week 30 The Paint Job by Zac

The Kelly boys, Danny and Mick decided to paint the house. Danny got the ladder ready. Mick grumbled that he had to get the paint from the shed.  ‘Ah go on’, said Danny. Next thing, boom bang whallop! ‘Are you alright Danny?’, asked Mick. ‘I’m fine’, replied Danny but I hope you like looking at the stars at night. ‘What are you on about?’. Come and have a look for yourself. Mick looked around the corner of his house and what did he see only a car stuck in the roof of his bedroom. ‘Oh my God!! What has happened here?’, he exclaimed.

Next thing, the brothers saw Sergeant Dangus hopping out of his squad car. ‘Are ye ok boys’?, he said. ‘What do you think Dangus? Look at our roof!’, said Mick. Suddenly, Danny recognised that the car was their neighbour Mary’s car. They rushed to see if she was ok. To be continued…

Week 30 The weirdest football ever By Daniel

I was at my friend John’s house playing with him in his garden when I saw a really weird coloured ball beside a flower pot. It was in a hole and the sun was right above the ball, at least that is what we thought. The next day, we brought the ball to our school to play with our friends. The score in the match we played was 1223 to 1223. So no one won. My other friend called Billy kicked the ball and it hit a sign post. The ball is now in his bedroom underneath his bed. It’s now flat  because it was so soft and easy to puncture. The End.

Week 30 Mystery bike by David Hy.

One sunny morning at 10 o’ clock I was relaxing in bed. Well I was relaxing until I heard a loud bang. I scrambled out of bed and went straight over to my window. I saw a motorbike that must have been going at least 200 mph. I soon spotted other children on my street looking at the bike. After about five minutes of circling around our houses, it disappeared, I was as shocked as everyone else. I put on my dressing gown and dashed downstairs to tell my older brother and my Mom. When I told them Alfie (my older brother) said ‘that didn’t happen’. ‘It doesn’t matter what you think, does it’. He didn’t reply …

Week 30 Farming With My Dad By Tom

I was helping my Dad fencing up at the farm. The cows were going into new grass after the evening milking. As we walked down the field, the sun was starting to set and the flowers between the grass started to glow. Suddenly, the ground beneath us started to shake and a massive hole started to form in the field. Dust kicked up from the hole. I could hear my heart thumping in my ears with fear. When the dust settled, Dad and myself looked down to find a robotic cow having a munch. Out of nowhere it said, “It doesn’t matter what you think does it?”.. We ran off in fear.

Week 30 My amazing sunflower by David Hu.

I dug a hole to plant a sunflower in the back garden. This was no ordinary sunflower. The sign said they were magic. After I finished planting the sunflower, I went to bed. The next day, I looked out my window and the sunflower was as high as the clouds. I went outside and started climbing it. When I reached the top I saw a huge castle floating on the clouds. I went inside the castle and I saw two ugly giants. I climbed the table and saw a chest full of gold. This could make me rich, I thought to myself. I grabbed the chest and slid down the sunflower. One of the giants was chasing me. I ran into the house. I grabbed my axe and chopped the sunflower down and kicked it to the ground.  The giant fell and died.

Week 30 The Mystery By Alex O’ C.

Once there was a man called Pop and his friend Weasel. Pop had a square head and his nickname was Will. Weasel had a huge forehead.

One day, Weasel and Pop went missing. They were believed to be dead but nothing was certain.

A few years after they went missing a brave police officer (ME!) went looking for them.

Their house was already searched so I went into this cave because I had seen a camp in there. I went deep into that cave and found a bear! I snuck around as quietly as I could and there was blood on the floor. THE BEAR HAD ATE THEM!

The case has been closed.

Week 30 High Speed Chase By Sam

I was looking at a flower when two men pointed guns at me! I ran to my car and they got in theirs as well. They were chasing after me. I crashed into a sign which sent me flying through my windshield, leaving a gigantic hole in it.

They got out of their car and walked over to me. “KICK HIM!”, said someone in a strong Spanish accent.

They left me in an open field to look at the sun. A few months later, they were arrested for assault and robbery of a bank. One of them was sentenced to fourteen years while the other one got twelve years.

Week 30 My Covid 19 Diary By Joshua

Dear Diary,

Today is the 22nd April 2020. When I woke up I could see the sun shining into my room. I also could hear birds chirping. I got up and had my breakfast. Afterwards, my Dad and I went outside to practice my soccer skills. That is when I saw my dog digging a hole around the flowers my Mum had planted last night. I tried to get the flower off my dog but she kept running away from me. So after all that chasing me and Dad continued our kick about. But I kicked the ball too high and knocked Mum’s brand new sign off the wall and broke it. That is when I realised myself and the dog were going to be in big trouble when Mum came home. The End.

Week 30 – The New Side Kick by Rian

‘I NEED A NEW SIDE KICK EVERY ONE’, I exclaimed. I can’t find anyone. I am going to hold interviews, while speaking under my breath, this is a bad sign. My name is Nelly and I despise people! Next, my name is Will and I’m weird. Next! I’m a ghost and I died by falling into a hole. ‘Next’, my name is Anna and I like flowers. ‘Next’, my name is Sunny and I like the sun. ‘Next’, I’m an FBI agent. You are my new side kick! Two months later. ‘You are so good at using weapons’, I said. Well, I did say I’m an FBI agent didn’t I!


Week 30 Disaster in the city By Cayden

One day there was a black hole in the city. Everyone was crying and it was up to me to get rid of the black hole. I decided to get a wooden sword and went outside. Everyone said I could do it and then I saw it. I was hitting it and nothing happened. The black hole swept me up and I landed outside the shop. I was so incredibly weak after the ordeal. I tried my best to run back home. People continually tried to get rid of the black hole but nothing changed. People were missing. My Mom and I decided to flea the city along with most other people. The End.

Week 30 The War by Lucas

One war day a man went to his enemies camp because he was going to spy.

But he was going to double spy on his camp because he is with their enemies.

When he went back to his own camp he told them what they were planning, a secret attack.

However, when he went to his enemies camp he got captured by them because there was another spy over there.

‘Hey’, said the first spy from the other side. I was tricking them he lied.

‘I think that is a lie boss’, said the second spy.

‘It doesn’t matter what you think does it?’

To be continued.

Week 30 The hole by Brian O’ K.

Tom and I were walking through a lush green field at the back of our houses and the sun was beaming down on us. We didn’t see the sign for danger until it was too late. Tom decided to pick a flower for his mom and took a step too far and a huge sink hole appeared out of nowhere. I reacted instantly and with a clean kick managed to drive him out of danger. We legged it out of there and didn’t tell a soul. The next day, on the local news were images of us from CCTV and now everyone knew we were in so much trouble.

Week 30 The Super Car by Dylan

One sunny morning the birds were chirping so loudly they woke me up. I am a scientist and my name is Luke. I am working on a new super-car that can fly and become invisible so I need this and that and eureka I have done it!! I will be the most famous man in the world. Wait a minute, first I need to try it out but I am not allowed outside because of the Cops and Covid-19! Maybe I’ll try it in my back garden. Off I went and started the engine. Unexpectedly, it went all over the neighbourhood and the engine stopped! I went flying into my house and was never seen again!