Week 15 Chew By Sam

Chew was a hairy monster. He heard rumours that people were going to perform a heist in his city but they needed a distraction and he knew just the thing. He put on a hoodie, pants, shoes, gloves and set off. He ran down the street. He stopped for a second to take a breath. “Which way to the shops?” it asked. “Umm, down that way”, a woman responded. He made it to the video game store. He ran in and picked up a DS. He looked at the part where you put the games in and there was a tiny bomb inside it. He took it out and deactivated it. The robbers were caught because they were waiting too long for the bomb to go off.

Week 15 The weird apple by Tom

I woke up to see a little apple looking down at me. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted because it was hard to get up to my bed.  Why must you go to the shops? You see I’m a very soft apple so I must freeze up in a freezer so can you take me there? Sure I said in disbelief. What shop? Any, he said. So I just threw him in my own freezer. I took him out and walked him down to a freezer shop and threw him in there on purpose. I left him there for good.

Week 15 The It by Alex O’ C

One time a man named Bill was being chased by a man named It. [It is not a clown.] He’s been being chased for days now. Then Bill saw It and ran to a shop. However, It some how forgot where the shop was. There was a guard outside the shop. ‘Which way to the shops?’ It panted. ‘Just there’, said the guard. ‘Thanks’, It replied. Bill was hiding in a back room in the shop and the manager called the police. The guard that was outside came in and looked around. The manager gave a warning for wasting police time. Then the guard left and Bill went after him but It wasn’t anywhere. Bill was safe for good. Or was he? THE END.

The way to a dolphin Week 15 by Marcel

One hot day we went to a beach but the beach was full because it was so hot. We decided to go to the edge of the beach. Then I went swimming and I saw a little dolphin. I told my mom but then it was gone so I played along. I went swimming and I dived and I saw the dolphin. His house was small. The dolphin can speak. ‘Which way to the shop?’, it panted. What shop? The beach shop. Oh ok then. Oh wait a minute, do we have money? Yes the dolphin said. I woke up and it was just a dream. The End.

WK 15 The Gucci Store Robbery by Jayden

One day I was thinking of robbing the Gucci store. So I called Alex and Brian. I asked them did they want to rob the Gucci store. They both said yes. I told them to meet me at the Gucci store at ten o clock. So I went to the shop and waited for ten minutes for them. Now they are here we are all ready to rob the store. I lock picked the door and we got in. We stole everything we saw. Next minute the cops were there. ‘WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS?’, IT PANTED. I said the shops are on the other side of the street.

                            THE END!



One day me and my friends Oran, Luke and Conner decided to go to Australia. We were on our way to the beach. It was the best day for the beach but something terrible happened. Bees attacked us and the car went flying. We landed next to Eureka Tower. ‘Have you seen bees anywhere?’, said a voice. His name was Johnny and he just happened to work there. We said yes and then he sent out a bee hunting team. He showed us around and we were happy to help him. Suddenly,the bees froze. The End.

Week 14 Bees Raid By Rian

A normal day in Ireland. I walked passed metal bees on a tower. One big and five small. Suddenly, they flew over my head and they ate a group of giant wasps. After a while, I was the only human in the world. So I decided to save them. Later on, I found a bee and I killed it and had to scoop out its intestines and I wore him. It was revolting and I climbed into the hive and found the food chamber and saved everyone. Thankfully, someone knew how to stop them. I found the energy that made them live and stopped them on their tracks and all went well. THE END.

Week 14 Bees by Lucas

A man who lived in Australia went to go see some art because he loves art.

His name is Andy.

Andy came across an art picture that had bees on it.

Suddenly, the bees started to move.

Andy’s arch enemy was the bee lover.

He can make any bee move and do his dirty work.

Andy ran to the nearest hidden spot and turned into cockroach man.

‘You’re no match for me this time’, said bee lover.

‘How? I beat you every time’, said cockroach man aka Andy.

They had a huge battle.

Somehow they ended up on top of the 3rd tallest building in Australia.

The bee lover lost.



Week 14 Jeffy’s trip to Australia by Deivydas

It all started when Jeffy went on a trip to Australia. It was a long journey. It was Christmas Eve and Jeffy’s real name was Jeffery MC Allister but we’re calling him Jeffy. The journey was scary because the plane was wobbly but he landed safely. He was looking for a place to live for a few weeks. He was surprised by how many bees he saw but he thought it was cool while it was creepy for others. When Jeffy found a place to live he was happy. When it was time to go he went to the airport and flew back to Ireland. He was exhausted. THE END.

Week 14 Jeffy’s trip to Eureka towers by Dylan

It all started when Jeffy wanted to visit the Eureka Tower in Australia. He said he loved bees! He said, ‘Daddy I’m getting teased in school because my real name is Jeffrey Mc Goglesmack’. Mr Goodman drove us to the airport. It was a long journey and when we got on the plane to Australia, Jeffy kept singing. When the plane soared up into the sky, Jeffy jumped off and landed on bees and they carried him to the Eureka towers. Then Mario screamed out ‘Get back here’!! Two seconds later Chef P. threw a saucepan at Jeffy and he landed on the Eureka towers. Time went by and he knew that Mario wasn’t coming. Sudddenly, he was knocked out! A few hours later he woke up and it was all a dream!!

Week 14 The mad bees By Donagh

Today I was out for a walk and I passed the Eureka Tower. I saw the most unusual thing. I think it was a monument dedicated to bees. It must be famous all over Australia. I was fascinated by the statue. I didn’t see that there was a back to it and it came to life! They crept up behind me and they started stinging me. I ran back to the apartment as fast as I possibly could and now here I am hiding under my bed. Oh my has it been rough! I just about got the first aid kit. Huh….. I just noticed that there was a queen bee and it was gold!

Week 14 The Ghost Trip By Cayden

It was a summer day in Australia. I was looking for a job and my friend told me about some famous towers and one of them caught my eye. It was called The Eureka Tower and I said ‘do you want to get a job there?’. He replied saying ‘sure’. Then we decided to go into the building. The boss looked scary but we didn’t say anything until we heard a loud storm. It hit the building and…

Week 14 Bee hive by David Hy

I was walking through the middle of the plane looking for my seat. Eventually I found it. I was going to Australia. I knew it was going to be a long flight so I packed a pillow and some treats.  We were nearly there so I looked out the window to see a giant bee. I turned around to tell my Dad but when he looked it was gone. However the captain made an announcement. He said “We are making an emergency landing in the water”. I didn’t like the sound of that one bit. So I jumped out of the plane and landed on the biggest bee ever. It flew onto what looked like a concrete statue with golden bees swarming around it. I didn’t know how I was going to get out without being stung…

Week 14 World war by Marcel

Once a upon a time there was a war but with a twist. The twist was that it was robots vs the strongest bees in the world and some of the robots were so strong that they could crack the bases under ground. After World War 2, people began to explore more and more places. In 1975, people were so smart that they could make the best car in the world. The world was changing for the better. The End.

Week 14 The bee hive by David Hu.

One day Jack and John decided to go on holidays to Australia. They went to a hotel called Eureka Tower. When Jack was going to bed he heard a buzzing sound. When he looked out his window he saw robotic bees. He jumped out the window and ran as fast as he could. The next day, Jack bought a shotgun. Soon after, he went to the jungle where he found a bee hive. He ran as fast as he could. Suddenly, he woke up and it was all a dream. He went to John and told him all about the robotic bees. The end.

Week 14 Honey is moving quickly by Tom Copy

Bang bash boom! The top of Melbourne tower has fallen. The golden bees have swarmed and there will be honey everywhere because the honey tank burst. They say that there will be a massive tsunami of honey. Most people just walked outside with bread slices and held them up but the tsunami hit. All of the people with bread were gone, in fact everyone was gone except for one brown bear who was licking honey off a rock. The honey was making its way across the world. What will that bear get up to? It’s hard to know!

Week 14 Honey is moving quickly by Tom Copy

Bang bash boom! The top of Melbourne tower has fallen. The golden bees have swarmed and there will be honey everywhere because the honey tank burst. They say that there will be a massive tsunami of honey. Most people just walked outside with bread slices and held them up but the tsunami hit. All of the people with bread were gone, in fact everyone was gone except for one brown bear who was licking honey off a rock. The honey was making its way across the world. What will that bear get up to? It’s hard to know!

Week 14 The inanimate bees are alive by Daniel

Yesterday was the weirdest day of my life. Some person with this weird machine that could turn inanimate objects into real life beings was walking past the Eureka Tower and I saw the guy with the machine. He shot the inanimate bees and the bees came to life! They were huge! I went back to my house and got as much honey as I could and rang the police. I went to the police station and gave the police the honey and they got a helicopter and went to the bees. The bees followed the helicopter and the police threw the honey into the water and the bees drowned. What a tragedy. Bees are so important in our world! The man was arrested. THE END.





Week 14 The bees by Alex O C

My name is Bob and I’m in Melbourne Australia at the Eureka tower and oh my Lord someone is climbing the flag. It looks like he’s climbing up to the big bee. Oh my Lord the giant just kicked him off. He’s alive! I better run, they’re chasing me. Oh there’s a house. I’m in the house now and I think I’m safe. No, they have just broken down the door. I just have to run, wait. I’m hiding now but what do I do ah yes RUN. What did I do? Just leave me alone,  I’m only a tourist. Then they just fell and disappeared. THE END.


Previously on the NUKE, you may remember me from an earlier story. Let me give you a quick recap of part one. I went to live with my good friend Lucas in Australia. Then we went to watch the news. The news man said a NUKE was going to hit Australia. Now let me tell you what happened in part two. Lucas and I still had our guns. Suddenly, Lucas shouted ‘Let’s watch the news’. I said ‘Ok’. Of course the news guy said a NUKE was going to hit AUSTRALIA with robotic bees inside of it. Lucas and I did not know how to kill robotic bees. Then I said we were going to need the mega RPGES. We got the mega RPGES and went to the bees nest and blew it up. The next minute, we flew out of the building. To be continued…



Week 14 Build the statue of the bees by Timmy

A long time ago, we built a statue with bees on it. It was a spectacular monument.

It was a tourist attraction and the tourists were amazed by it.

I was pleased with the work that I had done.

It was hard work but we earned a lot of money from it.

We made twenty floras in the tower.

A lot of people came to see the huge tower.

We spent the money on a trip to Germany in a really nice hotel.

We are all going next Monday so we are going to miss school.

And that is the story about the huge tower.




Week 14 A Monument Came To Life By Zac

One day I was going to school when I saw a monument. I stopped to look at it and then it moved. I ran to school to warn everyone that a huge bee statue was heading to the school. I shouted ‘GO HOME IMMEDIATELY’! Everyone ran as fast as they could. Then I called the police. They blocked off the roads. However, the bee statue just walked through the barricades like there was nothing there. Anyway, everyone was safe at home. The police were in trouble! They could not catch the bee statue. They tried to block off the road again but they could not. THE END.

Week 14 Bees take over by Alex K

One day I decided to go to Australia because I wanted to see their culture and the way they live. When I got to Australia, I was shocked to see so much sand. When I got to Melbourne I rented an apartment in a hotel and went to sleep. When I woke up at 5A.M., I saw large yellow things moving. I soon realised they were bees, huge robotic bees. I saw the bees destroying buildings and people screaming. I called 911 but no one answered. It’s now 6A.M. and I’m panicking. I ran to the lobby to tell the person working there but there was no one there. I woke up and realised it was all a dream.

W.K 14 The investigation by Brian O.K.

One evening, on the 12th of December 2019, bees were killed. These were no ordinary bees. These were SUPER BEES! They could travel from Uganda to Lapland in seconds. It was difficult to believe that someone would kill super heroes. The suspects were Jim, Bill, Sarah, Sam, Kim and Alex. Jim, Bill and Daniel were cleaning. The others said they were eating breakfast. The guards arrested Sarah, Alex, Kim and Sam. They were sentenced to life in prison. Do you think the sentence was fair? I definitely do. Bees are important too. We NEED to KNOW that.

Week 14 Honey is moving quickly by Tom

Bang bash boom! The top of Melbourne tower has fallen. The golden bees have swarmed and there will be honey everywhere because the honey tank burst. They say that there will be a massive tsunami of honey. Most people just walked outside with bread slices and held them up but the tsunami hit. All of the people with bread were gone, in fact everyone was gone except for one brown bear who was licking honey off a rock. The honey was making its way across the world. What will that bear get up to? It’s hard to know!

Week 14 White Flash! By Sam

My name is Lannon and I live in Australia. I work in the Eureka Tower. I was on a ladder putting up a new metal bee on the wall. All of a sudden, I could only see white and could only hear a very loud BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I could see and hear again but I wasn’t on the ladder. I was trying to figure out what had happened but then A GIANT BEE ATTACKED ME!!! I was soaring through the air and I was terrified. I started attacking the bee but that made it worse. Another bee caught me. That bee was so low that he flew into a window but I jumped off just in time! Another bee caught me and put me safely on the ground!

Week 13 The future by Alex O’C

One time, a boy named Jefferson was eating a hot dog and he went out to play. His nana told him not to go into the shed. However, he went in and saw a portal so Jefferson jumped in. Unexpectedly, he went to the future and he saw a flying car and said’ I didn’t realise they could fly’. So he went to his Nana’s house and it was futuristic. When we went in it said ‘Password’. What? Jefferson said it again! Best Nana and Grandad? Access granted. Finally, Grandad had a human head and robot body. Then he went to the shed and went back to the present time. THE END.

Week 13 The flying deers by Lucas

Five million years ago there was an accident in the zoo.

Jimmy Bob and his friend Jefferson went to the zoo.

They went to the place with deers.

And no one else was there. Then, two deers started to fly.

‘I didn’t realise they could fly’, said Jefferson.

‘Nether did I’, said Jimmy Bob .

They both ran to the penguin place and then an explosion happened BOOM!

Straight away everyone ran out the zoo.

Except for Jimmy Bob and Jefferson.

Because they found a private jet.

However it ran out of fuel. Then they found a jeep and drove away.

No one ever saw them again.



Week 13 When the penguins and snowmans saved Santa’s life from dinosaurs by Daniel.

Long ago, when it was the beginning of Santa’s life, he was endangered becuase of dinosaurs. The only things that were protecting Santa were penguins and snowmen. Santa was eighteen and he had an army of penguins and snowmen. Santa went around the land to find friendly animals for pets. He found a herd of reindeers so he took the deer back to where he was and made a sleigh. He got his snowmen and told them to get some wood. When the snowmen got back, Santa the penguins and the snowmen made a sleigh and they attached a piece of rope to the reindeers necks to the sleigh. Then, they flew up into the sky. Santa said ‘I didn’t realise they could fly’ and they flew to England.


Week 13 Up the chimney by Brian OK

It was Christmas Eve, I had made ginger bread men and had a camera at the ready. The second Santa came, the trusty old camera died. But what I saw I WILL NEVER forget. The ginger bread men started flying. I didn’t realise they could fly! They started talking like spies. ‘Jimmy move out ASAP I REPEAT MOVE OUT’. THAT REALLY concerned me. They climbed up the chimney like NINJAS! I had to follow them, it was my dream! Suddenly, the sleigh STOPPED. I hit my head and the last thing I remember was 60 elves WITH AIR MAX 270 kicking me!! WHY ME, WHY?!