Week 33 The Lucky Hat By Adam

My friend and I were playing in the kitchen when we saw a hat on the table. We picked it up and moved it. “Why is there a hat on the table?” asked Mom. “We don’t know.” we said. Later, my friend went home so I took the hat to the basement and inside of it, there was a potion. On the side of the potion there was a note that read do not touch! Suddenly, the bottle started to shake and a genie popped out. He said he would grant me 3 wishes. I wished I would get a Ferrari , a house and to be rich! It all came true!

Week 32 Jobs By Adam

One day my friend and I were riding on a scooter when we suddenly saw a transparent arm. Excitedly, we ran home to tell our parents! They gave us a rose each! The next day my mom and dad were late for work. My friends teased me because I was late and the teachers were not happy! It was the worst day ever! My mom got fired and my dad had to leave work early because his boss was angry. My mom got a new job the next day but she didn’t like it. Then she decided to stay at home from work with my sister and I and we were all happy! So the worst day wasn’t so bad after all!

Week 31 The Anchor By Adam

I was out on sea going around the world when we saw a statue of an anchor on land! We rowed to the island and took a closer look and there was a red circle around it. Near it there was a beach and we went over to it and made some friends! We stayed on the island for a few days and then we went home. We remembered our friends because we had pictures of them! A few days after we arrived home we saw a ship on the shore. “It was them, it was our friends” I shouted! They moved in with us for a while, then they got a house and we were all happy! The End!