Week 30 The amusement park by Colin

‘That’s a scam for £15’ protested mum as we strolled past an arcade game. ‘I know’, said dad annoyed as well. We walked over to a game where you fish up ducks. Gerald my twin wanted to play so mum gave him £2. After that, Gerald had a smug smile on his face as he won a teddy bear. IT WAS MASSIVE!! I asked if we could go to the mirror maze and dad said ‘sure’. When we got there we paid and went in. My reflection was all goofy. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I walked away and grunted. Suddenly, I walked straight into a mirror.

Week 28 The Ratsters By Colin

I was standing in front of the cage. “Deep breaths” called Professor Newton from the corner of the lab. I slowly unwrapped the metal string that was connecting the door to the cage. I dropped the piece of metal to the floor and took the cage door off. The ratster climbed out of the cage. I took the syringe from my pocket. Swiftly stabbing the back of the ratster, I took a sufficient amount of fluid from it’s body. It collapsed onto the counter. “Is it dead?”, I asked. “I’m not sure!, replied Professor. At that moment, the creature slid onto the floor leaving a trail of liquid. Suddenly, the liquid started to pop and move closer to me before I was smothered in the slime. I could not breathe…