Week 34 Tyranitar terror by Dylan

The whole world began to shake …

Then I realised that this only happened when Tyranitar awoke.

It must be serum R.

I heard now the serum looked just like a glass of water but when a Pokémon takes a drink of it, they go savage.

Tyranitar must have taken a drink of it.

I even saw a Charizard fly away in terror.

Then I saw Tyranitar rise up out of the mountains.

He was colossal .

He stamped on buildings like they were lego .

He picked up people like they were toys and absolutely demolished mountains into rubble .

Then I heard a squeak and realised Pikachu was gone.


Week 33 John Padesco by Dylan

Today in school, we learned about a murderer with a deformed face who lived around the 1990s called John Padesco.

He killed over 80 people between 1990 and 2007 and always wore the same brown hat covered in blood.

The last thing his victims ever saw was him staring in their window.

He was finally caught in 2008 and executed for his troubles.

His body was put in a coffin when his family hosted a funeral.

But some people at his funeral noticed he wasn’t wearing his hat.

That night, I saw a brown hat on the table.

Why was that hat on the table ?

Then I heard knocking on the window and saw a deformed face staring in …

Then I felt something being driven through my chest……


Week 32 The Rose by Dylan

UUUgh! Today is my sister’s birthday and my mom says I have to get her a present.

I saw her run excitedly down the stairs.

I played on my PS4 until 7 o clock and then it hit me……….

THE PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew she liked flowers so I checked the flower shop and it was closed.

As I was on my way home, I was passing the park and I saw it.. A TRANSPARENT GLASS ROSE!!!

I put it in my pocket and then I saw someone chasing me.

I ran because I didn’t want to be late and he was still chasing me.

I reached my door only to see him there waiting for me.


Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan

Yes! I have completed my beautiful roadside attraction.

First it looks like a guitar with “Beatz” headphones but if you press a button on it, it turns into a colossal Orca (Killer Whale) tank.

But one day it went wrong….

It started off like a normal day .

A little boy called Chris walked up to my attraction with a baseball bat and started hitting it .

I swiftly ran over to him and gave out to him.

“Don’t do that”, I said sternly to him.

But it turns out it was a trick because my tank was gone and so was Chris….



Week 30 Jaws by Dylan

To celebrate Shark Week, Fota Wildlife Park got a great white shark called Jaws.

My mom is taking my friend Gerald and I to see it!

On the way I brought my tablet and we watched the film Jaws to get pumped up for the shark.

When we arrived there it was packed.

We saw a lot of animals before the shark like giraffes zebras cheetahs and bison.

The cheetahs were cool because they were so fast.

When we got to the shark a bird pooped on my head.

Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop laughing in time to see the shark break the glass behind him……..

Week 29 Scuba Diving by Dylan

Today, I am going scuba diving for the first time.

I went to Jungle Jills swimwear and saw funny giraffe speedos but I decided on a cool shark scuba suit.

Before we went to the boat, we got McDonalds and I got a greasy Big Mac and salty chips.

I got a weirdly brown milkshake and a McFlurry that melted before I got to even touch it .

When we finally got out to sea, we dived into the water and I was amazed. I saw 4 dolphins and an array of beautifully colored fish.

I saw a huge fish coming towards me. It slammed into me .

I started to bleed……



Week 28 Mega Shark by Dylan

Yes, I have created a new species of shark by adding the DNA of a Megalodon I found in a prehistoric mosquito and inserted it into the body of a Great White Shark. The baby of the female Great White is the size of her mother.

My friend Freddie was feeding my mega shark when he fell into the tank. The Mega shark immediately shot like a rocket towards him and bit his leg. At first Freddie was bleeding and screaming but then he started changing. His teeth grew the size of daggers, he grew a fin and gills and jumped out of the tank , jumped at me and sunk his teeth deep into my neck.