Week 32 The Transparent Bush by Ronan

One day, I was cruising swiftly to the park on my brand new scooter which was a lot better than my old rusty one. Suddenly, I felt something hit me on the back. I leaped off my scooter and walked around. I spotted some sort of transparent bush. I kept on walking and I ran into another bush but this bush had eyes all over it. I ran home as fast as I could. When I got home, my mother told me I was late for dinner but I didn’t care. I excitedly told her about all the strange things that had happened. Then, my mother told me I had a rose for a head!

Week 31 The Old Anchor By Ronan

I stood there looking at the old anchor off the old yacht, my old yacht. A long long time ago when we were cruising along the Mediterranean sea, I spotted something washed up on the beach. It looked like the ruins of my friends old boat that had sank in the gulf of Finland which is a long distance from the south of Italy. My body kept asking my mind questions like how did it get here? Was it some sort of a coincidence? Did it mean something?. I rang my friend to tell him but he didn’t answer. Suddenly, I saw a head in the water, my friends head!!! I got such a shock that I leaped out of the boat. My friends body hopped onto the boat and crashed it.

Week 30 The Blobfish By Ronan

One nice sunny day, my friend Gerald and I were walking home from school. We passed the zoo and I asked Gerald if he wanted to take a walk in there. He instantly said yes. We walked into the new aquarium. I went to the unique fish section while Gerald went to get a burger. Suddenly, a miserable little fish jigged past. I followed it to get a closer look. It’s extremely fat nose hung over its sad little mouth. My smile was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. When Gerald came back with his burger, he took one look at my face and then at the fish. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

Week 29 The Brown Giraffe By Ronan

One completely average Monday, my mom told me we were going to the zoo which was normal seeing as we lived right next to it. My mom laid a leaflet out on the table and something caught my eye. There was a picture of a brown giraffe eating grass. Five minutes later, I was at the zoo staring up at the giraffe. It looked happy to see everyone. A zoo keeper slowly approached the giraffe. The giraffe turned around so everyone could see his surprisingly greasy tail. The zookeeper zapped the giraffe and it let out a tiny shriek. Its eyes started to melt as if someone poured salt water on his eyes.