Week 29 The Cafe by Warren

All was going well. I recently got a job in the cafe in town. I loved it there. I was a waiter and the staff were really nice.  Sometimes it was hard because the food could be greasy, melted or slippery. One day, I was on my way to work. I was just in the parking lot when I saw a man get kicked out. I was curious to see what had happened but I didn’t say anything. Things were strange, I even had to serve a brown giraffe. The food looked weird that day, even the salt looked odd.  A man almost choked on it so when I brought the dish back into the kitchen, I overheard the manager say “our plan to kill him didn’t work”. I went in and said “I heard your plan”…

Week 28 The Kidnapper by Warren

There were less creatures everyday. There would always be at least five birds outside the back garden but now it’s down to two. It’s getting strange. I barely see any cats nowadays either and believe me my estate was full of cats before. So one day, I went adventuring around and everything seemed normal. Just then, I looked to my right and a cat disappeared into a black portal. I knew it was risky but I did it. When I got in, it looked dark and was infested with moss. Then, the sight that revealed everything. It was a  weird looking man putting all sorts of animals into black cloaks. It turned out he was he was trying to take every animal from my neighbourhood so I just ran. What next?