Week 28 The Zombie War by Rhys

“What? Where am I? I need help!”, I shouted. It’s not going to work.  Then, I fell down.  There were zombies everywhere. They were coming for me. Suddenly, a hand came out of the hole and he pulled me up. He was called Kayden. “How can we get out of here?”,  I asked.  “I don’t know, I’ve been here for two years”, he replied.  “There’s a rocket over there”, he shouted. As we ran we said “we’re free!”.  We went into it but it would not work. Then, we found a shop and I asked the worker “do you have my favourite magazine, GOAL?” This is club world, not earth you can buy something else. I grabbed a bag of sweets. “Two euro please?” I gave him the money and made our journey home.