Week 30 Farming With My Dad By Tom

I was helping my Dad fencing up at the farm. The cows were going into new grass after the evening milking. As we walked down the field, the sun was starting to set and the flowers between the grass started to glow. Suddenly, the ground beneath us started to shake and a massive hole started to form in the field. Dust kicked up from the hole. I could hear my heart thumping in my ears with fear. When the dust settled, Dad and myself looked down to find a robotic cow having a munch. Out of nowhere it said, “It doesn’t matter what you think does it?”.. We ran off in fear.

Week 30 Amazing Amusement by Aidan

‘This is going to be a great day’, I exclaimed, as I walked into Luna Park with my best friend Gerald. ‘What should we go on first?’ asked Gerald, with a smile on his face. ‘Hey Gerald I think we should go on the get out’, I said in a cringe worthy manner. I wondered why but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. After that, we ran up to the tsunami ride and watched it go spinning around and around. ‘Gerald do you want to go on that?’ I asked as I pointed towards it. ‘Yes what kind of question is that’, said Gerald as we walked onto the tsunami. This is going to be fun, I thought, as we walked on…

Week 30 The amusement park by Colin

‘That’s a scam for £15’ protested mum as we strolled past an arcade game. ‘I know’, said dad annoyed as well. We walked over to a game where you fish up ducks. Gerald my twin wanted to play so mum gave him £2. After that, Gerald had a smug smile on his face as he won a teddy bear. IT WAS MASSIVE!! I asked if we could go to the mirror maze and dad said ‘sure’. When we got there we paid and went in. My reflection was all goofy. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I walked away and grunted. Suddenly, I walked straight into a mirror.

Week 30 Jaws by Dylan

To celebrate Shark Week, Fota Wildlife Park got a great white shark called Jaws.

My mom is taking my friend Gerald and I to see it!

On the way I brought my tablet and we watched the film Jaws to get pumped up for the shark.

When we arrived there it was packed.

We saw a lot of animals before the shark like giraffes zebras cheetahs and bison.

The cheetahs were cool because they were so fast.

When we got to the shark a bird pooped on my head.

Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop laughing in time to see the shark break the glass behind him……..