Week 31 The Old Anchor By Ronan

I stood there looking at the old anchor off the old yacht, my old yacht. A long long time ago when we were cruising along the Mediterranean sea, I spotted something washed up on the beach. It looked like the ruins of my friends old boat that had sank in the gulf of Finland which is a long distance from the south of Italy. My body kept asking my mind questions like how did it get here? Was it some sort of a coincidence? Did it mean something?. I rang my friend to tell him but he didn’t answer. Suddenly, I saw a head in the water, my friends head!!! I got such a shock that I leaped out of the boat. My friends body hopped onto the boat and crashed it.

Week 31 Slangrook by Aidan

I was on the way back from school one day and I was going to the park with my friends. We played tip the can for ages and ate sweets. After a while, we got bored and went to the basketball court. We played a few matches and then sat down and started talking. Then I asked my friends if they wanted to make up a mythical creature and they all said yes. We began to think. After some time, I said that we should make a guitar creature when suddenly the ground started rumbling and I looked around. My friends were gone…

Week 31 The Anchor by Conor H

I was on the way to the beach when my family saw this tourist attraction. There was a lot of tourists around the object. We went over to have a look. Beside it there was a note saying ‘This is the anchor from the yacht 735 that went missing during a storm today. Still not found’.

I wanted to be the one to find it so I asked if I could buy a swim suit. My  Mom and Dad said ‘Yes but you have to buy it with your own money’. ‘Yes!’, I thought. I could buy it because it is 50 euro and I have exactly that.

I bought the swim suit so I could set off on my search to find the yacht….

Week 31: The Wreck: By Liam A

Today, my brother and I are going to see the first fifty four foot yacht to ever set sail. We packed a picnic because we knew it was going to be a very long day. We said goodbye to Mom and Dad and started our walk to the harbor. After a while we finally got there. We set up the picnic and saw the yacht. It was gigantic! The countdown started 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 SET SAIL!!! The boat took off like a shot. I packed my binoculars to see it when it was further out. I looked through them but a glimpse of my eye spotted a dark cloud.

It was too late. The boat was gone.

A few days later, all that was left was the white anchor.

Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan

Yes! I have completed my beautiful roadside attraction.

First it looks like a guitar with “Beatz” headphones but if you press a button on it, it turns into a colossal Orca (Killer Whale) tank.

But one day it went wrong….

It started off like a normal day .

A little boy called Chris walked up to my attraction with a baseball bat and started hitting it .

I swiftly ran over to him and gave out to him.

“Don’t do that”, I said sternly to him.

But it turns out it was a trick because my tank was gone and so was Chris….



Week 31 The Anchor By Adam

I was out on sea going around the world when we saw a statue of an anchor on land! We rowed to the island and took a closer look and there was a red circle around it. Near it there was a beach and we went over to it and made some friends! We stayed on the island for a few days and then we went home. We remembered our friends because we had pictures of them! A few days after we arrived home we saw a ship on the shore. “It was them, it was our friends” I shouted! They moved in with us for a while, then they got a house and we were all happy! The End!