Week 32: The Hole By Tom

When dusk swooped over my cousins garden, we all disappeared into the night to have a run around. Dan, the oldest of the cousins picked my name to be on in tag. I said that I would give them a twenty second head start. I  sprinted to the top of the lawn. Suddenly, I tripped and fell into a massive hole in the ground, I was unconscious. Finally, I woke up about two hours later with a big bump on my head. Turns out, I fell about 50 feet into a massive cave and it felt like I had broken my knee. Now, I’m thinking about how I’m going to get out!

Week 32 Avicii Marsh Walker by Aidan

It is Friday! The new DJ is in town and his name is Avicii Marsh Walker. Once again, my annoying little sister wants to come and she is getting all excited. There is no way that she is coming. For the concert they even built a new hall. As I was leaving, Rose grabbed on to my arm. She started crying, kicking and screaming. I was going to be late and I knew it. I grabbed my scooter and tried to drag her across the ground. I was never ever going to see the awesome transparent walls at the concert. Ugh this isn’t fair!

Week 32 The Rose by Dylan

UUUgh! Today is my sister’s birthday and my mom says I have to get her a present.

I saw her run excitedly down the stairs.

I played on my PS4 until 7 o clock and then it hit me……….

THE PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew she liked flowers so I checked the flower shop and it was closed.

As I was on my way home, I was passing the park and I saw it.. A TRANSPARENT GLASS ROSE!!!

I put it in my pocket and then I saw someone chasing me.

I ran because I didn’t want to be late and he was still chasing me.

I reached my door only to see him there waiting for me.


Week 32 Jobs By Adam

One day my friend and I were riding on a scooter when we suddenly saw a transparent arm. Excitedly, we ran home to tell our parents! They gave us a rose each! The next day my mom and dad were late for work. My friends teased me because I was late and the teachers were not happy! It was the worst day ever! My mom got fired and my dad had to leave work early because his boss was angry. My mom got a new job the next day but she didn’t like it. Then she decided to stay at home from work with my sister and I and we were all happy! So the worst day wasn’t so bad after all!

Week 32: The Ruby Rose: by Liam A

It was getting late. I was waiting for my family to go to sleep so I could sneak out and get the rose. I had a signal when to go. I looked out my window and saw the flashes, one long and two short ones. I made sure I took my invisibility cloak so nobody would see me. I put the cloak over it. It was transparent from the inside so I could see out. I hopped on my scooter excitedly and went fast but not too fast. After a while, I got to the park. I saw the Ruby Rose. I looked behind me and there was a guard there. How did he see me? What will happen next?