Week 34 Mewto mayhem by Aidan

“Let’s go!” Tim said while walking out the door. “You do know that the pokemon parade is going to be ruined by something?” Pikachu said. “I am aware” Tim replied. “I know this parade is probably going to be ruined by some crazy mewto problem, but lets just try to enjoy it” said Mysty as they walked across the road to Harry’s house. Tim rang the doorbell and there was no reply “Are you there?” Tim shouted. They walked in and saw something on the table it looked just like a glass of water. L SYRUM it read “Wait isn’t that just R Syrum but with an L instead of an R” Pikachu said in a confused voice. ” Well” said Tim. “I don’t want to stick around to find out”…

Week 34 Tyranitar terror by Dylan

The whole world began to shake …

Then I realised that this only happened when Tyranitar awoke.

It must be serum R.

I heard now the serum looked just like a glass of water but when a Pokémon takes a drink of it, they go savage.

Tyranitar must have taken a drink of it.

I even saw a Charizard fly away in terror.

Then I saw Tyranitar rise up out of the mountains.

He was colossal .

He stamped on buildings like they were lego .

He picked up people like they were toys and absolutely demolished mountains into rubble .

Then I heard a squeak and realised Pikachu was gone.