The Bragger Week 30 Ben

I was playing Minecraft with Tom and Gerald. Tom was boasting about how good he was. So I challenged him to a battle. I allowed him to use a diamond sword while I was only allowed to use my fists. I still beat him. He kept saying that he wasn’t ready and about how unfair it was. So I challenged him to a rematch. When I beat him in the rematch he started calling me a hacker. So for the rest of the day I had to deal with him calling me that. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The End.

2 thoughts on “The Bragger Week 30 Ben”

  1. Hi Ben
    You have created a wonderful back story to the prompt in this 100WC. The writing flows nicely and the correct punctuation ensured it was a pleasure to read. Well done.

    Mrs P, Team 100WC
    Wellington , New Zealand

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