The Bully Rose Week 32 by Rhys

‘Wake up! You’re going to be late’, shouted Mom. ‘Okay, no need to scream’, I replied. ‘Your scooter is outside and don’t forget to get the transparent picture’, she said. I decided to get a bully rose because it stops bullying after school. I went to the bully store and they asked me ‘Do you want a job?’. I said ‘Ya, I’d like to earn some money’. I got the picture and then a bully came over to me. He said give me the picture and I said no. Then he said Ha ha very funny and he punched me. The picture broke and I got so mad. I got the rose and went to get a new picture. Excitedly, I went home and gave the picture to Mom.

One thought on “The Bully Rose Week 32 by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys
    I loved the story and I like the idea of a rose that stops you from getting bullied!
    By for now

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