The great war by Dylan Week 10

Hello my name is Ronan. I live in New York city and the year is 2042. We have houses and rockets everywhere. But unfortunately Mars are continuously attacking us. I work as a fighter which means that I fly jets in the war. Our king just announced a war. Shortly after,  a man called everyone to their stations so I ran over to my jet. My jet has a red symbol on it that is a sign of peace. It’s pretty cool actually. As I was taking off, I saw my home being destroyed. I was overwhelmed with emotions. However, I kept going and I went off to war. TO BE CONTINUED.


2 thoughts on “The great war by Dylan Week 10”

  1. Hi Dylan, Well done. You used some great vocabulary. I really liked ‘overwhelmed with emotions’. It was an unusual idea to use the red symbol of peace on the fighter jet! Keep up the great work. Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Hi Dylan, Well this is a great start and I think it will make a good series as you say – TO BE CONTINUED! This is a well put together piece of creative work and I like the whole idea, you had me hooked from the start. Thank you for a lovely response to the 100WC prompt. Well done.

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