The two boys that turned into a pumpkin by Oran

Once upon a time there were two boys called Lewis and Sam. They were two brothers and they were putting up the decorations because it was Halloween in a few weeks time. But someone said… boo! said Dad ah said Lewis and Sam it’s only me said Dad. I am  going to get you dad boo! ah said the two boys you too mom said Sam. So October 31, yes said Lewis and Sam is Halloween night. Yes said Lewis and Sam. So it’s a few weeks later, it’s Halloween night and they got turned into a pumpkin. One was yellow and one was orange and the orange one spoke first.

                                                                        THE END.

2 thoughts on “The two boys that turned into a pumpkin by Oran”

  1. Hi Oran, Well done on a great story. Was Lewis or Sam the orange pumpkin? Keep writing stories Oran.
    Mrs O’ Sullivan.

  2. Hi Oran,
    I enjoyed reading your story – well done.
    I’d like to know more about Hallowe’en Night – did ye dress up as pumpkins or did something more sinister happen?
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Boyce.

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