W.K.19 1914 by Brian O.K.

Bing bong sing song that’s the sound of our chief telling us ‘GET UP AND FIGHT’!! Now before you go calling animal rights yes I brought a pet chicken to war. I’ll call my chicken Melody. Now imagine an elderly man that sounds like David Attenborough saying ‘Your melody is a FASCINATING creature’. Did you know that in Thailand they burn these and the eyes turn into tayto’s? Truly FASCINATING’. ‘OPEN FIRE 1,400 HOURS’, exclaimed the chief which was 4 hours away on a Saturday morning. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened.Other than my shotgun! Melody dug a hole to the other trench but when he saw a man with a gun he ran as fast as he possibly could back into my arms….

One thought on “W.K.19 1914 by Brian O.K.”

  1. OK Brian, this is a really interesting and creative piece of work. I like the characterization of the chicken and how he takes a part in the story, areal fantasy story I should add. Excellent work all around. Well done.

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