W.K 36 On my Command by Brian O’K.

It was the summer of 2023 and I was drafted into war. I remember the smog in the air, the morning dew and the screams of the injured.  As I ploughed through dead bodies in my tank, I heard marching coming closer. I peaked my head up slightly to the sight of twenty thousand soldiers. One by one I got my grenades ready. I knew what was coming and if I didn’t clutch up I would be dead now.

It’s 2026, the war is still on and I’m on the run since that day in 2023. I wish I hadn’t put myself forward for this. I’m hungry and weak. I haven’t spoken to anyone since the day I nearly died. I was sleeping in a hay stack when I heard an English soilder saying “On my command shoot”. That’s when I knew I should run. I reached for my shot gun and fired a shot.