Week 10 The Great World War By Zac

It all began back in 1977. I was called to the GPO in Dublin, Ireland. I got there as soon as I could. We were under attack and luckily I brought my rifle. I started firing at the attackers and they fired back so I hid behind my car. I called for backup and soon my friends came. Somehow we killed half of their army. Then, we ran out of bullets and ran back. The next day, we were ready for war. We snuck into their base and they didn’t notice. Their chief saw us and he shot a bullet at my arm. There was RED blood coming out of my arm. We ran back to HQ. Our chief gave me a metal arm. So we crept back into their base and managed to get into the computer room. We placed a bomb and we ran outside. We set it off and it exploded. THE END.