Week 10 The Nuke by Jayden

One day I was in Australia with Lazarbem. Lazarbem is a Youtuber from Australia. I watch Lazarbem all the time. Then me and LazarBem went to watch the news. The news guy said a nuke was going to hit Australia. Me and LazaerBem did not know what to do. Suddenly, the news guy said the nuke had people in it with guns. Me and LazarBem went to the gun shop. Me and LazarBem bought guns like miniguns, rpgs and smg. Me and LazarBem were ready for the fight. We heard the nuke was here. We got our guns and killed everyone. Then we saw an old man dead on the floor and his blood was dark RED.




One thought on “Week 10 The Nuke by Jayden”

  1. Hi Jayden,
    I find your story interesting. Were you inspired by some video game when you wrote the story?
    Keep writing 🙂
    Best wishes,
    Miss Milena, a teacher at BIS Belgrade

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