Week 10 The red hover bike by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua. I am on my red hover bike one hundred years from now. I am 121 years old and I am a millionaire. I have a lot of cars and huge houses. I have a red car and it drives almost at the speed of light! I am going to a fancy restaurant and I am getting chicken and noodles. When I was done, I went home to go to bed.

The next day- It is the following morning and I am now having cookie crisps. Now, off I go into my Lamborghini.  It goes at 10,000 miles per hour. Finally it’s time to go on my private jet and go to Spain. The End.



One thought on “Week 10 The red hover bike by Joshua”

  1. Joshua, the future you described sounds fun! I hope I will be a millionaire too and have some great adventures like you. Well done!

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