Week 10 Where are we? by Gavin

It was Winter and it was snowing heavily. Do you have a 3? No, do you have a 4? No, do you have a 5 no?…. this is not very good for me. You see it was a bit off but here are the pets. He can say the word rot but then here we are on the island. Oh at last, at least he is not on the island. But it is not red. We must fill him up and he is a mole with 2 more moles. Hey are we at the island? Rot  what did he say. Let’s ask him again. Are we on the island or what? I will wait for us. The end.

One thought on “Week 10 Where are we? by Gavin”

  1. Hello Gavin, I think there are some very strong aspects to this 100WC piece. I have read it and thought about it and feel that it’s main strength is in it’s punctuation which is excellent. I have struggled to understand what is happening as it seems like a dream sequence to me. Perhaps this is the case; if not give a little more thought to the actual series of events. Thank you for an interesting piece.

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