Week 11 An adventure that went wrong by Alex O’ C

One time these two men one named Apundicuss and the other named Apundikey went to a jungle in Nigeria. They found food. Yes said Apundicuss I brought some butter with me, don’t ask why!! ‘No’, he said, ‘I like marmite’. Guess what I brought, I brought marmite. Yes Apundikey said. Oh no what a lion. Don’t freak out ok throw the meat. No he said, I’m too hungry. I don’t care its a life or death situation. Bu…But I’m hungry. Then Apundicuss grabbed the meat and threw it. Phew, they thought. No more hungry lions. But then an elephant came and scared them away. The elephants ran away. Ok what just happened, they asked themselves. I don’t know they said together so then they just left. THE END.