Week 11 The big dream by Dylan

Hello my name is Dylan. I go to school in Killarney. One day after school a creepy man walked passed me and then looked at me again. Then he called out, ‘hey kid come into my van I have some candy’. So I said ok and I hopped into the van and the next thing you know, I got knocked out and I woke up in the year 1902! I ran as fast as I could into a house and I saw a lady watching television. She asked me would you care for marmite on bread and I said I haattte mmaaarrrrmmmiiitte! A few moments later, a man walked in. ‘No’, he said, ‘I like marmite’. I looked outside and I saw the grand opening of marmite. Wait a minute, if marmite doesn’t exist then what did the lady try feeding me? The next morning I woke up and I realised it was all a dream! THE END.