WEEK 11 The Disappearance by Bryan Qu.

One day, a boy named Peter disappeared in my school. My friend Oran and I were good friends with Peter. We were so sad that we went around the school and asked people what had happened. No one knew but one boy told us that when he went to get the ball, he saw the neighbour kidnapped him. He also told us that he heard the boy remark something. I think it was ‘No’, he said, ‘I like marmite’. We knew we were on to something because that neighbour was always acting suspicious. That night, Oran and I broke in to his house. When we got in, Oran screamed because there were bats and cobwebs everywhere. Suddenly, we heard screams. It was Peter. Yes, we thought. But then the neighbour chased us. We ran up a pipe and saved Peter. We ran home as fast as we possibly could and we were saved.