Week 12 One month until Christmas by Joshua

You won’t believe it but it’s only one month until Christmas. Oh sorry my name is Jeffy. I am in school and I am painting a happy purple elephant and a red violin. I hit a box of green beans because I hate them. I’ll yell it out, ‘I hate green beans’. Dad and I love pizza and I love 7 up. I won the lottery. Don’t tell my Dad please. I like lego nijago and I like kai and lodle. I have to go to bed now, goodnight. One day later, it was time to blow up David’s house. The end.

One thought on “Week 12 One month until Christmas by Joshua”

  1. Hi Joshua, What an interesting story! The excitement about Christmas is wonderful. I love ninjago too and green beans definitely aren’t as nice as pizza! Keep writing.
    Mrs O’Sullivan.

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