Week 13 The penguin helpers by Dylan

Once upon a time it was Christmas Eve and everybody was so excited to make his visit. Meanwhile Santa was getting ready for his big night! He went down to the stable and called Comet, Prancer, Dasher, Rudolph ,Cupid, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen. But nobody came. Two seconds later all the reindeers jumped out and broke Santa’s sleigh! They all ran off just like that. He couldn’t deliver all the presents. Then a gang of penguins came running over and said ‘help’!. How are a group of penguins going to help me? They thought to themselves, we have a lot of money and they jumped up and flew away. Santa was amazed! ‘I didn’t realise you could fly’, said Santa. As the penguins flew away, they delivered all the presents and they saved Christmas. THE END.


One thought on “Week 13 The penguin helpers by Dylan”

  1. I love new Christmas stories. Your’s is so easy to read because of the excellent use of punctuation. I’m just wondering how Santa feels, seeing all his gifts being delivered and he has to sit back at home doing nothing. Keep up the good writing.
    Mr Waller from NZ.

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