Week 14 Honey is moving quickly by Tom

Bang bash boom! The top of Melbourne tower has fallen. The golden bees have swarmed and there will be honey everywhere because the honey tank burst. They say that there will be a massive tsunami of honey. Most people just walked outside with bread slices and held them up but the tsunami hit. All of the people with bread were gone, in fact everyone was gone except for one brown bear who was licking honey off a rock. The honey was making its way across the world. What will that bear get up to? It’s hard to know!

One thought on “Week 14 Honey is moving quickly by Tom”

  1. A ‘tsunami of honey!’ What an image that conjures up Tom. How different do you think a honey tsunami would be from one which sweeps across the sea? I like the way you opened the story with such brief but impactful words. Can you think of an even stronger word than ‘fallen’ to suggest how the tower came down?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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