Week 15 The Chase by Brian OK.

It was 4.00. a.m. on a Sunday morning so I was not in a great mood. Thomas was ringing. He roared ‘JOE I just remembered, I told everyone in school my dog could talk and after school on Monday I have to show them. ‘So what?’, I exclaimed. He said ‘code red’ and hung up. He came to my house. He said ‘ok so this dog here, instead of barking it screeches like a little girl with a lollipop’. I gave it a fish eye and said ‘HERE DOGGY’. It went balistic and started singing ‘here we go where we go killing is a GOOOO!!!’. We went into Charlie’s chump chop butchers. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. There was a postman over to the right. The little fella bit his head off and said SOUND BUDDY HAHAHA!!!