Week 15 The It by Alex O’ C

One time a man named Bill was being chased by a man named It. [It is not a clown.] He’s been being chased for days now. Then Bill saw It and ran to a shop. However, It some how forgot where the shop was. There was a guard outside the shop. ‘Which way to the shops?’ It panted. ‘Just there’, said the guard. ‘Thanks’, It replied. Bill was hiding in a back room in the shop and the manager called the police. The guard that was outside came in and looked around. The manager gave a warning for wasting police time. Then the guard left and Bill went after him but It wasn’t anywhere. Bill was safe for good. Or was he? THE END.

One thought on “Week 15 The It by Alex O’ C”

  1. Hello Alex, you have created lots of mystery in your story. Why is the man called “It”? Why would someone have such a name? Why isn’t he a clown? Why has he been chased? Creating this mystery encouraged me to read on to find out the outcome. I was glad there was a happy ending. Well done.

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