Week 15 THE SEA MONSTER By Donagh!

Yesterday I was walking by my estate when a couple of men started chasing me. I ran and ran but then I noticed that they stole a car. They ran me over and when I got up they pushed me into the car and put a paper bag over my head. Also, they hit me in the head with a stone. When I woke up, I was in a totally different place. I was inside a mountain. They took me to a room with one window and tied me to a chair. I sat there for about five minutes when I thought of a plan. I untied the ropes and smashed the window with a stone. Then I climbed out and ran until I came to the beach. I walked across but then something came out of the water.”Which way to the shops?”, it panted…

One thought on “Week 15 THE SEA MONSTER By Donagh!”

  1. Wow – an amazing entry that had me reading faster and faster throughout as I got more involved and concerned for the character! I loved the description of how you were captured (even if it was a little scary) and was so relieved that your character escaped. I think the fact you write in the first person helped me to relate to the main character too. Try to ensure that the prompt adds to your story as it seems a little bit like an add on at the end.

    Keep up the wonderful writing!

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