Week 15 The weird apple by Tom

I woke up to see a little apple looking down at me. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted because it was hard to get up to my bed.  Why must you go to the shops? You see I’m a very soft apple so I must freeze up in a freezer so can you take me there? Sure I said in disbelief. What shop? Any, he said. So I just threw him in my own freezer. I took him out and walked him down to a freezer shop and threw him in there on purpose. I left him there for good.

One thought on “Week 15 The weird apple by Tom”

  1. Hello Tom, what a creative idea! I felt quite sad for the little apple who was looking for help. I like how you struck up a conversation with the apple but was a bit surprised when you “threw” the apple into the freezer. I wonder if going into the freezer helped the apple?? Well done on being so imaginative.

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