Week 15 Turtle chase! by David Hy.

Yesterday I was walking into the zoo to bring in some turtle treats for the talking turtles. After I delivered them, I decided to take a few home to my dog Terry. But the turtles wanted more. They were in a big cage so they couldn’t get out. Well I thought they couldn’t up until I looked back and saw the biggest turtle chasing me and shouting mean things at me. But turtles aren’t that fast. So I stopped running and started to walk. Eventually, I went into a coffee shop. The turtle must have seen me go in because I saw it asking someone a question. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. In the end I got home but the turtle didn’t.

One thought on “Week 15 Turtle chase! by David Hy.”

  1. Hi David,

    What an great story! Such a clever way to win against a turtle.


    Mrs Abena (Team 100)

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