Week 19 Mr. Smile By Sam

I was driving on the highway and a thought pondered in my mind. There was nobody around! Not a soul to be seen!

I arrived home, turned the key in the door and walked in. I went into the kitchen and I opened the oven and started cooking dinner. “Steak!” I called out. Steak is my dog! I searched the whole house but couldn’t find him.

I got in my car and asked people if they had seen Steak. Again, I saw nobody. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I called 911, nobody answered. I decided there was nothing else to do but return home.

Just then, a figure appeared on TV. “Who are you?”, I asked. “The person that took your dog, everyone in your town and a few more people!” he laughed. “What’s your name?”, I asked. “Mr. Smile!” He responded.

To be continued!