Week 2 The Abandoned House By Brian O’ K.

One afternoon, my friend Seán and I were walking down town. We saw an old house so we decided to check it out. Seán said ‘lets go in there’. I said ‘no way’. ‘Don’t be a chicken’, he said. We went in and the floor boards were creaking. There was a box and Seán opened it. Then everything stopped and we were in the middle of no where. There was a note and it read…..’Dear reader, take one step forward and three steps to the left’. There was a shovel in the corner. I said ‘we need to dig’. Seán dug until we came to a halt. There was a fridge. We opened it and we were sucked inside. We shrunk and landed back home, as dogs! I was my dog Paws and Seán was his dog Teddy. Life will never be the same again…..