Week 24 Whats my brother going to do? By Tom

My brother snuck 5 million euro into my coat pocket when I was going to Africa with my friend Bill. We hired an old pickup truck to go to my holiday home in the middle of no where. We were singing in the car because there was nothing to do. We took no notice of the sign that said ”Kangaroos crossing”. After being distracted by the sign, we did not anticipate what was going to happen. What happened?, I hear you ask. We hit a kangaroo. We came to a sudden stop and rushed out to see if he was ok. At first he seemed fine but then things didn’t look too good. We started to mess around so Billy put his shades on him and I put my coat that had my 5 million euro in it on the kangaroo. You will never guess what happened. He ran away. What’s my brother going to do now?