Week 26 The legend of the red men By Donagh

My friend Joe and I were coming out of the Sydney Opera House when we saw an army of red men. They started chasing us. We climbed up the nearest palm tree and to our depair, some of the red men were closely behind us. We turned around and saw everybody who came out of the opera house. The crowd started to run and their screams could be heard for miles. Why are they running away we thought? We jumped into the water and quickly swam away. The next day, after we arrived home, I googled ‘The Red Men’. It said the legend of ‘The Red Men’ was proven to be real last night when an army of red men were found to be still terrorising the people of Sydney.

2 thoughts on “Week 26 The legend of the red men By Donagh”

  1. Hi Donagh,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    I’d love to find out more about this Red Army. Why were they terrorising people?
    Good work this week.
    Keep writing!

    Mrs Boyce

  2. Hi Donagh
    This is great writing for the 100 word challenge! I loved how you set the scene at the beginning and then how you quickly moved the story on. Climbing up the palm tree was a good move but you still kept me in suspense as the red men were getting close. I laughed out loud when I read that you ‘googled’ the red men and the introduction of the idea of a legend was a very interesting and creative finish to your piece. Well done! Keep up the great writing.
    Máire O’Keeffe Team 100wc

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