Week 27 The paranormal by Brian O’ K

Let me introduce myself. I’m a paranormal investigator from Kansas. Now let me take you back to two years ago. A man called me and told me that he heard noises all the time ever since he put mirrors facing mirrors. I asked where he lived. He answered ”I live in Room 333 in the Langham Hotel, don’t ask why I live in a hotel”. He hung up before I could settle on a date and time. Fast forward a week or two and I’m at the hotel. I went in but nobody was there. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. I could see white dressing gowns floating around. After an hour or so, I was struggling to get out. I went through an air vent and thought, ‘was this really the only way out?’….

One thought on “Week 27 The paranormal by Brian O’ K”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Great to see you writing this week. Well done.
    I like your style of writing but all this paranormal activity you’ve described is sending shivers down my spine! ( I was never one for horror stories!)
    I hope you managed to escape.
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce

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